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Mystery Maze II

Author File Description
hunnic paladin
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Puzzle
Number of scenarios: 2
Mystery Maze II

Last year, a man decided to build his ultimate dream: a real human maze. He chose the name, and Mystery Maze was constructed last winter, opening to the public on March 15, 2008. This man set a notice out stating that anyone who desired to enter in order to test his or her wit could come free of charge and play Mystery Maze. To prove you were worthy of entering the maze, you first had to answer a selection of questions. Mystery Maze is for those who are smart and clever, not for just anyone who thinks they can get through. Once you're in the maze, the only way to escape is to complete it. The mazes are challenging, but not impossible. In Sector 1 of Mystery Maze, you had to escape the dark forest. If you made it through, Sector 2 was waiting for you: the gold mines. If you did not discover the cheat in this sector, then you had to get out the long way. If you did this, then the third Sector awaits you. This sector has two parts: the rock maze, and the dreaded dessert. If you managed to locate and get to all the buildings in order, you were able to exit Mystery Maze, and have your M.M.P.P.(Mystery Maze Passport) to prove you got all the way through Sectors one, two, and three.

Now, the same man has decided to begin construction on the next three Sectors of Mystery Maze, and its complete!

I would really like to get a rating for this, sicne it is the first project that I actually think is good. ;)

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Official Reviewer
Good quiz, but I lost the forth question which I thought was the easiest of all. :{

How many difficulties are in AoK:TCE. I answered option 1, five settings and became killed. I thought it was easiest, standard, moderate, hard and hardest, which makes five. The other options where six or seven difficulties. Unfortunately, I did not save game before question 4.
Official Reviewer
I did the same as Tanneur99, only I wasn't killed, I only recieved a message that I had been set as enemy :S
Official Reviewer
The eye candy in this is A LOT better than your first map. I beat it in like 30 minutes real time? I just wandered around really.

The game crashed on me from one of the cactus, it was to the bottom right side, near the river.

Oh boy, the questionaire part, I had to replay that map like 6 times. If you save/load, the map would bug(for me anyways). And if you answer the question before the options appear, the game really bugs up.

So, for the first sector, I wandered around... I explored like 99% of that part.
For the second sector, I just followed a path and it lead me to the finish line. I explored like 50% of this part.
And for the last sector, I just wandered around... I explored like 60% of this part. Oh, I never knew you could research LOS for a Paladin. ?_?
hunnic paladin
File Author
Ah, I see. When I was playtesting I wasn't paying much attention to the answers. I just memorized the pattern. Haha. I guess I accidently did the wrong trigger or something, because like you said, there are only 5 difficulty settings: Easiest>Standard>Moderate>Hard>Hardest. OK, well then, for whoever plays from now on, I dont really plan on updating it(Im sick of it, haha), so just answer option 3 on the 4th question. Thanks for the quick comments! :)
mayankshrm991 To Hunnic Paladin
Please Can I Have Your Permission To Make Mystery Maze 3.I Have A Very Good Idea About Levers.Please Give Me Your ID So That I Can Email It To You.
hunnic paladin
File Author
@mayankshrm991: Thanks for the positive feedback, but no, you may not have permission to MM3. My long break from AoKH has been for a reason, and I can announce now that I am working on a MM3.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I love seeing a big 4. :p

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