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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 3
FIRE: You get 10 Cataphracts, 2 at a time. Very high HP, slightly high attack. You must go down a thin strip of land between cliffs and blocked by palisades with enemies behind each one. There are bombard towers, castles, and siege onagers on either side of the cliffs. Evenly spaced out along the path is a set of two flags. By going between them, you get 1 food. If you get 10 food, you win. Every time a unit dies, it respawns at the beginning. One stone is added to your stockpile. At 15 stone, there are no more cataphracts respawned. Five stone is automatically given at the beginning. At the end of the path is a ton of janissaries and a walled-in enclosure called the "Torture Room" surrounded with onagers with a flag inside. You must have enough HP at the end to stand on the flag in No Attack Stance for 15 seconds while you are being pelted by thousands (literally) of flaming stones. Looks real kool.

BREAK: You start with 4 huskaryls in prision. You must break out of the prision and survive the long walk to the end of Prision Road while being shot through with arrows. The catch? Almost the entire road is covered in Palisades. The rest of the road is filled in with E Teutonic Knights.

ESCAPE!: Really lame and EZ scenario where you are ocked in an underground chamber with the LOTR characters and you must escape and kill all the guards. Lame, but hey, it fits in with the FIRE criteria: lots and lots of ranged enemies! :)

This is really a great campaign, and you may want to take the "Torture Room" idea and make it into a execution chamber or something.
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File Author
comments are welcome...
Map Design3.0
This was a very strange scenario and did not go with the style of many current scenarios. It was interesting, but kind of lacking in fun.

Playability: As I said in the first paragraph, this is not very fun, mainly because you have easy objectives and there is no strategy involved. All your characters have supernatural strength facing masses of enemies, not only does this get boring after a while, but it also causes lag. Thank goodness, my computer didn't crash, but it sure did lag. This problem brings this down to a 3.

Balance: This was not too great. The first scenario was hard because of the pure number of enemies, but once you got past the row of bombard towers, it was a cinch. The second scenario was just massacre. I took all the character except Mithrandir to a safe spot, and put him on defensive in the middle of the enemies. With over a thousand attack, I just murdered the enemies. The third scenario was also quite easy, although I couldn't win since I didn't know what to do :-/. Since the scenarios were so varied in difficulty, I'd say this is a 2.

Creativity: This is basically the only strong point about the campaign. The ideas of at least the first and third scenario are, if not original, rarely used. Survivng a mass of enemies as the only objective IS something I have never done before. The only problem was the second scenrio which basically had no point at all and you just faced respawning enemies. Since this was pretty good overall, it should be a 4.

Map Design: The maps weren't random maps, which was good, and the area that you played in was well designed (for the objectives...), but the problem was that you played in about 1/20 of the map! This could have been greatly improved by expanding the playable area (and maybe adding more objectives). I'd say just by using different areas of the map, this whole campaign could be played in one scenario. I'd say this is only average, and merits a 3.

Story/Instructions: The first scenario did have moderate instructions (although the were put in the hints section?), but the other two scenarios had no instructions at all! The second one you could tell by the title (escape) but the third?! I had no clue what to do. What else can I say, there weren't any instructions. This deserves a 2.

Overall, this is a creative idea, but poorly made. If it were redone and added on to, it could become quite good.

Email me at if you have questions.

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Map Design3.0
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