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Bleach: Dark Chaos

Author File Description
Trip Tucker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
I'm a fan of bleach so I'm setting out to make a giant rpg style story around Bleach! In this demo version (fully playable) play through the first two parts of the game. See a small intro cut scence, play in a flashback, and have fun at the Soul Reaper school. Build time on this is over 5 days... so its not crappy (at least i think its not). This will be the only demo aviable, next realse will be full game. Comment and tell me what you think! Thanks for everybody who helped me in the forums.
(Theres a little "debug" trigger in the triggers turn it on to cheat if you want.)
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Official Reviewer
I played the game through map editor and it crashed on Display Instructions after changing view to the center. Did you test the map yourself?

EDIT: Thanks Tanneur, it worked.

I enjoyed the demo quite a lot.

I would suggest changing all of the chats in the game to clicking the unit and being near them. I had spams of chats walking by the cutscene portion.
Also, when you go to school, remove the flag or change the ownership, it just doesn't look right when you clearly see "You" when he's "inside".
And the last thing, I think the 1st Shop Keeper is bugged, I'm sure I clicked the swordsman instead of the berserk.

EDIT2: When you go to bed, it doesn't heal you to full HP, you can keep it like that if you want.

@Tanneur, I'm sure I can edit my comments instantly, so approving comments doesn't make much sense? Can't they just type a quick sentence, get it approved, then edit it to whatever they want?

[Edited on 11/25/08 @ 05:37 PM]

Official Reviewer
It plays fine on normal speed, the crash happens only on fast. Dtrungle start with normal and change speed after the cut-scenes.
Woad85 nice game...

You should finished this project.

[Edited on 11/27/08 @ 02:17 AM]

Aurun very nice scenario!

i will be waiting for the full version :D
Trip Tucker
File Author
thanks for the comments! ive been on vactiaon, and have only gotten up to about 30%ish completion on the full version. There is a little bug thingy that i forgot. In my "demo" version, the view will change up to the northeren part of the map and say "Game Over"... I will upload another version of this demo with that fixed. I will also look into all the bugs.

Dtrungle at what part in the school do you see "You"?

So far the the status on full version:
You can travel to the Human World!
Get your first assmengent type mission.
Soul society is 50% complelte 0% compelete on triggers. (The trigger to go to soul society is made... lol) (Its going to be frikin huge, give me a break here lol)
AND don't worry about all the spelling errors! All will be fixed. Liked certian peoples names.... lol
Aurun Where is the full version?

whatever, i am making a my version of that game

I complete de unfinished city(Soul Society)
and put some sound effects of the anime(bankai,shunpoo,sonido,shikai and soundtrack)

soon a will finish this
but a must say that all the credits of this scenario go to trip tucker ^^

if Trip tucker is reading this please contact me, i want to talk about the scenario and some stuff that may improve it

I'am not a amateur is scenario desing, i made the Angel Arena and Dota of warcraft for age 2
(unfortunately i dont put the dota scenario in the here is the link)

Dota all stars for age II:

ps: Sorry for my english :D
Trip Tucker
File Author
Hello Aurun

Before I start, I must say this: I have stopped playing AOK. BUT that didn't mean that my project died. As a matter of fact I got a lot more of it done. And I am fully supportive of you finishing it. I will be more then happy to help you out in anyway possible, and I will even supply you with the "more updated" version that I was working on. Who knows, maybe we could co-op creating this, and make a really awesome map!

I like how you added sounds, I can't wait to see what you have done to it.

please reply back for a way to talk to one another
i have a youtube, myspace, and yahoo account.

Aurun oh good, finally i can talk to you
i dont have MSN (stupid name...)

well,i zip all the files and send to easy share
here is the link: edited out

its unfinished...but a made a lot of thing
and i continue the project with the Renaissance(is in the zip file)

first...i put the original name of the ''soul reapers'' that is a change that...i change the cutscene...well you will see :D

a make the rokungai and seireitei district and made all the people move...put sound...shikai and bankai system. improve the shinigami school(you need take down all the fighters to be a shinigami)

And in the start you will see a little diference in the story that can change all the game

ps: please, dont be angry for some thing that a the cutscene and the part of the game that you watch a guy kill a hollow....we can make that better later ^^

[Edited on 07/10/09 @ 12:31 PM]

Trip Tucker
File Author
I sent you a email but it didn't go through. But I did review it and here is what I had said in the E-mail:

Hey i reviewed some of the map you made, and I like the changes, however there is a few things that i think we could change.
There are lots of spelling and grammar problems, now i know I suck at spelling myself, and I didn't get around to proof reading it so I'm not blaming it all on you, I'm just saying we need to fix all those mistakes.
Second is the "cities" are to plain, just a bunch of houses. If you looked at my version there was a lot more detail, however i never got around "mixing" up the grass. (I had sent you the full version in the email)
Oh, just a little word of advice (but you don't have to) i find naming your triggers is a hell a lot easier when it comes to debugging the map. Also, when making a map I always create a "debug" or "Devmap" trigger that will allow me to test all parts of the map at anytime without having to play the entire map.
Other then that its great. I epically loved your bankai (the bankai sound came from the second bleach movie lol) system, i was littering standing in the shower for hours on end thinking "How the heck am I going to do that?" And changing the music to bleach, great idea I was orignally going to do that, but at the time I didn't have very much music from bleach.

You've probally seen more bleach then myself (because I'm only keeping up with the american manga realses.) so lets keep it there (because i can't have myself get spoiled lol).

So ya we should defintly team up and finish this thing. Email me back soon.
Right now I'm recording me speedrun Doom3 in nightmare, so theres not much I'm doing.

P.S. we got to change the credits to. lol
Official Reviewer
Aurun, I edited the link out of your comment. You can send the file by e-mail. Please note that a comment on a file is not the place to link to other sites. In addition, I tried to download the file but you have to become a member and pay a fee in order to do so.
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