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Downloads Home » Best Files » The Sword of Archon -- Episode 1 (Teaser)

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The Sword of Archon -- Episode 1 (Teaser)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Here it is! The first episode of The Sword of Archon! Here is a description of the plot:

In 1100 AD, in the land of Masumia, three powerful mages were put down onto the earth: Dorren, Rangan, and Eidon. As they were going through their magic training, Rangan accedentaly killed his master. He was then thought of as a monster. The people named him Kuran-Dur (Terrible Demon) and banished him into cursewood. There he met the Snake-Man, a mutant snake with immortality, and he helped him forge a sword. With almost all his power, Kuran-Dur put a lot of magic power into the sword. He also put a curse on it. A curse that whoever draws it will be vulnerable to all of his magic. He hid it in the Snake-Man\'s lair under Mount Crater, and for 100 years he waited in the darkness. rumor grew of the sword, and all the kings of Masumia went searching for it. None of them were able to find it, until one day, The least powerful King in Masumia, Archon, heard about it....


Unzip the sound files into the Sound-Scenario folder

Unzip the Campaign file into the campaign folder

Unzip the Bitmap into the Age of Empires 2 folder.

Remember, this is just the first scenario of the story. The rest will come out later. HAVE FUN!
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File Author
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them here.
guitarzan8 The roads are marked nicely, but I died and don't know why early on. You need to get better at scenario design. Also, please include a readme.txt with instructions. I know they are in this web sites description but that is not the standard.
File Author
Yeah, i feel that i should fix a whole lot more things, too... Please, no more bad comments.
The Adder Ok here goes.

Playability: Bad, there were bugs. After I got to the camp I ended up with a william wallace and the King. Also It was a little hard to move around the map.

Balance: I dont know what it is so i wont rate it on that.

Creativity: Nice story and good ideas. One thing; did you make up the story; good idea you were creative about it!

Map Design: Great job! Your map was the best part! I liked it; you might want to improve on the towns/cities though.

Story/Instructions: Great story I liked it; I would have given you a five if it were just a story part. Instructions were bad; where is his castle and you need to be more descriptive.

Sorry If I have not given you a great review but there's a lot of things you can inprove on! Improve on it and I think you could be a great scenario designer!
File Author
@The adder:

Of course i made up the story! :)
DarkHuskaral Your scenario is great!
Although sometimes it lacks more instructions.
Also it is possible to ungarrison the villager on the far right corner of the map, and start chopping the bamboo forest.
If you do not want King Archon to go to the camp, "I think the sword is that way," you can use a looping trigger so that it is not possible to go there at all.
The river can be crossed (shallows) without braking the support, is it meant to be?
Overall I think that the scenario is XL-ent and that you did a marvelous job.
I do hope that you will release the sequel soon!!
File Author
Thank you, DarkHuskarl. :)

The shallows are there because i wanted to make it look more "forest-river-like". If you try to go across the shallows, you should find that you cannot.
clayperboy Nice job Dave ,, a few small bugs ,but wonderful creativity and balance , i wished there were at least 20 more scenario's in the campaign.You certainly deserve the nice rating you got as well. I caught your ending ,,a comic book writer ,,better not let that get around the forum ,he he.
File Author
I shouldn't? Why not?
clayperboy Well ,,i thought that writing stories for most the forumers would take up too much of your time. It was meant as a compliment.
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