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Cherub Lobby
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 2
Legend Parts I and II

Basic Story

Richard was a barely grown man when the slavers came to his village, slaughtering the men and carting of the women and children. Richard is spared the fate of the others and is left with nothing except a thirst for revenge against the attackers.

Learn the truth of Richards royal background. Travel with Richard as he seeks the Legendary Druss who teaches him to becomes a fearless warrior. Light the fires of rebellion throughout the countryside and eventually build an Army that
can challenge the Evil Ventrian Monarch Gareth !

Parts III, IV and V will be following shortly


This scenario was tested on moderate and normal speed. It is recommended that you use these setting to avoid anything unforseen and to allow time to read messages. Some anti-cheats have been included so be careful to avoid using any
of the cheat codes. Sometimes an immediate penalty may not be obvious and you may spend a lot of time playing then failing !

I recommend regular saving, especially before venturing into new areas and trying anything difficult.

This scenario includes many sound files that must be included in the correct folders the paths are set for the default AOK installation folders !

I have also included a Walkthrough file but would hope that you would only use it if really stuck


I have used AI files that are already in common usage ! And must credit Ingo Van Thiel for Passive and Magnus for the

Rasher for the "Build Bridge" trick in scenario 2.

Created by

Steve Ryan (AKA Cherub Lobby)

Email me on or if you have any
comments or need any help
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: This was a highly enjoyable campaign, a must download if you love RPG's. Except for the beginning it was fast paced and exciting. I gave it a 5 because after playing it once, I could play it again! While a lot of RPG's are alike, Legend had more of a fun factor than other scenarios.

Creativity: This also recieves a 5. While he got the idea from an author's novel, he took the original book, and changed the story around quite a bit. The author of Legend also showed a good use of triggers. An example that comes to mind is in the second scenario. You had to enter a maze filled with booby traps, and had to successfully navigate around them. It used ideas such as "switches", and "gas chambers".

Map Design: The map design in Legend possibly rivaled any other maps I've seen. While it not might have been excellent, it was good enough to earn a 5. He used a lot of detail in the map, showing a healthy amount of time spent on the cities and the terrain. You could possibly even compare it to Ingo's work.

Balance: I don't recall that any part of the campaign was exceptionally easy. Even while "training", there was the fear that you might lose. I had to save pretty often, Steve never made it really easy for the player. This campaign is great for people who like tough campaigns. This category got a 5 because the campaign was "tough, but winnable".

Story/Instructions: Despite the fact that we wrote an excellent walkthrough, there were still parts where I was a little confused. I was about ready to give up at one point, because I couldn't find the "spy/trade cart". I doubt I could have won the scenario without the comprehensive walkthrough. The campaign itself didn't really have enough to reveal what you were supposed to do next. That's why it recieves a 4. Maybe Steve could put a little more into the walkthrough, or into the "objectives screen itself, so the player knows exactly what is required of him.

Overall thoughts: I recommend this campaign for anyone who loves a good story and RPG. This was the first custom campaign I ever played, and that was back in March. I regret the fact that this excellent little campaign never recieved a review until now. As with Karl der Grosse, Cherub Lobby gives us a scenario worth the couple of hours spent playing it.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Legend contains two scenarios; the campaign is a mix of all game styles and is loosely based on the book Legend by David Gemmel. You play Richard a man who escaped the slavers, not being aware of his royal background.

PLAYABILITY: I don't find the words to describe this fantastic campaign; it is one of the best I played, never boring, enjoyable from the first to the last minute, exciting, challenging and great game play. The campaign had playability issues though. At the end of the first scenario, the moment Richard and Sieur Metz approach each other to attack, the game crashes to the desktop. I could not get it work from different saved games on fifteen attempts. Suspecting that too many units change ownership I replayed and attacked the city first, razed the castles, towers, some buildings, killed all military units and built towers above the spawn points of the enemy units. When I took the boat after this, all triggers, attack signal, objective change, talk triggers and change ownership for the rest of the buildings, Sieur Metz and the villagers outside town, run smooth. All there was left to do is to move a unit to a town centre and you won, so don't bother, you won't miss anything. In the second scenario, playing the tomb sequence I had to consult the walk through, and after dying in the gas chamber a couple of times I printed it, which takes some of the fun away. 4

BALANCE: The campaign was played on moderate as requested. It starts as a RPG, but don't feel save, better save often, the challenging excitement starts right after the training. Sea battle, warfare, quests, puzzles, battles, everything is well balanced, you will have many reloads, rethink your tactic and try different solutions; Legend is a hard, but winnable campaign. 5+

CREATIVITY: Steve Ryan is one of the most creative designers for AoK, the campaign is full of new ideas I never saw before with a good use of triggers. 5+

MAP DESIGN: Certainly not one of the top maps, too much grass 1 and the same trees, but still enough detailed, some terrain mix, elevations, realistic touch and a good city design to make this far better than random. 5-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Perfect introduction screen with a good fictional history and story, a BMP for each scenario, the always clear objectives and story develop in game. The zip file contains an exhaustive walk through with a detailed description of how to play all the sequences. The one for The Rebellion is subdivided into 29 and the one for Allies into 37 explanations, avoiding that the player gets stuck. Many of these hints are superfluous, easy solvable, but difficult to disregard searching for the one you need. There was a typo worth mentioning in the walkthrough: "Land at the send landing up from the South of the map", this could be interpreted as "sand" for "send" instead of "second", but not enough to knock a point off. 5-

OVERALL: A creative, challenging and entertaining campaign.

OBSERVATIONS: If you change ownership of too many units/buildings at the same time in an area probably too large also, your computer will crash, depending of the performance of the computer of course. Legend was played on a P4/1.8 GHZ, 256 MB RAM, 54.5 GB HD, which should be more than sufficient for a campaign uploaded early 2000. It is not known what the critical mass is for the change ownership trigger, according to Berserker Jerker it seems to be somewhere around 150-250 units/buildings etc., but here were also talk triggers, objective change and an attack signal firing.

SUGGESTIONS: The easiest fix for the crash would be to change diplomacy upon arrival of the boat to ally and later change ownership for Sieur Metz only or create different effects for buildings and units, which fire delayed in one trigger. You can also divide the area into different triggers or divide the units into smaller groups, making different triggers. A walk through is a good idea for a complex campaign, but there should be also sufficient hints in the screen reserved for that purpose. For the gas chamber, just that the towers are the key would be enough. Remember 2, 1, 3, a combination lock.

IN CLOSING: Download this classic of the early days of AoK, a masterpiece even by today's standards.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:1.12 MB