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Downloads Home » Best Files » DtS08 - ~Divine War~

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DtS08 - ~Divine War~

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Divine War

By Teotl

It was a beautiful morning...
Little clouds...
The flowers were smiling...
The sun was shining...

But even the most beautiful morning can be turned into a nightmare...
The clouds can make the once shining sun... to dissapear...
The flowers can stop smiling... when the sun is gone...

And when the dark forces come to the green land...
Even the jaguars don't dare to face them...
Even the sun is not capable of look them...
Even the thunder is not strong enough to destroy them...
And even the birds... fly away from them...

If only the four of these powers gather...
They would be strong enough to defeat the dark?

That, son...
It is up to you...

This scenario is a strategic Defend the Spot type, with 35% of RPG. You will be in the land of Chichen Itza, Ancient Mexico. Defend your people by fighting against grim and evil soldiers, warriors of the Ninth World (Underworld in the mayan mythology). Control two warriors and an elder, and fight alogside of mercenaries and warriors. Face the challenge the Gods have prepared for the protagonists!

ºRandom events
ºUse the power of different mayan Gods
ºUse an Ancient Fort to defend yourself in different strategic situations.
ºBattle the evil God Ah Puch in an exciting fight

I welcome comments/reviews/feedback.
Enjoy it!

UPDATE: Fixed spelling mistakes, added more difficulty, more hints
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guthan Hey,

I'm playing right now, but I have a few points I'd like to point you to.

When you have to take a walk, there is no trigger which says you should go somewhere. Okey, in the hints it says explore everything, I'll do that, but you should maybe give a little hint for the direction (not necessary anyway, might be useful anyway).

A few spelling mistakes :

(I'm Dutch so I guess I make them to :p)

It's between instead of beetween.
Sorrounded should be surrounded. (Did I wrote it right? :p)
These are the 2 I saw in your game.

Anyways, your map design is cool, I'm gonna continue now ^^

Found some more, I gathered them on my laptop which is in the store now... -.-

[Edited on 12/31/08 @ 10:44 AM]

Jas the Mace1 Good story! It is a little more RPG than DTS though but I'm not done playing. I'll have to start over because my 3 hero's are stuck on yellow. I was fighting the last 7 man-at-arms at the shrine when we changed yellow and ally to them, but were blocked from tasking to the gate. Then the 7 left walked past us and destroyed the shrine.
Guthan O wait, I remembered a bug!

When you hid the relic in that temple (university) for the first time, you have to battle, no?
After that battle you get a cut-scene. Well, 1 militia (you might have updated cause Jas says man-at-arms) got past my units which weren't mine anymore, and started to attack the university.

When I got back there to pray, the university lost like half of it's hp ;)

make a trigger to remove all enemy units in that area after the fight ;) We don't want to university to collapse, won't we? :p

I was thinking to much of an RPG too, but it has enough DtS in it I think ;) And it's still nice :p
File Author
Updated it!
Jas also sayed the same: that 7 man-at-arms stayed in there and destroyed the shrine!

Ready folks!
Guthan I will definately play the updated version when I retrieve my laptop ;)
Official Reviewer
First off, I re-downloaded the file on Feb 11 and replaced all of the old files with it.

There were still maa left behind and they destroyed the university. I got as far as the "select the university to begin the fight".

Some of the dialogue was too short, it felt like it was missing stuff.

The part where you get tested by the Gods, the dialogue was done poorly. The second message overwrote the first one. I barely read two words when my unit triggered the second message that talked about the "test" part. The test for strength was rigged, at least for me, because the monk healed the unit.

Most of the gameplay was me walking/exploring around and it was quite uneventful.

The other soldiers that you recruit seem to be so much stronger than the two Heros. I'd say their attack are 3x better and their health are 2.5x better. =/

At one point, I found 50 wood, you should make it "silent". Also, the wood disappeared later without me noticing.

Does the monk unit have Fervor researched?

I found it a bit out of place where sometimes, chats are triggered by being close and othertimes, you had to click the unit.

And there are my thoughts, thanks for reading.

EDIT: Yeah, it was amusing. I'll give it another go when you fix it. :)

[Edited on 02/12/09 @ 04:26 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the feedback, Dtrungle!

The monk doesn't have Fervor, I didn't think it was necesary.

The soldiers are more powerful because you need to use them to protect your heroes also.

The wood is for the blacksmith (out of town), a weapon for Itzmin (eagle warrior).

I'm gonna fix the bug of the university, I already discovered why is happening this. ;)

But at least did you liked it?
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0

Playability: 4
~Divine War~ certainly succeeds in being entertaining. Teotl has produced a well-rounded scenario which has fast-paced gameplay, excellent music, and intriguing plot.

Balance: 4
The map is a terrific challenge. The game will require several attempts and skilled micromanagement to complete. Using the monk is paramount, and being able to hold off superior numbers without taking damage is the way to victory. Not for those who don't possess extreme patience. However, the great difficulty results in great satisfaction, and the game's short nature ensures the player will not be frustrated. Unfortunately, there are some side-quests which are necessary but not enforced, which can result in an annoyance if you did not complete it.

Creativity: 4
The idea of soldiers spawning into a "gap in the wall" is common, but most DtS's use more units than a mere three. Having one of them a non-combatant makes the game very unusual and interesting indeed.

Map Design: 5
The terrain has clearly had some though taken before it's design. The entire map has been planned to make the player look around for the next step. It is nothing short of fantastic. While it started with the already superb Yucatan tileset, the map takes jungle even further in a way that it seems almost living inside your monitor.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was gripping and well told, using dialogue in a clear and easy to follow format. Appropriate music helped carry the action, and the plot was crafted intelligently.

Additional Comments:
While it didn't win the competition, Divine War is to a very high standard and I feel it deserves credit as a scenario. I very much enjoyed playing this, both now and on its release, and I hope that others can as well.

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Map Design5.0
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