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PTC08 - Tender

Author File Description
Andanu Trisatya
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
This scenario was supposed to be participated into the Pretty Town Contest 2008, but pitifully did not make it in the end.

Here is the full map of the town.

If you're generous enough to bless the author with a download, then here are some rather uninteresting facts, just to spice things up a tad:

- Despite the long time given to all PTC08 participants, the whole scenario was created just before the deadline.
- The scenario was created in approximately 6 hours, including map design and trigger work, but no playtesting was done.
- The scenario was created in a rush, so sucky grammars and map design flwas are most common.
- The town and the story that evolves around it is purely fictional. Don't blame your world map if there isn't a town named Tender to be found.
- This blacksmith edition is a tweaked version of the original one that had many bugging bugs
- I included a nice song that will accompany you while walking around and keep you satisfied..
- The name of the town was taken from a song written by a Britrock band called Blur.
- No bamboo trees, gold mines scattered around for no reason, stormy dogs, VMDLs, or any other brilliant snow-themed eye-candies of sort. Sorry.
- There's a cobra car. Yay. But it's immobile and not selectable. Boo.
- The scenario's set in the modern times, which is a good excuse for the cobra car to exist.
- The quit game button is available for 24 hours. Just in case.
- You don't need to go marco-polo. Most of the landscape you need to witness will be revealed.
- This is my first attempt to create a playable scenario.
- Comments, questions, or words of despise are welcome.

That's all I have to say. You may want to think twice or thrice before clicking that download button, though. ;)

With regards,
Andanu Trisatya
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Andanu Trisatya
File Author
Now, before I get pointlessly bashed for geographical inaccuracy, I'd like to point out that the town and the story that evolves around it are fully fictional.

Thank you, Tanneur, for kindly accept this. Can't wait to see how many negative feedbacks I'll get.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
*Sigh* Shut up Andan. Don't apologize for your very existance. This was a beautiful scenario, it would've made the top 3 if it had come in time for the deadline. I'm not saying this to cheer you up, I'm being perfectly honest. It's a unique story, it has good humour, a spellbinding song that fits the story and design perfectly (or vice versa, seeing as you - what I understand - started working, inspired by the song). And, of course, great map design. Not the best of all the entries but among the top 3. In my book you would've been in second place, but alas that's not the case. You would've deserved it.

Now, don't give yourself anymore undeserved selfcriticism or I'll review this ;)
sissi Since you want negative feedbacks, there's one : how DARE you "cook " such a beauty in only 6 hours,and not manage to post it in time !!!
I think you did it on purpose, in order to add the forbidden soundtrack : better that music than a AOK T-shirt for you, I reckon. And you are right, of course.
So : Congratulations, beautiful job.
Erm... and now we've got a chance to see Zegrelandia completed before we die, since you're such a quick designer?
Thank-you for everything, and good luck !
Official Reviewer
I agree with Lord Basse and wrote already in post 323 of the PTC thread that IMO this would have been in the first three.

[Edited on 09/16/08 @ 01:20 PM]

Andanu Trisatya
File Author
Sometimes I have this sheer sense of humility that makes me sound like I bear some sort of anguish and anger toward self. Well, you know well that's the kind of being I've always been.

Thanks anyway. You're right about the song though. You may review this if you wish.

Good guess, well said. Thanks for your eagerness for Zegrelandia.

Disagreed, but I appreciate that, man.
Official Reviewer
Come on Andan, you're a modest person, but it would be better to leave out the pessimism. You're not doing yourself or your work justice.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Yea, I've noticed ;). But I think you're taking it way too far. Being humble and describing your work as utter crap no one should download are two very different things. So far, the latter shouldn't apply to any of your work, and if this is what you came up with under time pressure, calling it a rushjob, I would love to see what you could come up with with lots of time and a description saying you're satisfied with your work ;).

Anyhow, I'll review this soon. Hopefully today but we'll see about that. Going to try making it a single column review. If I succeed without getting it rejected a few times, well, you'll notice if it takes long time :P.
Andanu Trisatya
File Author
Thanks a lot, folks. My sincerest apologies for turning this page into a pscyhological discussion.

Well, perhaps I was just frustrated that after I pushed myself so hard, I accomplished nothing in the end. I'll update this submission later with more suitable words, if you don't mind.
Andanu Trisatya
File Author
Wow, Basse. Thanks for that generous review! It actually made me a bit more appreciative to this little work of mine. Perhaps one day I'm going to make a fully playable scenario based on the story depicted in this one.

Oh, and the man's name was Henry, by the way. :p
efecan Yeah that's all nice but how do you get over the river with a transport ??? I did'nt understand that, i get in the transport ( with the cheats marco and polo i saw that boat) and get in but i don't understand how to get to the other side
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