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My Fort - My Empire

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
Taking a hill in the middle of town and proclaiming it an independent state obviously wasn't such a bright idea now was it? Now you'll have to pay the prize. The army has sent one of its finest commanders, General Taylor, to deal with your little rebellion. Survive the onslaught if you can, and post your records as a comment for this arcade style Defend the Spot minigame!

• Arcade style gameplay.
• 16 levels to beat.
• Good design on a tiny map - 15x15 units
• A few design tricks, nothing overwhelming
• Strategic gameplay; lots of thinking and micromanagement needed.
• Suiting action music.

Playtesting - Julius999 and sly_guy
Music - Andrey Fedorenko

The thread is old by now and shouldn't be bumped, but if you want you can see a few people's records and try to beat them anyhow.

StormWind Studios Site

• Bonuses fixed.
• Spawn point blocking disabled.
• Better and more hints.
• A few spelling misses fixed.
• Minor lil' buglets fixed.
• Added L33T H4X0R cheat, but I dare you to find it...
• 1 kb more to download (Oh the horror!)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
hunnic paladin
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(I had such a great time playing this game. Every time I read the yellow text 'Level X' I jumped out of my seat. The music made it even more fun and dramatic. Amazing game, Basse, Im sure I will play this game many, many times.)

Balance: 5
(This game is perfectly balanced because it gets harder as the levels go on. Since the outcome is always the same, then there is no real reason why someone cannot complete the game, and therefore it is not easy or hard. Now, if you want to try to get to the end of the game, its a different story. My first try I got to level 11, but I do believe that this game is not too hard for people new to AoK, but they will probably get to about level 8. For an experienced player, you might actually survive the raids. Great balance in this game.)

Creativity: 4
(Good creativity in most aspects. The best part about this game is that it is so dramatic! I was always on the edge of my seat with the creative drama from a beautiful story.)

Map Design: 5
(Beautiful map work, Basse. This was really an explicit work of art for a 15 by 15 map. I was surprised that you were able to cram it all in there, and still make it look explicit. Great design.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(The story was dramatic... my ultimate favorite thing to see in a game. Dramatic stories give the game, well,, drama! Everyone likes to be excited when they hear whats coming, and then destraut when they see the enemy numbers. Then you defeat them and feel happy, but greive when you here that Stephany has died! Then you are brought down more to see the yellow words "Level 10" pop up. You win the level and feel victorious, and in the end, everything works out, and it is like a dramatic movie! The instructions were clear and left me with no questions.)

Reccomended Download:
Words cannot describe how much I say yes.

My Score:
Try 1: Level 11, 482 Kills.
Try 2: Level 15, 608 Kills

Additional Comments:
Amazing job, Lord Basse! This is one for the history books. Keep up the great work, I have no tips for ya!

[Edited on 11/03/08 @ 06:35 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4+
First, this mini scenario is a lot of fun. The arcade style has a fast tempo, and little elements the author has included like the dialogues of dying heroes are fun too. For light entertainment, this scenario is hard to beat. Unfortunately, although there is no lag, there are some bugs worth mentioning that drag down the score. But overall, the scenario is extremely entertaining.

The 'rewards' cause Noah at one point to revert to his default name and stats, although I am unclear why this is. This is quite important as it makes him many times more likely to be killed, and he is an important hero.

Balance: 4+
Despite the lack of difficulty dynamics, the arcade style leaves little to be desired. The pace is frantic and the attacks are intense, so that a good challenge is presented. It is easy enough that with the right tactics it is possible to go a long way through the levels, while hard enough for this to be worth achieving. Unfortunately, the bug that affects Noah is a problem for balance. For a five to be awarded, this would need to be corrected and difficulty dynamics might be necessary too or some may be frustrated.

Creativity: 4+
The concept is extremely simple and generic, but the execution is great, and the author does enough to receive a high score in this category. The story, the setup and little touches in the gameplay make this stand out.

Map Design: 5-
The map is extremely small, in accordance with the author's intentions. On such a small canvas the author does well in making the design appealing, although there is little room for anything outstanding. The map also fits well with the rest of the design, although there are a couple of minor defects. The most noticeable is that the enemies uselessly attack walls on cliffs, which affects gameplay as the enemy does not interact with the map quite as intended.

Story/Instructions: 5-
With this style, the story is almost an optional extra. However, the author has made an effort to come up with an interesting premise, and the story is well told. Aspects of characterisation are good too. More importantly, the intructions are adequate and serve the design well. For such a scenario, it would be difficult to score more highly in this category as the story is not the main focus.

My Score:
Survived Level 16 (just)
773 kills

[Edited on 11/06/08 @ 09:29 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It flowed from one wave to the next, giving the player many ways to defend and attack the enemy.
Balance: 5
Threw different combonations of forces at the fort, and could be dealt with through strategy and, well, common sense (Ex., Spearman defeats Cav.)

Creativity: 5
The idea is a lot like the 'defend your base' genre. But it gives the genre justice by providing you with more than just troops. Defenses, height advantages, and kill-count upgrades add to the fun!
Map Design: 5
While there wasn't a lot of space to move, it gave the player enough to do what they were supposed to do, and provided useful points and areas for the player and enemy to do battle.
Story/Instructions: 5
Oh, God, I couldn't stop laughing at the beginning! "We're screwd aren't we?" "Yep." Funny! and the rules were explained well. I knew what to do with everything as soon as the game started.
Additional Comments:
It was a neat little project! I liked the fact that it loosened up the tension with enough humor at the beginning to really enjoy the battles. This is a really great peice of work, and I hope to see more great material from you!
Map Design5.0
I just went trawling through the games and found this jewel :3 It's amazing!

Playability: 5-
I had a lot of fun playing this game. While there are limited things to experiment with and strategy is kind of set once you get past a certain point (or maybe I'm just not good at finding alternatives), there's the element of urgency and panic, which is wonderfully complemented by the rising troop numbers (and the music). Having to micro a little adds to that fear factor somewhat :P

Balance: 5-
Getting to level 8 or 9 can be done with nearly no strategy whatsoever - after that, knowing counters (strengths vs weaknesses) and a little bit of micro really comes into play, as it ramps up quite a bit after that. The early levels were generally easy for the troops given and can be done by just sending troops out, rinse and repeat as healing is entirely done before the next wave arrives. I did find that part slightly draggy, but as it did not take away too much from the game, it still gets a 5.

Creativity: 4
The soldier types got kind of repetitive after a while, though it's really not the fault of the creator (for the most part) - you can't really expect the occasional War Elephant to be thrown in without severely affecting balance. However, the fixed force doesn't really offer a lot, especially since there's only 1 melee foot unit... Could have been more fun with other melee foot units as well. Maybe it's just me, though...

Map Design: 5
The map was well designed and complemented the feeling of the game. Having the fort on a hill just adds to that "last stand" feeling, and during the game I didn't feel as if the map was constrictive/restrictive at all, despite it being only 15x15 - everything that has to be done can be done, and everything that can't be done is extraneous anyway. Wonderful, despite, or perhaps because, of its small size.

Story/Instructions: 5+
Instructions were very clear. Storyline was novel and interesting - can't really write more without spoiling it, heh. But it resonates, perhaps because it's something that most people can relate to. It adds a new dimension to the story outside of the game, and IMO is the best part of the scenario.

1st try: Level 15, 646 kills.

Got an issue to raise though: I'm running on windows 8.1. I deleted some of the palisade walls at the cliff to let Noah get closer to the front of the cliff and at some point in the game, round about level 11-13 or so (I didn't really notice), some soldiers got stuck on one of the cliff tiles, which later just... disappeared. So there was now a gap into the fort which I had to send guys to block up via single combat, hahaha. Might be a glitch? :/

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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]7
Size:1.45 MB