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Sir Meriadoc, Part I

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
I finally got my computer to cooperate, this new update is guaranteed to be the right files.

Sir Meriadoc (Named after that most valiant hobbit), is the sole survivor of a horrific arctic shipwreck. He starts out alone, and will soon freeze to death without aid. Explore the map! Find allies! Defeat enemies, and at last leave the Arctic!

HINT: The sequel to this involves him shipwrecking, once again, in Fracne instead of returning happily to England.

For more details, see the README.

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Official Reviewer
I like your campaign and will also play Part II. However you should play your files at least once before submitting to the Blacksmith.

Sir Meriadoc III, nothing happens when Bleda changes ownership to player 1. Trigger 'Traveler' Condition Player Defeated Source Player Gaia cannot work. You cannot defeat Gaia even though the player lost its only unit. Gaia is also trees, gold mines, stone mines, deer, the terrain, here snow terrain. Change Condition to Own Objects, Source Player 1, Object List Bleda the Hun. The two Men-at-Arms and the Scorpion do not change ownership to player 1. Trigger 'Defect' Effect 0 Change Ownership Source and Target Player Gaia and Select Objects the Scorpion. Outcome, the Scorpion is Player Gaia (Set Objects always overrides the Source); the Men-at-Arms stay Player 2 and attack. Gaia units change to player 1 if you placed them as Gaia units in the editor. Here the Scorpion starts as Player 2 unit and by changing to Player Gaia it stays Gaia. Delete Effect 0 create new Effect, Change Ownership Source Player 2 Target Player 1 and Set Area under the three units.

Sir Meriadoc IV, trigger 'Win' does not work, Condition 0 no Set Objects, Condition 1 Own Objects Transport Ships 2, but in trigger 'Get Boats' Effect 0 Change Ownership etc. you Set Objects for one transport only. Diplomacy, Player 2 is neutral towards player 3, should be ally.

Sir Meriadoc V, trigger 'WIN' does not work, Condition 0 Object in Area, Source Player Gaia, should be Source Player 1.

In addition, you forgot to rename the main unit, William Wallace plays Sir Meriadoc. ;-)
File Author
Thanks so much!! You're right, I should have gone back over this one before submitting it, I guess I got overeager. Can I upload a replacement for this one and have it on this same page, or must I resubmit and have a different page made?

NAMING MAIN CHARACTER: I only reently got this game on a computer that can run the Rename, Change Attack, and Change HP without crashing, and I guess I got a little in a rush as I said before. Still, that's no excuse...Update Alpha will fix these bugs you mentioned!!

Edit: I have a question, and I guess this is as good a place to ask as the forums, seeing as it pertains to these scenarios.

My Campaign Editor doesn't work. If you change the filename to anything besides Default Campaign during construction and click save when you are done, it shows the timer icon and then goes to main menu. The new capmapign doesn't show up in the folder either in the Hard Drive or in the game itself.

I purchased the game and X-pack along with AOM and AOEI: Rise of Rome for $10 at Staples. Does this "package deal" not include campaign editor, or is there somethign else that I'm missing?

[Edited on 10/08/08 @ 05:42 AM]

Official Reviewer
You did right, used the ‘Update’ button above your description. I do not know about that package from Staples. It should work like this, click Map Editor, then Campaign Editor, Add scenarios, rename the Campaign from Default Campaign to your liking, you can still Add, Remove and change the sequence of scenarios using Up or Down. You can Save whenever you want and still add, remove etc. at the end click Save and then Ok. That brings you back to the main page; click Single Player, Custom Campaign the new campaign should show in the menu.

If you have still problems I can put the scenarios in a campaign file for you and update the submission.

[Edited on 10/08/08 @ 05:45 AM]

File Author
Could you? That would be great. You see, my Campaign Editor works just as you say, I make sure I include valid scenarios, rename, save, press ok. It shows the AOE parchment background to indicate that it is loading something, but the file is never created. I have checked other subfolders to see if it misplaces them, but it doesn't seem to do anything with them. I ahve no problems playing campaigns other people have made though.

If you could include them under the campaign name:

Sir Meriadoc I, part I

that would be great. Many thanks, and Mae Govannan!

~The Masked Bucklander
Official Reviewer
Apart from an added picture you did not edit your scenarios, the bugs are still there. The scenarios 'Sir Meriadoc I, II, III, V' date 01/25/08 and IV 04/12/08. In addition, you resubmitted those same scenarios as 'Sir Meriadoc, Part II-DEMO', which I removed. When you update with the edited scenarios, I will put them into a .CPX file.

You know Sindarin :) btw it spells 'Mae Govannen'.

Silo aglar ellammath nan-uir!
File Author
Oooh...seems I seriously messed up my files. I had them all debugged, but I guess I transferrred the wrong ones. I'll update, and resubmit part II.

Actually I only know a few phrases.

Mae Govanan, mellon!!
A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Silivren penna miriel...
Official Reviewer
No update, your and contain the same scenarios and I refer to my earlier comments. Read also my comment for part II.

File Author
I have figured out what the problem was...all modified scenarios are hidden in a "Compatibility Files" folder on my computer.

I have uploaded the edited scenarios.

[Edited on 01/07/09 @ 01:52 PM]

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