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King Arthur's Rise to Royalty

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 5
This is my first AoK campeign but ive been good at RoR and AoE campeigns Just download and tell me what u think
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Lord Joseph Way way too easy. It only took me about 2 hours to get through the whole campaign. However Chaotoic Wolf, don't let this deter your efforts in creating campaigns. I found the maps to be original and stimulating. Your campaign idea is good. I think if you expand on this campaign it will truly be a great one. I could tell it took some effort to create this campaign and I commend you for your time and efforts. I look forward to your next effort.
File Author
Hey thanx for the comments and i am making a new one about king arthur and its a second installment on my first one i experimented with triggers alot more im almost finished i just gotta work out some bugs then I'm going to make one that has lancelot and some other heroes in it (tell me what civ u want him to fight)
MadMonk On a scale from 1-10 I give this a 0.
It has no triggers, no story line, and the maps and objectives are mundane. Basically King Arthur is Tueton (when he should be British), he uses a normal king instead of the hero King Arthur until about the 3rd level, and there is no story line. King Arthur is fighting the Japanese (How does that make any sense?) in levels that consist of trees lining a road that leads to a group of enemy troops. Another level you get one hero and you fight one other hero right next to you on a small island. The last level is the stupidest of all. The French and Japanese are working together (!!!!) and to complete the level you destroy a wall that is 50+ thick. I seriously suggest you do not download this campaign.
Duke Crispian Lad, you need great help. In addition to faults already stated by MadMonk, I've got a few others to point out. King Arthur, thought in fables a Briton, was a Celtic cheiftain, and thus should be portrayed properly. Almost all tails of him include fighting, not him fat and pompously walking around. The Japanese at this time period were a half a world away, and had yet to even have started their samurai lives. Also, Turkish Jannisaries? The Turks were still bands of roaming Bedoins herding themselves through the deserts of the Middle East. Jannisaries were people that were paid to the Shah of the Ottoman Empire to serve as a sort of 'Suicide Brigade' as they were the most expendable troops, and therefore sent to the worst areas of the battlefield, and later to play with gunpowder. Gunpowder, while it did exist in China at this time, had not spread to the Middle East until years had 4 digits, and the first recorded major use of firearms was when Mehmed the Conquerer used cannon to knock down the walls of Constantinople. Please read a book next time so that you know what you're talking about, and are not thought a fool by those who you meet.
File Author
Ok As I stated in the campiegn somewhere it was my first campeign and therefore it sucks and also its not supposed to be historically based hence the japanese and the janissaries and i was careless in the naming thing i didnt set the civilizations and if u know how to make it so the king isnt fat u tell me but if u dont then dont complain about it my second campiegn which i just uploaded also isnt historically based but i spent alot of time on it making the cities and i would appreciate it if u wouldnt say someone is a fool when they are making thier first campiegn and they dont know triggers much and they dont know much about king arthur I was just trying to make a fun campeign that you ppl would enjoy and u go and tell me im a fool.

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