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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Resistance - Fall of the Empire

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Resistance - Fall of the Empire

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8

Genghis Khan is attacking the Empire of Nintendo (I just couldnt think of another name)
his soldiers are trying to defend it from the attack, they couldnt hold off more, but then 12 powerful soldiers just appeared


Player 1 - Player 6 (Could be controlled by either player or computer [Player recommended])
-Each player controls 2 heroes, which are Robin Hood and Alexander Nevski and they have different names. They will help Nintendo's Empire (Player 7) to defend from Khan's invasion, each time Player 1 - Player 6 get 2 kills, their AP will increase in 1 and their HP will increase in 2 - To win they must kill Genghis Khan.

Player 7 (Could be controlled by either player or computer)
-Player 7 is the city and they got an army, he controlls King Nintendo and he create more units - To win he must kill Genghis Khan.

Player 8 (Has to be controlled by player)
-He is Genghis Khan and he his army respawns his army is composed of LongSwords, Knights, Pikemans, Elite Skirmishers and Crossbowmans, he can also respawn Subotais every 5 minutes - To win he must kill King Nintendo.

Player 1 - Player 7 = Team 1
Player 2 = Team 2

If u got any suggestions or find any bugs leave a comment or email me to

I hope u like my map! :D
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The game plays well, but due to the fact that there are large amounts of tasking, some units get stuck on a task/spawn, thus blocking spawns and being unable to move.

Balance: 2
Not quite balanced. If the hunter rushes, everyone is dead.

Creativity: 5
You were very creative when you created this map. No other map has ever been made like this.

Map Design: 3
Map design could be improved alot, but the design you currently have still allows for moderate gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 2
The instructions didn't acutally tell you what to expect, and since you don't know about the hunter, the hunter easily kills you off.

Additional Comments:
File Author
Thanks for the review Aeric, now for the balance I will try to make p7 city better or make p8 units more powerful or maybe both xD
Aeric That would make the map better.
Dispari Scuro
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The playability of this scenario is fairly low. It's very quick and not very fun. It even requires a few hoops to jump through since an actual player has to be player 8, meaning you have to set up all the slots before the other person joins. For player 8 there's really nothing to do but select groups of your army and move them. While player 8 has an army of 350+ at all times, the other players only have 2 units and can only stand around killing things as they come in endless waves.

Balance: 1
There's no balance. There's no way for anyone but player 8 to win. Player 8 doesn't even have to use heroes, monks, or rams. All he has to do is pick up groups of his infinite armies and send them into town. Player 8 has infinitely spawning armies of skirmishers, infantry, knights, archers, and pikemen. At no time during any of the playthroughs did player 8 ever drop below 350 units. This means his army is not only infinite, but there's always AT LEAST 350 units available to attack the gray base. Even if players 1-6 are so leveled that they can one-shot anything they hit, a group of 12 simply cannot hold back a group of 350.

Creativity: 1
There's really no creativity here, it's just a "1 vs 7" scenario where player 8 is super powerful but the others are supposed to band together to destroy him.

Map Design: 2
The map is pretty weak. The whole map isn't even utilized. A large portion is left blank (and walled off) with nothing in it. A smaller map could've been used instead. The design of the map is pretty basic with just a little bit of decoration. Positioning of the players is also poor since player 8 surrounds the other players and can swarm from everywhere, giving him a huge advantage.

Story/Instructions: 3
There are basically no instructions (other than "kill Khan"), but there's also nothing to do besides that. The game does warn you not to venture out to get killed by Khan at least, and notify you when important things happen (like when player 8 is given super-units to add to his massive army). I would give this a higher rating but the game also has childish taunts about having intercourse with people's mothers or how if you lost you're a noob.

Additional Comments:
In order to even play this scenario my friend and I had to edit it. 1 on 1, it was basically 2 vs infinite. My friend was trying to hold back my infinite army with just an archer and a knight. Since the game seems to be designed around 6-8 human players, we edited scripts so that he could have all 12 heroes to himself and basically be in control of what would otherwise be 6 players worth of units.

Even with this advantage, all I had to do (as player 8) was bounce around the map double clicking armies and telling them to move into town. The units set to aggressive would attack whatever units and towers and buildings in range. Even once he got to the point where he had killed so many units that anything he attacked would die in one shot, I had a constantly streaming army walking into his city from all sides. After enough towers and walls were destroyed, all I had to do was focus all 350+ units on the castle to bring it down. Nothing the other player did could even come close to stopping me.

This is on top of the fact that I had Khan (over 10,000 HP with over 400 damage), 10 monks, and 6 rams (including one "super ram") that I didn't even bother to use. All it takes is the regular units you're given. Also, players 1-7 have no way to heal their units when they take damage.

The only possible way for a non-Khan player to win would be for all the other players to level up as much as possible and then try to rush Khan when he's not paying attention. But this would not only leave the gray town completely undefended, but guarantee the deaths of some of the heroes. If the attack failed, there would be no way to recover and try again. Even organized well, it would take a miracle to take down Khan.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The scenario is rather boring. All players involved are given very little to do in terms of objectives. Players 1-6 have to rack up kills and protect their town. Player 8 needs to invade the town. The game's terrible balance is the biggest factor in the game being mostly annoying and pointless to play.

Balance: 1
Here's where the scenario is totally ruined. On team one, players 1-6 who start with two heroes each, have no hope of defeating player 8, who starts with a Genghis Khan that has 10000 hp and enough attack power to kill anything in one hit. In addition, this player is given rams, monks, and a constantly repopulating army of over 300 units. Every 5 minutes, player 8 also gets two powerful heroes that are more powerful than any of the heroes the first team has. Both teams gain hitpoints and attack power for every kill. Team one does gain more from the sheer volume of enemy units to kill, but it takes a very long time even to compare to the special units player 8 gets every five minutes, let alone the invincible death machine that can kill anything from many tiles away.

Creativity: 2
I have to admit, the concept of a competitive RPG is pretty cool. That's about where this stops being creative, however. There are no creative tactics to be used other than just "kill lots of things" and the objectives are extremely simple. In addition, the author has taken to giving all the units dumb names that are obviously just taken from things lying around his room. Generals Snickers and Musketeers must protect King Nintendo who resides in Sega Castle with the help of Mr. Honda and Mr. Ford. Seriously? Not even "Sir Ford" for a knight? The longbowmen are generals, so why can't the knights be given something more creative than just "Mr. Car Company"?

Map Design: 2
The map design was extremely simple, but unobtrusive. The town has a few nice ledges and roads, with flags around the castle so there's some degree of aesthetics here.

Story/Instructions: 2
The instructions for this game are very simple. "Kill Khan." "Kill King Nintendo" "Don't fight Khan Yet." "Khan is dead. Let's have sex with our mothers."
I'm paraphrasing, but the game seriously did make a remark about people doing their moms.

Additional Comments:
There's pretty much no way for team one to win. If player 8 did not have control of the constantly respawning army, they'd make for good experience fodder for the first six players and they might have a chance. But it seems like the author just hoped the player wouldn't notice that and just leave them alone or something. But Genghis can't leave the home base until some totally unknown trigger suddenly gives player 8 permission to leave. I suppose that's a good thing because otherwise, he could wipe out all the heroes and destroy the castle instantly. In fact, the script that prevents him from leaving doesn't teleport him but merely orders him to return home. If determined enough, player 8 can constantly fight the orders and slowly advance on the base and do just that, winning early in the game with just one unit.
Despite team one requiring a miracle to win, the author makes sure to laugh in their face once they fail. If they succeed, his response is a simple "nice try".
Thanks a bunch, dude.

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Map Design2.3
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