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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Carlos Ferdinand's Spanish Scout-Archer Rush

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Carlos Ferdinand's Spanish Scout-Archer Rush

Author File Description
Carlos Ferdinand
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Using Spanish I do a scout-archer rush, (which is not a commonly seen strategy) and im facing a strong spear-skirm flush by a 159x player who uses Mongols. It was really tough, with me attacking him and he attacking me several times simultaneously. I hope you will enjoy watching this game and please comment on my gameplay. Thanks for downloading/ commenting.

- Carlos Ferdinand
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Swiftfreddy Starts off pretty much perfect. I couldn't see practically any villager Idle time and all your villies were put to good use. You got caught out a few times with not having enough houses - need to start building them just before rather than being maxed out during a battle.

Quite remarkable how you managed to have a decent raid - using a few skirms/archers - on the enemies base while being able to hold off a much larger raid on your own base using virtually no military units at all and defeating them mostly using villagers.
Economical Side got a little worse as I saw a villager or two idle for about a minute but that was soon dealt with and I saw no idle villagers soon after.

In my opinion, the rush failed. It was too slow (mainly cos you were attacked by a skirm rush and you lost villies etc) and the enemy caught on quite quickly and wall/building blocked his `base` .

Following on - I chuckled quite a bit when the knights just trotted through your town and didn't even touch anything belonging to you (instantly came to mind was montypython - if only your town was camelot and they dismissed it as being a `silly place` xD). But I saw that It was a diversion so a camel could take pot shots at your lumberjacks, of whom you quickly peppered with arrows.

Villies became a little idle again (farmers with no farm - could be doing something else while waiting for wood etc).
You sent some Cav Archers down to the enemy but he had already walled off so you could only get a few villies before having to retreat but oh well.

The retreating Cav Archers are intercepted by knights but only one knight gets a couple of hits on a cav archer as they can easily outrun them. Some good tactics from yourself followed with the `Pike Interception` on the cavalry and so on.
After causing the enemy to retreat and building a castle, (in quite a strategic place thanks to that nicely placed cliff edge) there is quite a tactical battle.

I am still astonished that your pike/cavarcher combo managed to beat a knight/cavarcher combo but i suppose your castle (at the start of the battle) and your slightly better cavarcher upgrades helped a great deal but it was still a nice battle to watch.

Its hard to manage your economy and fight to win but I must say there was quite a bit of villie idle time of up to a minute but their work was quickly resumed after.

Another Pike/Cavarcher vs Knight/Cavarcher battle ensues with the former pushing back the latter. You build a mangonel which (in my opinion) isn't of much use. It got quickly taken out by the knights, which can dodge its fire easily unless they are standing still - by using a melee unit to stop them (which could risk that unit from mangonel fire).

Another well placed Castle is built on the other side of the cliff which saves you some casualties from the knights that charge in at the mangonel.

Across from Carlos's 2 tactically placed castles is an enemy castle which acts as the enemies line of defence during the following battles.

You make some Conquistador's to my glee and mix them in with your Cav Archers which seems to stop them from being targeted most as they aren't too easy to spot amongst the Cav Archers.

After creating the Conquistador's, trebs are surely followed which are then used against the castle and upon first impact sparked the battle causing a vicious battle between knights, cavarchers, Conquistador's and to my dismay - Mangonels, of which fail to hit a thing.

(Meanwhile there is a lot of villager idle time in the way of farmers - even thought there is plenty of wood but I could do no better with that battle going on.)

The trebs destroy the castle and cause the enemy to retreat. One opposing knight is left trailing behind who is quickly dispatched by the 2 MANGONEL delivering a direct hit to the back of his head. (That moment made me laugh xD).

The enemy try quickly to resurrect their castle but most of the villies are pot shotted by the Conquistador's of whom are then charged at by knights. Luckily the knights run straight past them - being followed by a lot of enemy cav archers.

This army is quickly dispatched of by the castles and other forces surrounding (including ANOTHER mangonel crushing a cav archer - god I bloody love these things now xD). The trebs are attacked by knights (cavaliers now but ill still call em knights) but are not destroyed - due to 2 pikemen like freaking pummeling the Knights.

The enemy is then pushed back using the Conquistadors and cav archers in order to try and destroy the enemy treb firing at them. It is pretty much a stale mate but the Conquistadors and cav archers are pushing forward.

rockpaperscisor then says "gg"
and Carlos replys with "GG"
and rock resigns.

I'm pretty sure rock was thinking
"God Dammit! I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!"
And then Carlos meant to reply;
"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

(Anyways great game for both of you there and I'm pretty sure you could have won Carlos and I couldn't help commenting - well its pretty much a commentary - on this, with all the MontyPython moments in it xD)
*Really Enjoyed watching it and I would recommend anyone who hasn't to watch it - it is pretty awesome*
Carlos Ferdinand
File Author
SwiftFreddy, thank you VERY much for giving me such a long comment, a very nice analysis of the game. I really like using Cav Archers in castle age.

I will submit more great games here in future.
Mr MMA I didn't understand why your opponent built skirmishers when you attacked with archers and attacked the scouts instead of the archers. It was quite pathetic to watch

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