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Zooom v1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 2-8
Ok... Here is the final of Zooom! I have changed alot and i did alot of effort in it... it has now 1500 triggers.
This map is made to improve your navi skills.
You have to save your fish, kill, raze and dominate the center.

A Mapshot:


all players have to choose vikings! (or they will be resigned)


The Marked:

In the marked you will have 6 relics and for every ally one palisade.
When ever you have earned 400 food with fishing you will get a king here.

Send your king to the last relic:

You will get 2 new fishing ships in your base.

Send your king to one of the other five relics:

You can make upgrades here. Every relic holds 3 upgrades, the name of it will allways change when you have bought an upgrade.

The upgrades are:

First relic holds: Ballistics 1/3 // Chemistry 2/3 // Heated Shot 3/3
Secound relic holds: Mansory 1/3 // Architecture 2/3 // Fortified walls 3/3
Third relic holds: Guard Tower 1/3 // Murder Holes 2/3 // Keep 3/3
Fourth relic holds: Fletching 1/3 // Bodkin Arrow 2/3 // Bracer 3/3
Fifth relic holds: Careening 1/3 // Dry Docs 2/3 // Shipwhright 3/3


When ever you made all 3 upgrades on a relic a gaia villager will replace it.
Next time you send a king to it, a villager will spawn at your base.

Use your villagers to build towers around your base and on the islands of the map.
You can allso rebuild destroyed docks... so they spawn again (just build them exactly on top of the gaia flag)


Send your King to one of the palisades and the choosen ally will get a king in his marked.
U should use this when an ally has lost his fish, cuz he needs a new king to buy new fishing ships.
You allso can do it to help weaker players or sling a stronger player.

The spawning area:

Is close to the marked, here you can choose what unit you want to spawn. (galleys, fireships, demo ships, longboats)
the blockers will be removed when you have made a certain amount of razings.

4 razings: fire ships
8 razings: demo ships
12 razings: longboats

The amount of razings you have is represented by your amount of gold

The the spawning times are:

galleys: 15 sec.
Fires: 13 sec.
demos: 17 sec
longboats: 20 sec

Poplimit is 100 for all

The Center:

*If you have Ships in the center, they will heal like a hero (heal but dont go higher then their maximum HP)
*Allso your foot production will rise (+2 food/secound)
*Around the center are 8 islands with elivated spots on them.
After 30 minutes the relics on this spots will vanish, when you build now a tower there you will get turtleships close to them
(spawning time 20 sec / pop limit 140)

Your base:

You have 7 navi docks and a fishing dock.
The fishing dock is invincable.
The navi docks will stop spawning if they are destroyed.
Two of your navi docks are outside your base (wich is saved by seagates)
You allso have 12 towers around that forward docks.
That is the place where your enemy will try to make his razings.


Kills will give you following upgrades:

200 Kills: War galleys
400 Kills: Heavy Fire Ship
600 Kills: Galleon / Cannon Galleys (6 pop)
800 Kills: Heavy demo ship
1k Kills: Elite Longboat / Spies / 12 pop for Cannon Galleys

Special Triggers:

* Your Champ will show your kills and your losses (!) (in the achivements your kills will be shown as conversions)
* Deleting Protection on your forward towers.
* Garrison your kills counter champ within 5 minutes from start and you will get an ingame tutorial.
* First overall kill will give you extra 150 food
* If you lose all fishing ships you wil get 1 emergyncy fisher.
* If one person builds a tower on ech of the elivated spots and the spot in the very center of the map all buildings of all players will be removed.
The final fight will be between the remaining navi. Just try to survive longer then your enemy now.
* After you did all upgrades and recruted all vills in the marked your whole navi on the map will get +1 Attack each 500 Food.
* Players who did not choose vikings will be resigned.
I made this trigger because certain features will only work propperly for vikings (like the invincable docks, the healing pint and the spawnig of Elite Longboats.)
But still you will have an advantage when you choose a civ like sarazens... so after a while all ppl might choose saras and the they come to me and complain, cuz map is buggy.
I anyway like it totaly fair, there is enough variation due to diffrent gameplay.
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stufferz its fun and its unique! the first navy based blood out there (i think :P) i recommend this for everyone.

PS: navi is wrong NAVY is right ;P
anter175 hove did you do so it dontset get over max hp ibn the healin area???

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