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The Fury of Rastulf

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
The land of Valgard is in great peril. The mighty giant Throbalof leads his jotnar from the frozen mountains and into the rich plains below. Leaving horror and death behind them, the jotnar push deep into the heart of Valgard. They seek the greatest goal of all: to dethrone Odin and the other gods and rule the world as unchallenged deities. All that stands in their way are the meager forces of the humans, elves, and dwarves. With the gods powerless against Throbalof's powers, only one thing can stop him and his mighty hordes from destroying Valgard. Odin calls upon Rastulf, whose brother was killed by Throbalof, and makes him his champion. Rastulf's great quest begins as he sets out to avenge his brother's death and restores peace to the realm.


  • Place The Fury of Rastulf .cpx in your Age of Empires II/Campaign folder

  • Place the sound files in your Age of Empires II/Sound/Scenario folder

  • Place the empires2_x1_p1.dat file in your Age of Empires II/Data folder. Be sure to backup your original data file before moving the new one in.

    Game Settings:

    Game Speed: Normal

    Screen Size: 1024x768

    Sound Volume: High

    Music Volume: Off

    Difficulty Level: Moderate (suggested)


    Playtesters: Matty 12345, Julius 999, Jatayu, and Impeached

    Sounds: Sound files were taken from Stronghold, Total War, Marco Crnigoj, and other sources.

    Additional Credit:

    Ykkrosh for creating Genie Editor

    Zanzard Lothar for creating Immobile Units

    DiGiT for creating AoK TS

    Oliver for creating Renaissance, which I used as a base for my data file

    Special thanks to Matty 12345 for his extensive help creating this campaign.
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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Official Reviewer
    Hey Courtjester1, The Fury of Rästulf is the best campaign I played in a long time. I had a lot of fun, there were many things, which were new for me, it has a good story, it is challenging or better too challenging.

    However, you should edit. Starting with part 2, you submitted a test file. The game starts with the end cut-scene and you receive victory. Under 'Final Scene', trigger 'Saga Line 1' change Starting State to 'Off'. Under 'Opak Mountain', trigger 'Saga Line 1' change Starting State to 'On'. The sea rocks trick from Bearded Dragon's Underworld is good but the player should only lose if he touches rocks or ice. The areas are too large. Trigger 48, I tried to sail left of the ice and lost without touching repeatedly and after going further left it is impossible to get through between that ice and the rock, trigger 47 area is too large too. At Grimdi's house, in search of items, I pass the mountains on the right, enter a cave and lose. On the replay, I go left of the mountains and reach a flat, editor green area. Block the paths. People rate the map they see during game play. I did not defeat Skoll, probably too tired now. Whatever mode I play, I have HP 300/300 and AP 85 while the Skoll has HP 1400. Part 1, the ambush seemed impossible, running, high ground etc. did not help. I looked at the triggers and won by luring the riders through small rocks, peculiar. Trigger 'Damage Horses' has the Starting State to 'Off'. If you want the effects to fire, Effect 1 should be Source Player 5 instead off Gaia and change Quantity 0 to something else. The end battle was a bit too difficult for my taste; some difficulty dynamic triggers would help for a first play.
    Cilibinarii Amen. Tanneur, you havent ever made a campaign yet, but you are an AoK genius?

    I will play this game as soon as it is perfected; all the bugs are complete. It sounds promising; Matty helped you, the story proves you are experienced and all that Tanneur noted shows me you used much creative elements, a pity they don't all work yet.
    Official Reviewer
    Glad to see this finally released, I hope the bugs were fixed. Will download and review after playing.
    Official Reviewer
    Hey Tanneur,

    It is indeed incredibly difficult, but not impossible ( at least when I played it ) to get through the ice.
    You can beat Skoll by going into attack mode when Skoll is 'running away' and defense mode when he's about to attack. ( I'm surprised you didn't figure this out)
    The ambush can only be won by running the horses around the stony area and not fighting them. - it gives a hint that way.
    Official Reviewer
    OMG, it is very very easy to get through the ice following the shore line at the start. The point I made was that "...the player should only lose if he touches rocks or ice. The areas are too large." It is IMPOSSIBLE to get through between the rock and the ice of triggers 47 and 48. Glad that I surprise you, I tested the three modes, realised that my HP and AP did not change, looked at my watch, figured out that I had about two hours to sleep, approved the file, wrote the comment "...probably too tired now", posted the comment at 11:00 PM, which is 5:00 AM the next day for me and got up at 7:30 AM. I wrote that I "...won by luring the riders through small rocks, peculiar." Well, pardon me that I did not mention, luring by running. The point I made is that "Trigger 'Damage Horses' has the Starting State to 'Off'." There is no Effect to activate it. I found it silly to hop (running!) from one stone to the other, with that trigger to 'On' it would play more realistic.
    File Author
    I updated the file just now, my apologies for the mixup of cpx files. Glad you liked it Tannuer.

    As far as the balance of the final battle, it is very hard but as it is the finale, I rather want the player to work for the ending.

    The campaign is not difficulty level dynamic, so it doesn't particularly matter if you change difficulty I don't think.
    Lord Basse
    Official Reviewer
    One of the best games so far this year. I'm still struggling with the pass defense in the first scenario but so far things have been very good.

    Being natively Scandinavian, I think you're overusing the äÄ and öÖ's, and excluding åÅ's. Some of the names sound really weird :P. But otherwise, gameplay-wise, very good!
    Official Reviewer
    In the second scenario I manouevered the ship all the way only to find that Rastulf hadn't enough HP to fight the axemen. It is amazingly frustrating to play it again.
    Official Reviewer
    Sword_of_STORM, how did you defeat Skoll when you did not win against the axe-men before?

    IMO the scene with the axe-men is the best, creative, balance sequence since Robin Hood saving Will Scarlet in 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' by Gregory Koteles. To beat the axe-men you need an elevated position, you have to do the first hit, your position should be that the second axe-man has to walk around the first from behind, not to hit you before you kill the first. Like you, they need four hits.
    Official Reviewer
    I playtested the scenario, lol. I'm playing it for the second time.
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