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Regicide in Calchar Wood

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Regicide in Calchar Wood

Late on a July evening, the Prince and his remaining men camped in the ancient Calchar Wood, only a few miles from the border where safety beckoned. Shortly after dawn, they would be across the frontier and able to plot their next moves. The fate of the rebellion hangs in the balance, if the Prince makes it, he will undoubtedly return with a formidable army more than capable of vanquishing the rebels.

In this mini game you will control a band of rebels as they attempt to assassinate the Prince. You will need guile and skill to successfully overcome his superior bodyguards and achieve your aim. This scenario takes place on a 25x25 map, and is basically a small fixed force style game.


Comments and reviews are welcome.

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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 'Regicide in Calchar wood' is a small but highly enjoyable minigame. It is a sort of fixed force, where you have a few soldiers and have to assassinate the prince at any cost. The only criticism I can really make is that it is really small and lasts a very short time and has little replayability. Then again it is a minigame, so this might be expected.

Balance: On easy and moderate the game is predictable and you can easily ambush and assassinate the prince. On hard it is a lot harder because the prince could take the other path and escape, so you need to split up your forces, but not so much that you would be defeated by the bodyguards. The balance is nearly perfect, with powerful units having low HP and you can use different combos.

Creativity: Although the basic premise of the game, that of an assassination/ambush is a rather common one this is one of the better ones because it has a lot more strategy to it.

Map Design: The map used is a 25x25 small map but it is very well designed with the trees and terrain blending in. You also get the feeling of shooting behind trees at times.

Story/Instructions: The story accompanying the scenario is also interesting. I thought however that the two wolves in the beginning were quite pointless.

Recommended for downloading.

[Edited on 12/07/08 @ 08:04 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'Regicide in Calchar Wood' is a mini-game, and can be completed in under a few minutes. The story is fictional, and with game play centred on FF, strategy plays a large role in the success of the mission. You control eight men, eight rebels willing to give their lives to put an end to years of misrule in their country.

The ancient, twisted forest of Calchar Wood yields under the absent sunlight, and several determined rebel fighters gather to decide the fate of Barynia. It is on this night, after months of dissent and violence, that Prince Lavoris' ill deeds of rule will finally be put to justice. There is no backing out now, and as each man prepares to meet his death, the Prince and his guards slumber in their camp unknowing of the danger that is about to fall over them.

PLAYABILITY: Playability is the crux of entertainment a player receives from a design, and 'Regicide in Calchar Wood' is highly enjoyable. For a mini-game, the scenario has good replay value, good depth of game play, story, and features a new way of assassinating a member of the royal family. Strategy covering the assassination has to be carefully prepared, and the player must be able to watch both entrances to the Prince's camp without stringing his men out too thin. Once the order for attack is executed, game play rapidly evolves and becomes intense as the several rebels charge forward to slay the Prince. Units are destined to become kamikazes, thrown at the guards to let others past to the objective. This is clearly a no-return mission, and it was refreshing to have a hero who does not need to survive once the deed was done. In general, I was very pleased with the level of detail and polishing the author has put this design through. This is a highly commendable mini-game, even if it is so very short. 5.0

BALANCE: The scenario is unfortunately fairly easy once the player has figured out what to do after his first try. Despite having difficulty-level-dynamic game play, which makes quite a difference in the long run, with a well-executed attack the prince can be killed with little difficulty. As such, the mini-game is better on its first playing, but with random triggers determining where the assailed Prince will flee to from his camp, there is always reason to stay alert and focused on each try. In any case, the scenario is sure to keep the player alert, as more than just the Prince's men lurk the dark, tangling trunks of Calchar Wood. 4.0

CREATIVITY: As expected, creativity is inevitably limited on this 25x25 sized-map, but what we get from this small package is nothing short of excellent. Trigger tricks, game play and story are all original, and each of the eight rebel units possesses a different strength - whether sword, spear, axe or longbow. As such, each of the men can be put to their respective use, as the player wishes. The use of a tiny template is in itself very creative, which suits the creative objective to assassinate a Prince in his camp at night, approachable from more than once entrance where guards keep a silent watch. 4.0

MAP DESIGN: Even though this is only a 25x25 sized-map, the design is exemplary. The map design is technically well made, with many areas ideal for cover and approaching a camp under cover of night. Ruins and statues protruding among the branches of thick pockets of wood give an ominous setting, and bushes (replacing berry bushes) were just some of the design's tiny, noticeable details. The thick blanket of fog surrounding the assassins and encampment give the impression of the consuming darkness. 5.0

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: If not necessarily an original story, the tale of rebellion and eight men drawn to commit regicide is looked at in a fresh and distinct way. The story is reminiscent of the French Revolution, and I enjoyed the added depth the author has given this design to make it real and thorough. Objectives were clear-cut, and hints were succinct and plentiful. If only to select a problem for its own sake, the hints were probably a bit too much for a scenario of this size. With a good bitmap, plenty of dialogue, a scout and victory condition, the category scores nothing short of a perfect rating. I encountered only a single spelling mistake, where objective three should have read as "assault" and not "assasult". 5.0

In a sentence - A satisfying end to a revolution.

In closing - A highly recommended download.

[Edited on 09/29/16 @ 04:56 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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