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Age of Warcraft (need help)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
Hey guys, I am posting this because I am in need of help. The map is basically about you choosing a character and exploring the map, taking on quests and such.

I like how I did the first part, where you get to practice and see which unit you like, except I don't know where to go from there. I set up triggers if you click the stone wall, then that unit is created at the top of the map, and then you start playing. The problem is, first of all; When the unit is creating (lets say the Rogue), his name is Robin Hood and all his stats are back to normal . I don't want this, so is there a way to just move him or something?
second; how can I just take away that part of the map (Right side, character selection) after the player has chosen a unit?

Yeah please give me some hints and things I need to fix =] will add you in the soon-to-be credits if you do =D
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hunnic paladin About teleportation: I believe this MIGHT come in handy:

About deleting half the map, it depends on what you are deleting. What is it that you want to get rid of, units, buildings, eyecandy, or everything?
warlord002 You cannot move the unit across the map instantly whilst keeping the stats. I you wish to retain the stats, I recommend you place all of the starting position to begin with, under another player besides one, and once you have selected your character in game, simply change the ownership of the character the person wants, and remove the rest of the unused characters.

Regarding removing things, you can use remove object to accomplish that.
File Author
Well thanks for the help, I'll try both suggestions... but meanwhile can anyone help me with this -? I want units that you kill to give you XP (might be stone or something, don't know). And once you kill it, it will respawn after a time or if you go out of sight and back in, it'll be there. I also need to have some units stand PERFECTLY STILL, unless someone attacks them, then they would attack back. I would use this for like quest givers and stuff, but I don't know how to do it. I will post more problems as I come along them, thanks =]

This is gonna be the best scenario ever!
Royalty Making units stand still there are several options to chose from, like Freeze Units, Immobile Units ulitities and mods, just download them from here.

Set a trigger to like a objective to kill a Archer for exs.
Then, you do the effects of giving you for eks 100stone which can be the "xp", then you make another Trigger, set your timer to what you want, and then you do "create object" thing, and it will spawn were you want it in that time. Make triggers looping however, so you can repeat the process over again as you want to..
Teotl EXP trick: Very easy. Make a trigger. Condition: Accumulate atribute: Kills: 1
Effect: Change object HP (your hero): 10

This is an example, you can reward him with anything you want.

To respawn, you can make a looping trigger with the condition: Timer: 60
Effect: Create object (an enemy unit)

To make a unit still, download the Advanced Inmobile units AI, by Zanzard Lothar.

Good luck, keep saying your problems!
File Author
You guys are awesome =] The AI helped me allot and I love the rest of the ideas =]

Since you insist on me asking questions, I will. =]... How do you make specific players/units wander? like go from one place to another and stop, pause and go somewhere else, I would like it if it were completely random. I think it would be possible to do it with triggers, but the way I'm thinking of would take over like 10 triggers for one unit lol =/

Im gonna have a player be 'World', like in WoW. There are wolves and ghosts and humans and stuff like that that each stay in their area and wait to be killed. I want them to wander in their specific area waiting to be killed. I think if you put gaia wolves or something down, they wonder on their own. I used the immobile AI and it really helped, a 'ghost' (pikeman) would travel all the way to the other side of the map for no reason, and the AI fixed that. So yeah please tell me how I could make units wander without 100 triggers

Edit: Oh I forgot, I like the idea Teotl suggested about the EXP. Except, in WoW, there are different level objects, and it wouldn't be fair to get the same amount of xp (stone) for a militia kill and a cataphrat kill or something. Could I divide up the map so you get different amount of xp for killing units in different areas of the map? Any ideas would be helpful

[Edited on 10/09/08 @ 11:21 AM]

warlord002 To make units wander around you can either: Use task object, use patrol, none of these are random though.
Teotl Hey there!
I recommend patrol for moving units, that's what I do.
To the problem of the exp... I think you can make different zones in the map. One with militias, cataphracts, etc.
Then you make a trigger with two conditions: Bring object to area (the hero) and Accumulate attribute: Kills 1
Effect:You get 10 stone

And then you make different triggers with the same conditions except that the kills must be for example: 2, then another trigger with 3 kills and so. The effect must change to more stone to reward the kills. Got it?

It's gonna be a great campaingn! Looking forward for it!

Hint: try to get soundtrack to get a more nice experience in the game!
MerryBrandybuck Here's a simple solution, just include a gain in XP for each enemy, like so:

Trigger Loop: Yes

Condition: Destroy Object (Select the object)

Effect: Tribute (Set to Gaia to Player 1, and type in amount. Or you could give them extra HP, attack, whatever, specifically for that unit's reward.

Effect: Activate Trigger x


Trigger X

Starting condition: off
Trigger looping: no

condition: Timer (However many seconds you want, or you could do "Objects in Area", and set value to "0" and player to Player 1. Than the trigger wouldn't happen until you'd just left the area.)

effect: Create object (same unit you just destroyed)
effect: deactive trigger (choose trigger x)

The deactivation is just a safety precaution, a double-kill of sorts in case you are spacing out and loop the trigger.

-Customize reward for each enemy
-Enemy can come back as soon as you leave area!

-A few more effects statements for every unit. Well worth it in the long haul, I say.

Hmm...that part about 0 objects ina rea actually wasn't a half-bad I've got to try it myself...

(If you found that helpful, could you please download Sir Meriadoc I and provide feedback? Thanks.)

[Edited on 10/10/08 @ 07:14 PM]

Royalty Campaign's or roleplaying games like this is not supposed to take a few weeks! You're supposed to spend a great deal of time on it, so tasking objects, or making them patrol one by one is perhaps one way to do it, it will take time, and it's dull.. but

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