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DtS08 - No Hope

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
This is based off of a multiplayer game I played a while back.

Story: "You started the game badly.. You wasted too much quallity time with your scout. You had to quickly rush to produce more villagers and franticly get resources together. You almost entirely forget about your military too. As you hurry to built up your Barracks you notice something. The enemy has already advanced to the Castle Age! You hurry and advace to Feudal. As you advance and built more you notice that out of the corner of your FoV the enemy has a building. You quickly try to find out what it is. It is an enemy Stable! And all around you you notice, Enemy buildings and even walls. You are trapped. With a desperate cry you plead to be allowed more time to build...."

The difficulty on here ranges from easy to hard and depends on your skill

You may choose what Civ you play as although you must leave playr 2 and player 3 as Persians.

There is an issue with the victory condition. You in when all the enemies are defeated.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"DtS08 - No Hope" is an entry for a 2008 contest, and brings an interesting concept of a multiplayer game re-enacted in scenario form. The player is a rank amatuer seenmingly unable to execute on the games basics while the opposing character B1g_MoMM4 builds up a huge lead and tries to toy with his opponent.

Playability 4-

The gameplay consists of trying to build up rapidly to catch an advanced opponent while fending off increasing powerful attacks. While I found the scenario enjoyable enough for a 4 rating, there were a few poor points. A lack of proper victory conditions detracted from the experience, and the map was excessively small with the 25x25 size being used. I found the gameplay quite cramped and with the enemy deploying siege onagers it was a bit awkward to respond to that with little space. Lastly, it did feel slightly slow paced taking a little over 30 minutes to conclude, mostly due to the time needed to build up and wait for resources to accrue. Despite all that, I enjoyed the scenarios core gameplay and would like to see more along these lines.

Balance 3

Rating this category was a tough call, as the players own skill can have a large impact on perception here. This is especially evident of the topic materiel, with a newbie facing up against a veteran in a multiplayer match;an inexperienced B&Der may struggle with macroing up quickly in order to survive this situation. It did seem pretty easy with the enemy having to attack through walls early on, and the player having large amounts of resources, particularly at the end of the game when the enemy launches a doom attack but also gives you 5k of everything. At this point you can spam castles and I already had 30 Elite Mangudai ready to go so handling their attack wasn't a problem. I would have preferred it if they could retrain units and put on more gradual pressure this way. The game is also filled with exploits;you can house over the spawn points, you can kill off the main enemy by changing diplomacy, and your disabled from making stone walls but you can build stone gates.

The challenge presented by the scenario is a good one, but I don't understand the usage of a 25x25 map here. Its quite difficult to place buildings or get an economy, and the 75 pop limit is almost always a bummer unless the B&D action has been carefully crafted for a low pop game. The attacks launched by the enemies are quite shallow lacking in much complexity, and if it wasn't for trebuchets firing more than halfway across the map size and the sheer power of elephants there wouldn't be any difficulty whatsoever to winning.

Creativity 3

Its an interesting idea, but the scenario is quite simple in its execution. The enemy attacks lack much complexity and a lack of victory conditions is a bit of a miss. The story is reasonably interesting but more effort to create some atmosphere here would have made it all more meaningful.

Map Design 2

The map design is about on par with a random map. No special detailing of any kind has been attempted, which can be expected out of the 25x25 screenshot map size.

Story\Objectives 2

The story hook is interesting but the enemy boss has not been fleshed out in any meaningful way. This could have been a good opportunity to make the player burn with rage at his taunting, and provide a more satisfying sense of achievement. As is the hints, scouts, etc etc are mostly sufficient to avoid a 1 for not having a story.

Final Thoughts:An interesting game to spend 30 minutes on, I would recommend it if you like a bit different of a challenge. Its similar to those AoE1 scenarios where a built up empire oppresses the player forcing him to pay tribute until atlast the tyrant can be overthrown.

[Edited on 10/12/17 @ 03:57 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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