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Version: The Conquerors
My new AI, I made this as a bit of a test, to see if an all out aggressive AI would work, and it does, it attacks loads, and try’s to build as big an army as possible continues it reaches the 200 pop limit faster than any of my other AI's usually in the castle age, it spends ages in the dark age. Unfortunately it sacrifices defence in its strategy and only builds sizeable defences in the imperial age, its fun watching this AI attack, when its at its full strength it has an almost continuous line of units marching to battle. It plays DM or RM, generally RM better and like my other AI's it performs best starting in the dark age, even in DM, fine in king of the hill, standard, conquest or regicide. Thanks for looking tell me what you think.
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Woad85 This Computer is so wreid. It always say: The War Will Rage!! The War Will Rage!! The War Will Rage!! The War Will Rage!!
File Author
It should say it just once, did you have a good battle?
Woad85 Ya, is also good for make campign. Mabye i use this ai. The War Will Rage!! This is funny...
SMITHY_99 Did you say... "Continus line."?

Sweet! Now I can make a Lord of the ring's Minas Trith! With this AI.

[Edited on 12/13/08 @ 05:21 AM]

lunaamber this AI is ummm...
not really what i thought it would be
i mean the aggressive part :/
im not sure if theres a problem with it running my aoe2tc
it DOES send military units but during the times i played against it:
1) it only trains weak units such as spearman / skirmishers in feudal
2) it takes a LONG LONG time to get to castle and usually never goes to imperial
3) doesn't really upgrade units
4) has a semi-poor economy

---- on a side note: the taunting pisses me off XD ----

btw im not sure what level exactly this is for, because i basically play a game with AllianceThundaEmpire tactic: Random Map
-advance to feudal when there are around 30-35 villagers in dark age
-advance to castle right away when getting to feudal ... etc then spam knights / pikemen
ReaveT93 Not a bad AI. keep working on it :)

[Edited on 01/10/12 @ 08:39 PM]

borderman53 I have a question, i really need an ai that makes the cpu build huge fortifications, tries to destroy wonders and heros,attacks very often and never builds buildings on roads/broken/fungus/snow. can you make one?

[Edited on 08/22/12 @ 07:46 PM]

Promiskuitiv @borderman53

More AI scripters will see this if you post it here:,,,30

What i can already tell you: AI's can only build 1-layer walls (most AI's won't even do that as they have problems "rebuilding" the wall where once trees have hindered the construction), AI's will attack heroes like they attack other units, AI's don't care if they build they're buildings on a road or snow etc. (they can't detect this), but some AI's attack very often.

No Limits and VNS_Halen are 2 very aggressive AI's which attack very often, but they both only play Huns.
Aggressive all-civ AI's: Crusade, IS_Machine and some others.
Other top level AI's: The Horde, Barbarian
borderman53 i don't think i need an ai like this anymore.

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