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Divine Intervention v1.3

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5 Playable, 3 Cutscenes



This is my first campaign. ALL questions, comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome! Please email me: TIEdup14 (at)



Note: This is a semi-historical campaign. The dates roughly correspond with Reynald de Chatillon's lifetime, but there are some major changes. See Historical Accuracy at the bottom for full disclosure.

Selsey, England. 1140 Ad.

Little is known about the past of General Reynald de Chatillon. He was, as is commonly known, born in England and emigrated to France sometime around his 18th birthday. The exact circumstances are not clear, but one way or another he managed to become conscripted into the Antioch army in France.

Having extensively studied military history, Reynald began to display the charactaristics of a great officer. It was not long before he was promoted to captain, and given a small garrison of troops to control. His first assignment as captain would be to defend the city of Chatillon against any atttacks. No Burgundian attack did come, but Reynald had grown incredibly fond of the city. He managed to purchase a small residence there, and he would spend most of his free time in Chatillon. Perhaps it reminded him of England, or perhaps... it was the exact opposite.

Become a King's powerful right-hand man. Crush all opposition to the throne without mercy.



The campaign contains three cutscenes and five playable scenarios. Gameplay is a mix of old (AOE stock campaign style) and new.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE ACTION! The choices you make at many points affect your gameplay experience. Rember to save often and in different slots-- you'll want to replay many of these scenarios several times to get the "full" experience!

All elements are represented in varying amounts: Cutscenes, Build and Destroy, Fixed Force, and RPG.



Simply unzip this file into your Age of Empires II folder. The files will go into the correct directories.



I would like to thank Age of Kings Heaven for hosting and allowing the exchange of AOEII custom files on their website. I also want to thank Ingo van Thiel and his campaign "Ulio." I drew a lot of inspiration from your work, as well as teaching me how to effectively package a campaign (for example, the template I used for this readme.txt was from the Ulio campaign). The ADVANCED Immobile AI used in this campaign was created by Zanzard Lothar.



For version 1.0 I've decided not to include a walkthrough.

However, feel free to email me personally at: I guarantee I will get back to each and every email promptly.



This is a semi-historical campaign. The dates depicted roughly correspond with the life of the real Reynald de Chatillon. There are some significant changes. The fictional Kingdom of Antioch is locked in a war against Burgundy for control of France. There was never a second crusade.

The most important thing to realize is that my main goal was to accurately depict the personality of the historical Reynald de Chatillon. Rather than rule the crusader state of Antioch with an Iron fist, what if his "talents" were put to alternate use?



V 1.2:
-Scenario 4: Changed faction name from "nullBurgundy" to "Burgundy"
-Scenario 4: Changed player 5 AI to ADVANCED Immobile

V 1.3:
-Scenario 2: Increased transport capacity
-Scenario 2: Minor History tweaks
-Scenario 3: Fixed dialogue color
-Scenario 3: A few renames
-Scenario 3: Prince/Reward instructions removed, this area is now less confusing.
-Scenario 3: More specific objective
-Scenario 6: Deleted suit of armor after Reynald puts it on
-Scenario 7: Bombard cannon fix
-Scenario 7: Loss conditions fixed
-Added .bmps to entire campaign

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'Divine Intervention' is an eight scenarios long fixed force and build & destroy campaign, telling the tale of Reynald de Chatillon, an Englishman that leaves for France and ends up leading the French armies to war against his old homeland, England.

Divine Intervention has some quite basic gameplay. You get a force of soldiers, walk across the map killing enemies, and the story unravels as you go. Occasionaly you get to fight in some B&D style battles, such as the siege of Estaire. The game style is simple and enjoyable but can get a little repetitive as the same style is used in most parts of the campaign. The B&D part of scenario 2 and the stealthy prison escape in scenario 4 are exceptions that make the scenario more entertaining and more varied. The cut-scenes were informative and took the story forward very well. They weren't awesome cut-scenes that would stand very well on their own, but they did their job great at forwarding the story and adding variation to the campaign. The story itself was also quite simple at first, but developed into a deeper story about Reynald and the political sides of the entire war, and in the latter scenarios the story grew becaome deeper, resulting in that the campaign became better and better as I progressed.
There were some negative sides in the campaign as well. First off, the story could've been a bit more detailed in the beginning, reaching up to the same class as it gained later. For example, a little more background story why Reynald goes to France. Also, there were some probably unintended ways to cheat your way through the scenarios: the most prominent was the fact that you could attack the Burgundian main base at once, without waiting for them to attack you first, at the siege of Estaire, and thus complete the scenario sooner than intended. During this scenario I also encountered quie a bit of lag, which probably appeared due to my computer's humongously awesome RAM memory (512 mb). I also think it would've been better to give the rebels and some Burgundians the Immobile AI, instead of blocking them in on the roads with palisades. Some of the palisades should remain of course, when they're obviously there as a road block, but many were there just to keep the soldiers in the right place. In the second cut-scene, the camera follows the riding knights after they're past the new area the camer moves to (the knights are always one step ahead of you). In scenarios 3 and 5 I also believe you were given much too few soldiers. Giving the player more soldiers after finishing major objectives would be a good idea, such as after freeing the spy in scenario five; at this time I only had eight soldiers left, and this was to be enough for the other half of the map!
All in all, the campaign has many flaws and could be improved a lot, but it is already very entertaining and deserves a rather high score.

The balance of the scenarios varied greatly. The first scenario was very easy, apart for Graville's fort which was very hard (I played on Moderate by the way), much too hard for quite a mediocre player like me. The same thing goes for scenarios 3 and 5 where you were given much too few soldiers to stay alive for the entire game. One thing to do would be to give the player more soldiers as you progress through the scenario, after vital objectives, as mentioned before. Another thing to would be to remove some soldiers with triggers depending on the difficulty the player chooses to play on; the easier the difficulty, the more enemy soldiers you remove by triggers.
The siege of Estaire was quite easy due to the way you can raze the Burgundian base and win without encountering their main forces. The third scenario was, as said before, very hard, but the fourth scenario in the prison was probably the best balanced one. You had to be very careful not to lose soldiers and keep your monk alive in order toconvert new ones to your side. And finally, the last scenario was very hard as well.
So in total, the balance was very varied and could've been adjusted more to the various difficulty settings. An average score is therefore suitable.

The overall gameplay style of the campaign was very basic and not all that creative, albeit still quite entertaining. The story started out very basic as well but later developed into a deeper tale of politics and personal suffering. The mystique surrounding the latter part of the story is a stroke of creativity, and together with other creative things found in the scenario, like the entire prison scenario, the neat sound effects, the music (although not always fitting, the very first piece in the first cut-scene that is), the use of original AoK speech and more, this makes the campaign very enjoyable. The variety in gaming styles, although still prominently Fixed Force, is also a plus, and all in all this gives the campaign a 4.

The map design was above average. All scenarios had been made from scratch and no random maps have been involved, which is a big plus, shows that the authour has put much effort into the campaign. The campaign starts out quite weak, with a simple roads going through a forest of blocks of trees. A muddy path and swampy river crossing make the first scenario a bit better, but overall it would get a 2. But as the campaign progresses, the design becomes better and better. It never reaches top notch levels with awesome design tricks, splendid terrain mixing and such, but t shows that the authour has improved his style over the time he worked on the campaign. The indoors scenes at the prison look quite good, although it doesn't make much sense to have it all surrounded by thick pine trees. The second scenario at Estaire was quite good too, especially with the wine yards outside of the city. The city design itself was quite bland though. The design reaches the top during the third scenario, where Prince Sirus is out looking for Reynald, and then goes down a bit gain for the final scenario, which is made up of more or less just four terrain types. That scenario does have some good elevations though, which brings it up. Strategically the scenarios are quite good as well, with good defensive positions given to the Burgundians, and good use of elevation to gain height advantage.
All in all the map design was quite good. Scores would vary from 2 for the first scenarios, to a maximum of 4, which is why I decided to give the overall design a strong 3.

As I've mentioned before, I quite liked the story and how it developed, from a very simple tale of war and this guy who became a great general, to a more political story with more and more character. The story isn't of top notch quality but it's entertaining anyway. The ending is great as well, although I'm not going to spoil that for potential downloaders. All scenarios came with unique bitmaps as well, which is a plus, especially since many of them looked great, and were all well suited for the campaign.
The instructions could've been better though; for example, the scouts tell that Estaire lies to the south-west of where you start, although it's really in the south-east. Not that you don't notice the big road your walking on that leads to Estaire, but still, accurate instructions are to prefer! One thing that confuses in the beginning is that the dialogue always appears 2-3 lines at a time, instead of one line at a time, which can make it a bit difficult to keep up until you're used to it. This could be improved by just telling the player that "that's the way it is" before the scenario starts, in the hints for example.
To sum up, the story was good and the instructions were good. Neither were top-notch but still above average, and I feel a 4 is best fit for the campaign.

ALL IN ALL: An entertaining cmpaign with potential to reach much higher scores, if it gets a big update. An unpolished pearl, so to speak.

FINAL COMMENTS: This is a very promising campaign TIEdup14, and I wish to see more scenarios from you! Best of luck in designing!

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Map Design3.0
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