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Season Arena

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 4
Its the battle of the seasons!!!!

Destroy an opponent's Castle to defeate that season. When all opponents castles are destroyed you will be declaired the victor.

At the beginning there is a mini hero battle. If you win you will recieve an extra William Wallace. When both battles are over, your units should be gathered and the Umpire will tell you to begin.

When you kill a certain amount of units, you will be rewareded with research for your units as well as new types of units.
When you raze a certain amount of buildings, you will be rewareded with research for your buildings or new buildings.
When you collect a certain amount of relics, you will be given heros.
The requirements for these are found in the hints section.

When you raze the opposing teams barracks their infantry creation will halt. There are two.
When you raze the opposing teams archery range their archer creation will halt. There are two.
When you raze the opposing teams siege workshop their siege equiptment creation will halt.
When you raze the opposing teams stable their cavalry creation will halt.

As long as you make it to the castle age, you will get samurai and longbowmen until your castle is destroyed.

If you place a unit in any of the areas with the torches, that unit will not be created.

Hosting Intructions:
map: revealed
starting age: standard
population: 75 or more
dificulty: any
resouces: standard
game speed: normal
full tech tree: no
lock teams: yes

Player 1 computer or human
Player 2 computer or human
Player 3 computer
Player 4 computer or human
Player 5 computer or human

do not change any team colors, triggers will not work right.

*Scenario created by Scylance.*


50 kills = Man-At-Arms, Archers, Spearman, Skimisher
100 kills = Scale Mail armor, Fletching, Padded archer armor, forging
250 kills = Crossbowman, Long Swordsman, Scorpion, samurai, pikeman, elite skimisher, longbowman
500 kills = Chain Mail Armor, Bodkin Arrow, Leather archer armor, Iron Casting
750 kills = Tracking, Squires, Thumb ring, Balistics, Heavy Scorpion, monks
1000 kills = Arblast, Two-Handed Swordsman, Mangonel, Long bowman, Halberdier
1250 kills = Plate Mail Armor, Bracer, Ring Archer Armor, Blast Furnace, Onager
1500 kills = Champion, Chemistry, Yeomen, Garland Wars, Siege Onager
1750 kills = Knights
2000 kills = Cavalry Armor, Bloodlines, Husbandry
2250 kills = Cavaliers
2500 kills = Paladins, elite samurai, elite longbowman


1 razing = masonry, murder holes
2 razings = Gaurd tower
3 razings = Hoardings and architecture
4 razings = Keep
5 razings = A Bombard Tower
10 razings = A bombard tower closer to action


2 relics = Aethelfirths
3 relics = Charlemagnes
4 relics = Master of the Templars
6 relics = Genghis Khans
The first person to collect 10 relics recives The Destroyer!
The Destroyer is the Attila the Hun/Cataphract that starts in the center under the control of the Umpire.


Every 2 minutes you will recieve a saboteur.
Every 5 minutes you will recieve a Willam Wallace
Every 5 minutes a relic will appear in the center
-You will have 4 minutes to get in the gate to capture the relic. After the 4 minutes is up, every unit within the gates will be killed, so be careful. The gates will unlock every 5 minutes. Even if the gates are destroyed your units will still be killed.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Not bad at all.
This was a lot of fun, my only problem is that the leveling process is very lengthy and repetitive, with little impact of heroes. The relic idea is nice, but there is not long enough for a monk to pick it up with much leeway.
Spawns for units are much too fast, giving lots of units and lots of Lag.

Despite this, I was addicted and neglected talking to loved ones for playing, even against the CPU.
Very well done indeed.
File Author
This is the first scenario that I felt was worth posting. That being said I think it is a very fun one to play with the computer or with friends. I appriciate any feedback you can give whether it be bugs that you found or suggestions on improving it.

Thank You and enjoy,

White Champion This was very well done, although i agree with popeychops that units spawn a bit to quick. Still though, this was very fun to play, great work!

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