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The Fury of Rastulf

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
The land of Valgard is in great peril. The mighty giant Throbalof leads his jotnar from the frozen mountains and into the rich plains below. Leaving horror and death behind them, the jotnar push deep into the heart of Valgard. They seek the greatest goal of all: to dethrone Odin and the other gods and rule the world as unchallenged deities. All that stands in their way are the meager forces of the humans, elves, and dwarves. With the gods powerless against Throbalof's powers, only one thing can stop him and his mighty hordes from destroying Valgard. Odin calls upon Rastulf, whose brother was killed by Throbalof, and makes him his champion. Rastulf's great quest begins as he sets out to avenge his brother's death and restores peace to the realm.


  • Place The Fury of Rastulf .cpx in your Age of Empires II/Campaign folder

  • Place the sound files in your Age of Empires II/Sound/Scenario folder

  • Place the empires2_x1_p1.dat file in your Age of Empires II/Data folder. Be sure to backup your original data file before moving the new one in.

    Game Settings:

    Game Speed: Normal

    Screen Size: 1024x768

    Sound Volume: High

    Music Volume: Off

    Difficulty Level: Moderate (suggested)


    Playtesters: Matty 12345, Julius 999, Jatayu, and Impeached

    Sounds: Sound files were taken from Stronghold, Total War, Marco Crnigoj, and other sources.

    Additional Credit:

    Ykkrosh for creating Genie Editor

    Zanzard Lothar for creating Immobile Units

    DiGiT for creating AoK TS

    Oliver for creating Renaissance, which I used as a base for my data file

    Special thanks to Matty 12345 for his extensive help creating this campaign.
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    File Author

    Did you insert the right data file? If you did did you create a scenario before playing the campaign?
    cakemaphoneige Courtjester1:
    Yeah im pretty sure i put everything in the right place, it came up with an error when i tried to start a game. I'll have another go.

    What i meant about the scenario's was, like when i make one for myself, and i have had this problem for a long time, sometimes when i go to play certain ones, the game will freeze up and encounter an error. I always thought it might have been because i put too much detail in the scenario or something im not sure. But i have created alot of really good maps that my AOE wont let me play, and it is so frustratng especially after hours of work.
    Storm Saxon Hey when I start the second scenario it says I have been defeated?
    Lord Basse
    Official Reviewer
    *** This scenario received the award “Best Story” in the Game of the Year Awards of 2008 (tied with “Tender”) ***,38836,0,10
    EdwardSN hmmmm, when i try to play the game crashes.
    I have the correct patch, and i replaced the data file.
    Stephen Richards
    Official Reviewer
    This was great fun. I'm not sure I've seen a better-written or better-told story and the music was perfectly done. Some very interesting changes to the game's engine. It was very challenging, and would have benefited from incorporation of difficulty levels. Still, I only gave up on the final battle as it became rather tiresome. I don't mind trying to keep my unit alive, but the gloss of keeping allied units alive soon wore off.

    Thank you.
    File Author
    Thanks for the comment, Stephen Richards, glad to hear you liked it. A lot of people seemed to find the last battle too challenging. Did you eventually get through it?

    To Mashek:

    Sorry for never thanking you for the detailed review you took the time to write. I just never got around to it I guess.

    Stephen Richards
    Official Reviewer
    Courtjester1: I meant to add that I cheated to destroy most of the enemy surges. Bit ashamed of that, I very rarely resort to such tactics, but I very much wanted to see the end. And it was worth it!

    [Edited on 10/16/09 @ 07:18 AM]

    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    The Fury of Rästulf shows both the best and the worst of Age of Empires II. On one hand, the game is gripping, addictive and a joy to behold. On the other, it is hugely frustrating. This campaign has a huge variety of gameplay, from fighting huge battles, to sneaking across mountains, to battling formidable foes. However, it isn't so much of a challenge as an impossibility. The difficulty bar is set so high that unless you are determined to finish, you will give up.
    Unfortunately, this means the maps are less enjoyable, and the overall experience is greatly diminished.

    Balance: 3
    Here the campaign suffers greatly. As I have previously stated, the difficulty is so great each section requires near perfection to complete. Ironically, the scenes where there is greater margin for error are the more enjoyable, for example, defending the dwarven forge. Others, such as sailing down the fjord, are incredibly hard, and as a result, boring. The most irritating aspect is that even if you have the right tactic, imperfect technique can result in coming within sight of the finish, maybe with just one of the six enemies left with 20 hp, and then you die. An example here is the ambush, which I managed to complete by luck alone.
    With regard to the fjord section, using "kill object" effects was a fatal flaw, as the terrain is not square, while the effect area is. This means that you can be killed even if you haven't passed over the ice. I personally would have placed more alternate obstacles and used snow terrain instead of ice to stop the player sailing straight to the end.

    Creativity: 5
    The campaign shines in creativity. I've never seen a map as diverse as this one. The ideas present here are purely original, even if the Norse Mythology from which the game draws is not. Flamethrowing trolls, underground cities and legions of coreographed soldiers, to name but a few aspects.

    Map Design: 5
    The terrain is equally dazzling. Even the areas requring space, such as battlefields, are never dull, broken up by elevation changes or placed obstacles. To think that this was ever a random map is an insult, it has been beautifully crafted to suit its purpose in the gameplay, which, I would argue, is even more important than the looks. Almost every battle is won or lost according to the map.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    The story is not so much saga as epic. Each cutscene may be accompanied by three-lined viking-esque prose which tells the story in a poetic manner. The dialogue is well thought-out and flowing, and the story, ultimately, makes the player want to continue. It is the beating heart of the campaign, making the player want to continue in spite of the extreme difficulty.

    Additional Comments:
    One of the great scenarios of our time, The Fury of Rästulf certainly merits download. However, as to it meriting completion is up to you, if you are prepared to spend more of your playing time in failure than in success. It is unbelievably frustrating, but then again it is unbelievably enjoyable. I think it's worth the pain.
    morra seiya The 2nd scenario is bugged. When Skoll's act starts, it gets instant scenario defeat, making the campaign unwinnable!
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    Map Design4.5
    Favorites: [Who?]5
    Size:14.89 MB