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Fall of the Empire

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 7
Are you an expert playing Age of Empire II? Like bloody battling? You think it’s boring collecting resources and want to start batting right away? Are you fan of Death Match challenges? Well, this campaign it’s for you.

Here you drive a new civilization named The Defilers from their humble beginnings and reach the glory as a fictitious civilization. This seven-scenario campaign will test you in strategy and gust.
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Official Reviewer
Fun game play, thank you for submitting.
File Author
Comments from players and testers are always welcomed!:)
Martvis First of all I'd like to mention I'm still playing this 7 scenario's long campaign. Currently I'm playing the 4th scenario, Invasion of the Empire.

I have played the scenarios at normal difficulty since I'm a complete noob at most games including AoE but I am sure more experienced players won't have any problem at finishing the scenarios at normal level. I think the Hard level will be quite a challenge for most. The game and triggers run pretty fluently. The game was lagging pretty badly during the 3rd scenario (siege of home city) but besides that I haven't experienced any bugs or anything. The maps are fit to play at any difficulty level and so forms a good challenge for anyone, good job here.
I think creativity is the strongest part of the campaign together with the map design. Every scenario set-up (as I saw so far) is completely different from the other and the rise of your 'empire' is shown very well. Starting out from scratch (1), facing different enemies (2), siege of big city (3), invasion of enemy empire (4). Also the teamwork in the 3rd scenario is awesome. Fighting off attackers from your own and your allies' siege bases and then counter-attack on their city was nicely worked out.
Map Design, very good, lots of details and stuff. Geographically wrong as hell but it looks very good and adds to the game experience.
Too many hints in my opinion, with that I mean it's all chewed out to much for the gamer. If you got a good story, Cool! I'll read it but I don't wanna spend half an hour reading how to play the scenario. Besides that, in some scenarios you lose if you don't follow the hints (well, that's obvious maybe but) for example: in the 4th scenario I kind off knocked out the big enemy behind the border. then player 'The Great Blacksmith' is defeated and church explodes, relics are dropped, I take them to my own church and I lose. Well, that was in the hints of course but come on...

Very good job in my opinion, and I played quite some created scenarios. ;)

[Edited on 12/19/08 @ 10:17 AM]

friendabhijeet hi, Its wonderfull campaign indeed. well i have few points here. in the level (sorry cant remember the level name) where defilers attack enemy city which is on another shore of ocean and wher u have ousted priest who helps by rain dancing, in this level enemy doesnt work on navy but why? Here one can destroy the enemy empire almost complete with 40 cannon gallons. u need hussars etc at last leg when u go to get relic.
in another level where u have opressed people and blacksmith priest, i took 4 relics near him, wht to do next? no buildings are converted to my side. and no hint how to get oppressed people on my side (they are ally though)
File Author
Thanks for you comments everyone of you

For you friendabhijeet here are some tips that may help you. Of course you will find everything you need in the hints sections

The game is designed for only advanced level players, that means it won't change much if you play every single scenario in differents levels.

About the great blacksmith or so, right after you gift the mentioned amount of relics to the priest )and all buildings now change ownership to yours) the game takes you to the opressed people's toen where a villager appears and tells you that if you want them to join you you need to pay them, that means 500 gold pear villager, all you have to do is to wait that you remaining relics raises the amount of gold you need. To this trigger to work avoid having soldiers of yours near you beginning monastery

Edit: Gift the relics to the monk (4th scenario)

Take out four of your relics and bring them to the monk located at The great Blacksmith when he requests it. You have two choices. Put them right in front of the monk so that he can pick them up and drop them in his monastery of you can do the work for him. Then all of his buildings will change to yours and the Opressed People Event will be triggered.

I hope this helps....

[Edited on 04/15/09 @ 09:35 PM]

arcadius112 This Campaign is great ill review it soon
arcadius112 Fall of the empire is a fun campaign
i suggest:download!
The bug is in the 4 lvl with the fastolf...i was bringing the 4 relics to blacksmith and then blacksmith and oppresive people surrenderd

[Edited on 09/28/09 @ 06:52 AM]

File Author
First all thanks for the awesome "grades"

I have been checking that bug about scenario four or so but neither opressed people nor the blacksmith priest surrendered. I play it a lot of times during trials and after receiving your comment telling about the bug but nothing weird had happened, only that fact thatthe priest surrenders before winnig the scenario, leaving the relics you gifted him thrown away, relics that you don't have to pick up, no matter what happens or something really bad will happen. Those that have played my scenario know what I am referring to. Therefore I accept any contribution or suggestion to help me out to solve any of those nasty bugs.

I will continue checking out that problem though, and figure out a way to solve it because Opressed people and the blacksmith priest and essential for your winning and thrashing the first E4 kingdom.

Edit: Coming soon the second part of this bloody tale

Release for AoE3 Asian Dynasties Players

I have faith I will figure out how on earth the scenario editor exactly
works in some details.

[Edited on 05/23/09 @ 06:51 PM]

File Author
I got a review of this campaign when will it be revealed?
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Fall of the Empire is a 7 scenario campaign that promises deathmatch style gameplay. However i found lag combined with sure-win maps dragged down the enjoyment a great deal for me. Only one scenario is what i would call difficult, despite it being for experts;im no expert, im only 16xx on voobly.

Playability 2

The games mostly offer standard B&D with deathmatch style settings. Scenario2 is the most interesting with the player surrounded with enemies, needing to capture all 4 relics to win. The relics can be obtained without entirely killing all enemies so its actually viable to pursue this winning condition.

Scenario One: Immense lag when the triggers to defend the relic islands fired made it impossible to progress. Its easy enough to build bombard towers ahead of time or simply 40 galleons can clear out the enemy troops easily. Land troops trapped on shallows are very vulnerable to boat attack.

Scenario Four:The triggers for gaining villagers dont seem to work. Luckily i could just set my own ally as a neutral and steal his villagers with a monk. You dont need to follow the objectives to win;just keep all the relics and go conquer the enemy quickly. After crippling the enemy, you can then fulfill the objectives as you please.

Balance 2

This game is sometimes balanced and some scenarios are even pretty tough and interesting. The campaign is wildly inconsistent on difficulty, however. The thing is, the author stated the campaign would test you "in strategy and gust";There are a few freebie scenarios that offer no challenge, and some that cripple the AI functionally.

Scenario Five:The sole AI in a B&D has multiple walls intersecting their base which the AI cannot cope with. Their economy is crippled and they cant make much units to fight with. Their entire core base area is within cannon galleon range.

Scenario Six: Its a B&D deathmath on oasis with 5k resources all, imperial age, and a single enemy who covers the entire map in towers and walls. Thats a slow grind to a sure player win.

Scenario Seven:Its a 2v1 B&D, but the player and an ally is the 2 in the 2v1. Its a sure win, with huge resource, and massive fortress for the player and his ally, and all there is to do is setup and begin pulverizing the enemy base.

Creativity 3

These scenarios seem well enough differentiated from a random map build and destroy, as the author mixes it up with new concepts and ideas everytime. Even so it has too much in common with the ES campaign to get any higher of a rating, as its kind of simplistic and relies on the games base gameplay to carry the day for the most part. There is no sign of the community tricks and gameplay mechanics developed over the years, and i wouldnt be surprised to have seen this campaign come with a 2000 release date. The author has played maps like Ingo van Thiel's The Broken Wheel so he has seen some ideas for sure.

Map Design 2

The maps are underwhelming, and some random maps are used. The custom maps struggle to compete with random maps. No eyecandy, no detail work, solid block forests, monotone cobblestone interior on bases.

Story\Objectives 4

There are nice bitmaps on every scenario. The objectives, hints, scouts, etc are well filled in. The instructions are perfectly clear. The intro, winning messages, etc are something many scenarios should aspire to achieve. The story isnt like an RPG, but more like an ES campaign story. Its told before and after each game, and then you play.

The contents of hints is quite underwhelming. In one scenario i was advised to place units in ctrl-x groups to navigate through a map better. No offense to the author, but thats some basic competitive gameplay knowledge;the author advertises the game as being for experts so i would expect him to realize what an expert is at AoC in 2009. The entire hints advice is filled with things any moderately experienced player should know from playing other blacksmith submissions.

Final thoughts: Its a B&D campaign with some interesting story elements, but technical issues and some really poor late scenarios weigh it down.

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Map Design2.0
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