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The Assault

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Hey there!

Right off the bat, I'll tell you that "The Assault" is not an RPG. It has no elements of B & D or FF.

Think of this scenario more as "The Experiment." The type of fighting in this game is unique (or corny!) because you won't be able to create any soldiers. Your ally will create them for you. The twist? Your ally isn't getting triggering that tells it to create particular units. It's creating them just like a Standard AI would. As soon as the unit pops out of an allied military building, you automatically get control of it.

Scary isn't it? This scenario will test your fighting skills, your ability to use strategies and efficiently utilize the soldiers you get. This game tests your ability to rally soldiers and move them to different locations, while you're under attack from the enemy. You won't be able to build those super-powerful trebuchet's you've always leaned upon. Instead, you'll get a few, or maybe..none. Now, how do you cope with that? That's what i tested with this scenario..

Don't worry, you won't be tremendously overwhelmed, You have Harald Hardraade as your hero and you'll also be able to recruit some cav. archers of your own (unlimited supply.) Remember the 'Atilla the Hun' scenario?

By the way, The Assault has a randomly generated map. I picked some random number from type 'Mongolia' and modified many parts of it as i saw fit, so map design is definetely not one of this scenarios' best features. Again, this scenario is just something i wanted to test out..A new way to play!

I found it a lot of fun, will you?

Woad Creations
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Map Design3.0
The Assault is a kind of scenario I have never seen before. You have to defeat an opposing army, but you can't create your own military. Your ally creates it for you. The units aren't decided by triggers, they're decided by the standard a.i. it seems.

Playability 4

There were no bugs in this. I found it very fun and entertaining. It has "replayability".

Balance 4

This scenario was challenging and took strategy. It took me a while to finally defeat the green enemy. I also almost lost my hero (Sweyn) a couple times.

Creativity 5

This scenario has never been seen before. It is a new kind of playing style. There was also creativity with the Foreigner tribe.

Map Design 3

It is basically a random map with some minor changes, but it still was ok for the scenario. Nothing special, but it wasn't bad.

Story/Instructions 4

There wasn't a lot of story in this, but the instructions were perfect. They told you exactly what you needed to do and had hints.


I think this is a great campaign to download. Congrats, Shiva. :D

Alex Coles
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5

When I played this scenario, I wasn't expecting something as good as this! Not knowing what units you will get next and the fact that it is extremely open ended and that the opponent is always reacting to the situation makes it a tough battle, but of course fun. Sometimes I dislike when you just walk past pre-set enemies. It looks way too 'planned' like they're expecting your every move. I could play this again and again, and never get bored. With no bugs it gets a 5.

Balance: 4
The start, you are quite disorganised and you need to wait until you can start getting some units. It's up to the player whether we wants to send small groups in again and again so they build up in that area or send a huge group which is typical in random maps. Of course, amassing a 40 man army takes a little time and the enemy can do some damage to the walls, which is never good for it destroys the production facilities. Still though they never really attack in much force so i'll give it a 4.

Creativity: 5
Instantly a 5. I mean, this is changing random maps. No longer do you build 8 barracks and mass-produce long swordsmen, it is up to the opponent. It's like a co-operative game, they handle the economy and building while you take the armies. Also, the fact that soldiers make comments, there is a foreign chief and a base up front giving you extra units I think it deserves a 5.

Map Design: 3+
This is pretty much the only let down. Using a random map warrants a three (according to the guidelines) but Shiva has taken the time to edit bits of it to suit the actual battle. However I would of gave it a four if you changed quite a bit more and made it not so bland and random in some areas, because dirt 1 for most of the map can look kind of dull.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well it has a basic kind of story, being that one king has gone to war with the other but not much background. This gets a 4.

Additional Comments:

I'm sure if you wanted to you could of made a map by yourself! I'm sure you just wanted to get down and make a mission and that's fine. However a better background, such as why they went to war, how that happened and perhaps a description of them. Who knows, they could of been brothers that went separate ways! However, don't let that let you do because I personally enjoyed it and i'm sure others will as well.

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Map Design3.0
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