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Restore Byzantine power

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Please give comments when you have played the scenario. I would like to know what you found of it.

You will fight mainly against the Turks, but in single player i guess you can achieve that, although you play the Byzantines.:)
Other opponents (or allies, your choices will decide during the game)are saracens and crusaders.

130 triggers, some Taunts to let you make choices

This is my first scenario, and I hope you will rate it, so I know at which level I am now

This scenario had become bugged while creating, but with the help I found at this site, all errors should be removed now(as I hope)


Fixed a minor bug
Added AI files
Wonder victory disabled
Taunt AI problem solved
Sorry for the people who have already downloaded it
Updated after having read the comments

Please give comments :)
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hailstorm65 Edit:

Reviewer posted the review to the wrong file.

[Edited on 10/29/08 @ 09:03 AM]

hugrcede I enjoyed playing this scenario could you post it at the blacksmith as a random map please?

It has the best geographic acurracy is exactly like the real world, it could help every one in future proyects and scenario designs for the byzantines, also to play as a random map
Map Design5.0
This map is a SUPERB map and scenario. The idea is great, the map is great, and most glitches were ironed out earlier.

Playability: 4

The idea of this map is that you get to be the leader of the Byzantine Empire around the period of the Crusades. Your objective is to defeat the Seljuk Turks located in Central Anatolia (And a couple settlements farther east). Additionally, you get to ally with various Crusader/Islamic nations to help you. However, there ARE problems.

Firstly, after investigating the map via Scenario editor, I discovered many triggers I never got. This is not because they were glitched, but because they had a couple conditions that would take ages to complete. For example, for the Crusades/Jihads to launch, you need to get the Syrian Islamists/Crusaders of Jerusalem to get at least 200 kills, respectively. The problem is that the AI in the Middle East (Not the Seljuks though) seem to suddenly slow down after a while, and eventually stop doing anything of importance. The author really needs to fix this, as it means that about 50% of the scenario is based mostly on luck.

A second more minor problem is that Reynald's army generally doesn't destroy the Monastery in Cyprus, meaning that the "Attack Antioch" chain, which leads to the entire "Crusader-Civil-War" chain doesn't launch. Of course this can be fixed by building Cannon Galleons and manually attacking Cyprus, but the player should not be required to do this.

The last problem is how the game turns after everyone reaches the Imperial age. In almost all my games, one side in the Middle East has built a bunch of castles and stops fighting, causing a stalemate to be reached and it becoming boring (see first problem). The Seljuks, meanwhile, begin spamming Janssaries and to a lesser extent, Bombard Cannons. This turns what COULD have been a fun Anatolian war, with Horse Archers launching raids and such, into a gunpowder slugfest with both sides needing to rely mostly on heavy cavalry and gunpowder and killing each other until one side runs out of resources (As the Byzantines, you are forced to make armies of Cataphracts-Hand Cannonneers and Bombards and throwing them at the Turks, usually leading to hundreds dying until one side wins and pushes forward). This is simply ridicules. I advise the author gets rid of the Gunpowder altogether, since it ruins the atmosphere.

However, all the other things and the lack of conventional bugs give this area a 4.

Balance: 4
Quite good. The Turks will not instantly rush and destroy Nicaea, though they do launch a raid on Trebizond early on, which hurts your war effort. On the other hand, your army cannot rush the Turks, as it will be ambushed along the way and slaughtered. All the above problems apply to this, so another 4.

Creativity: 5
Great! The idea of diplomacy on this level has not been used from what I can tell, so there is a 5 here.

Map Design: 5
The map on this scenario is amazing. It looks like Turkey and Syria, complete with Anatolian mountains, Syrian flatlands, and the occasional pasture. The oceans have fish in them, and the land actually has strategical merit (Try attacking the Turks from the Western direction and you will see what I mean.)

Story/Instructions: 3
Not so good. It would appear the author got lazy here. Even if your king is killed while attacking Antioch or while your forces raid the Mercenaries in Armenia/Cilcia, the objectives will claim you succeeded there. If you win, you get a "You win when you defeat the Turks" message. The hints/scouts could have been FAR better too.

Additional Comments:
A great map that perhaps needs some polishing. A good download.

Advise to author:

(1) Get better AI for all enemies

(2) Maybe make a version to play as other sides...?

(3) Get rid of gunpowder

(4) Change conditions for the launching of the Crusades/Jihad.

(5) Give Baghdad something to do (As they do nothing except sit around and look nice in the current version)
Slendor Nice mapping! How many time u needed for creating this? Good gameplay.
File Author
It took me only a few days to make the map, although I don't know the exact number of hours i worked on it.

I had to spend much more time in making the triggers and taunts work, as errors occured that nearly have crashed my scenario.
Snoopah Made a review, should be on its way. In the meantime:

LOVE the style! Please make more like this (Maybe a scenario with this diplomacy-style set in the Holy Roman Empire?)
Constantine12 Great map! The byzantine world comes alive once again! Especially the towers in the middle of the ocean surrounded by rocks, cool detail! Also the pilgrims, hidden but ready to act, make for some good action!
A hint what to do with the tax-collector would be nice though (if I didn't miss it)and the fact that the AI fills the population-limit with non-naval units somewhat isolates them on their specific islands!
All in all a smart map with attention to detail! Era is also very interesing, love the history!
Snoopah The review is coming REALLY slowly, so here are some things to improve:

(1) Get rid of gunpowder. Really, the superb map and the potential tactics used there (cavalry archers and such) are blown away because both sides end up relying on gunpowder and bombard units, making the "AMBUSH!" trigger come to an abrupt end.

(2) Get better AI for other nations. It seems like the Crusades fizzle out between 20-100 minutes and it ends with both sides building very little and the area losing all importance.

(3) Change triggers causing crusades/jihad. 200 kills is simply not possible for the aforementioned reason.

(4) Give Baghdad something to do, or replace them. They do absolutely nothing in the corner of the map, and take up good space that could be used for something else (EG Mongols invading, Armenians, etc)
File Author
Snoopah,thank you for the comments and the good review. I have updated my scenario again,with your review in my mind.

In your review you were talking about Genua,Venice,Constantinople and other stuff that has nothing to see with my scenario,giving me a bad 3/5. I think you posted this review at the wrong scenario, you probably confused with the Constantinople-scenario of mbudzi (just under my scenario).
So if you can remove this review, because
now you are reducing my overall score to 3.6/5
Otherwise i would have had 4.2 ...
Official Reviewer
I sent an e-mail to hailstorm65.

Edit: No answer, I viewed your scenario again and you are right Erphir. I removed the review, congratulations to your 4.2

[Edited on 10/29/08 @ 09:04 AM]

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