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PTC08 - Tender

Author File Description
Andanu Trisatya
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
This scenario was supposed to be participated into the Pretty Town Contest 2008, but pitifully did not make it in the end.

Here is the full map of the town.

If you're generous enough to bless the author with a download, then here are some rather uninteresting facts, just to spice things up a tad:

- Despite the long time given to all PTC08 participants, the whole scenario was created just before the deadline.
- The scenario was created in approximately 6 hours, including map design and trigger work, but no playtesting was done.
- The scenario was created in a rush, so sucky grammars and map design flwas are most common.
- The town and the story that evolves around it is purely fictional. Don't blame your world map if there isn't a town named Tender to be found.
- This blacksmith edition is a tweaked version of the original one that had many bugging bugs
- I included a nice song that will accompany you while walking around and keep you satisfied..
- The name of the town was taken from a song written by a Britrock band called Blur.
- No bamboo trees, gold mines scattered around for no reason, stormy dogs, VMDLs, or any other brilliant snow-themed eye-candies of sort. Sorry.
- There's a cobra car. Yay. But it's immobile and not selectable. Boo.
- The scenario's set in the modern times, which is a good excuse for the cobra car to exist.
- The quit game button is available for 24 hours. Just in case.
- You don't need to go marco-polo. Most of the landscape you need to witness will be revealed.
- This is my first attempt to create a playable scenario.
- Comments, questions, or words of despise are welcome.

That's all I have to say. You may want to think twice or thrice before clicking that download button, though. ;)

With regards,
Andanu Trisatya
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
How should I begin to describe Tender? Well, let us borrow the author's words; Tender is a rush job, a crappy map filled with bad designing, absolutely not worthy of the download. I disagree. Tender might've been rushed to make the deadline for the Pretty Town Contest, although it still came in too late, but it's probably the best rush job I've seen in my time as a designer and reviewer.

PLAYABILITY: As you might have noticed, I enjoyed this scenario a lot. There are a few game-play degrading things like the rushed sense of the instructions who often flash by when you try to keep an eye on Miguel not to run too far away, the music playing in the background and you try to focus on the design that reveals itself. This is the only big negative part of the scenario, and along with a few details in the design, like the flowers, it is the only weak part of this scenario. Otherwise it's a great map who easily would've got a high score if it had come in time for the Pretty Town Contest, whether the author believes it himself or not!

BALANCE: The cinematic does not show any fighting.

CREATIVITY: The design is not the most innovative out there but the realism, good use of eye candy, unique style of story and game play makes it a very creative scenario in many aspects. Realism comes in front of cluttering the map with Gaia objects to gain "good eye-candy scores", many parts being simply covered with snow – like in real life. To accompany the story and design, the soundtrack – the song 'Tender' by Blur – works wonders in bringing atmosphere to the game. The author made the scenario, inspired by that song and one can see it in the design; it is an overall expression to the style and story that makes to song fit perfectly.

MAP DESIGN: The design is marvellous, a very well crafted map with realistic winter landscapes, good elevation and wonderful eye candy. There are a few tweaks that could have made it even better, like removing the flowers and rotating some of the bushes so that there would be two kinds, but trifles aside, this map is a beautiful winter scenario.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: To add to all this there is an intriguing background and in game story, unique in AoK, about a husband who leaves his wife because he feels he has been horrible to her. Eventually, his car crashes and his dog runs off, and this is where you get the control. You search for your dog, later getting the help of a local named Miguel, the seemingly only one left in the area. He shows you the abandoned town of Tender, telling its story while they search the streets and outskirts for the dog. Harry – the husband – starts to suspect the old man has some secrets he keeps away. I will not ruin the story for you here; you'll have to see it yourselves. Anyhow, the trip through Tender makes Harry change his mind and return home.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Now, I don't want to put words in Andan's mouth but to me it seems that the entire scenario was made in a flash of inspiration, a sudden flow of passion and a mind full of ideas. I know the feeling and, I partly understand why he thought it was so bad afterwards. That often happens when you work solely on inspiration, but it also leaves a completely unique feeling to the finished work, even if it is not a micro planned work of art. If this is the case, I leave that to the author to tell, but in my eyes it seems to be the case, which I have great appreciation for (it happens to me at times as well, but it never turns out this good.)

[Edited on 12/07/08 @ 05:41 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Tender was designed by Andanu Trisatya in the short space of 6 hours as an entry to the 2008 Pretty Town Contest. It was unfortunately missed the contest deadline, which would be a sigh of relief the other contestants because this would have certainly contested for first place.

Playability: 4
A eloquent blend of beautiful artistry, authentic design and a touching story make this showcase scenario something to behold. The player takes the character of a young man called Henry who is chasing his dog through the winters wilderness when he stumbles across the seemingly abandoned town of Tender. Wondering the scenario and uncovering the old town is a highly enjoyable experience and creates and immersive scenario. There are a few minor playability issues here and there mostly due to rushed finished but nothing that affects the scenario too much.

Balance: 5
Not applicable a there is not fighting or cinematic elements to this scenario.

Creativity: 4
While the scenario brings nothing new to the table in terms of map design, it does show off Andan’s signature design style. The design is laid out in a realistic way and is accompanied by a thought provoking storyline. Beyond this there is also some added background music a song called Tender by British band Blur. This is one of Andan’s signature features, using popular songs to accompany his creative works.

Map Design: 4
A lush winter forest, an abandoned town, and a frozen lake, this is a diverse scenario with many exceptional scenes. Andan has made full use of the limited winter terrains to create a beautiful landscape with a high level of detail and careful planning. The town is laid out well with each building emerging out of the tree from the thick forest, hidden yet still very much a complete and realistic town. Terrain mining, elevation and eye candy has been used wonderfully to draw and artistic and realistic world that fits both the theme of the contest and the story the author wises to tell. While a bit bland in one or two places and a little rushed and unpolished in others, overall this scenario is a standout design and one of the best winter designs you will find.

Story/Instructions: 5
As a designer, Andan has always valued a well written and entertaining storyline above anything else, and that shows here. Andan has gone beyond the requirements of just simply making a beautiful map to immerse the player into his world with an atmospheric storyline about a man on the run, escaping his own demons. Whilst in his journey his dog runs off and he gives chasing, leaving him to the empty town of Tender and it’s sole resident. As you explore the town for the dog you uncover the secrets of its history and it changes your worldview leading you back home.

Additional Comments:
Overall Tender is an excellent scenario which is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to design and winter based map. A highly recommended download.


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