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DtS08 - The Rebellion

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
The Rebellion

Defend the Spot Contest 2008-2009

Short Introduction

Dornac had a cruel king, but he was known and respected. Some hated him others worshiped him. No one thought that his influence on the military aspect of Dornac would ever fade away.

As always however, a group of people wanted to throw the bad king off the throne. These people are the Secret Order. Heroes from all over the world joined this group and added their armies to a huge mass of troops.

Then King Thyreus' spies came back to him, and told him about an upcoming war... Using the ancient traditions and laws King Thyreus forces the rebels to fight him before the next moon. That is in two days...

Are you up to the challenge? Will you prepare your army well in two days? Or will you fail?

See for yourself inside!

Recommended Game Play

* Speed should be Normal (or slow) for the right timing and enough time to micromanage your troops when necessary. Fast is a sudden death and the music screws up

Some features

* Nice music
* Nice sound effects
* Good story (My opinion lol xD)
* Worth the download!

Greetings, enjoy and happy holidays!

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Cilibinarii Hey Guthan, looks cool, as for some spelling mistakes...:

Its "worshiped" not "workshoped". And the first part of the story is in the past tense (verleden tijd in Dutch) and the second part in present tense (heden) and the third part in past tense again. Ehm. And its "see it for yourself inside" instead of "see for it yourself inside".

Thats it. On the story, it is nice, but too short, slightly standard and the features look good.

[Edited on 12/30/08 @ 05:17 PM]

File Author
Whahaha, I knew I would get somethig back for my replies :P

I didn't know you are Dutch (or did you just learned Dutch? :P)

I can't edit it this week (the scenario) but I can edit it here, I guess I was in a rush for that See for yourself inside sentence, cause that is what I wanted to write ;)

And it might be bit short for you, it took some time to create :-)

I'll see what I can do, my laptop should be back next tuesday :s
Jas the Mace1 Good job! I've played it on moderate twice and haven't been able to win yet! Nice set up and a nicely designed city. I did think the first battle before you get your hero's was a little long, I was looking all over for #1 units and found two horses? Maybe I'll have to try it on standard to win(ouch)
File Author
Thanks for the positive feedback. I couldn't continue your entry which I enjoyed very much, but my laptop is in the store for another Hard Drive with 120Gig instead of my oldy 18 gig lol

anyways, moderate is hard in the city, but easier on the boat. A little hint might be to get your archers to the high grounds in the city. On moderate I mostly redraw all my units to the Northern Gate (where the Cavaliers go to) and protect that section. All archers near the monastery, on stand ground, and the other heroes on defensive stand between the gate (locked), the mill and the houses. No enemy unit was able to pass that combo yet, unless on hard :P On hard I just used all my archers and moved them from one gate to the other, depending on what gate needed the most back-up.

After that I defended the Town Center, and I had to retry often, but it's possible ;)
Official Reviewer
You corrected 'workshoped' to 'workshiped' I edited grammar and spelling.

Edit: 'workshiped' was as much wrong as 'workshoped', I corrected to 'worshiped'

[Edited on 01/01/09 @ 09:56 AM]

File Author
Tanneur, I don't understand lol? :p

Yes I edited it, was it wrong then?
And lol, I think I will never mention grammar mistakes again, because I think I'll make more then other people since English is not even my second language, I just know enough words to understand you and you me (I hope? :p)
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"DtS08 - The Rebellion" is an interesting scenario with rather poor execution that greatly harms the gameplay. The length of gameplay is extreme and quite repetitive in nature.

Playability 2

The gameplay consists initially of defending a square city fortress against a massive onrushing force consisting of a large variety of unupgraded units, who become fodder for your beefed up heroes. Oddly the game was modded to include Fire Towers, though not the ones from AoFE which became HD's Fire Towers, these ones spit fire which then explodes. As amusing as this was at first it quickly grows old. The battle itself becomes wearisome, as the enemies come at you for a whopping 30 minutes, with no variation, no bosses, and the only thing that changes is your gates slowly losing HP. At last I persevered through this, and a cinematic outro began playing, showing what changes had resulted in the kingdom 500 years later.

To my utter disbelief the cinematic outro instead became another battle segment upon a boat, while the actual boat sailed at the slowest possible unit speed to the port. This battle took 45 minutes or more to resolve as endless waves of pirates poured into the boat. In order to expedite this battle and relieve my boredom I converted a number of pirates and place them upon the spawn pads so I could simply leave my men on stand ground and AFK it out. After this we arrived in Scotland and some triggers misfired, with the captain unable to board his ship. Fairly sure that there was no further combat, I exited the scenario.

Balance 2

The game was rather easy, and the challenge issued by the scenario somewhat boring and extremely repetitive. First of all in the initial battle, the players heroes have fantastic stats, able to cut down approaching enemies with ease. Up until 5 minutes remaining my gates stood strong and safe, and I hadn't needed to move a unit. Im quite sure you could just delete the gates after building up a few monks and wedge your troops in a corner and hold out. The battle on the boat was much of the same, except more micro was required when they broke into the captains quarters and attacked from the rear. As this particular segments battle raged for an incredible 45 minutes or so, it became very wearisome to continue fending off the exact same attack pattern spawn indefinitely. Besides all that, there are tons of glitches to exploit like converting units and putting them on spawn points, killing the enemy king before the action even starts in earnest, or hiding in allied castles if your scared.

Creativity 4-

Some good ideas are on display, but it all comes down to the execution which misfired completely. The boat scene was nice, going for an indoors battle there. The modding to add fire towers was interesting, but seemed of little importance. Usage of music was nice to see, but it became repetitive fast.

Map Design 2

The mapping consisted of three areas primarily;the initial city, scotland and a beach segment, and a boat battle. For the city battle I was thinking of first giving a 1\5;an endless expanse of white cobblestone with nary a tree in sight with routine building placement and some oddities like the weird pool of water near the TC. The boat battle wasn't too bad, with an attempt at an indoors scene. Scotland and the beach segment were acceptable in appearance, featuring the only normal terrain in the scenario, though a bit over-cluttered with gaia objects and weird building placements on mountains, with tons of white outline showing.

Story\Objectives 3

The author seemed to blatantly disregard the benefits of a good story, saying so in the scouts report. Quite unfortunate as a solid story can give the player reason to become invested in the action, and to actually care about those little pixels with names. As is the only personality they have is directly related to their combat capacity. There is ingame dialogue and a basic story present sufficient for a 3, but its really very thin.

Final Thoughts:Lengthy and Repetitive in the extreme, I wouldn't try this one unless you have lots and lots of time and a huge barrel of patience.

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Map Design2.0
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