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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Underworld II 2.0

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The Underworld II 2.0

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

The Underworld II Campaign includes:
-A giant map with a high level of detail. No lag, but something worse (Read on).
-Everyone talks.
-Everyone has a name. It's either a class name (Ex. Rune Master) or a race name (Ex. Human).
-Real forests you can walk through like in real life.
-414 triggers
-Upgrades for all three characters. These include Weapons, Items, Spells, and Armor. 15 in all.
-Upgrades include detailed information.
-Sound effects for rain and thunder.
-Talk as long or as short as you want.

As the first line says, "-A giant map with a high level of detail. No lag, but something worse (Read on).." Here is what's wrong.
The game dosen't lag much, but will crash if you system isn't powerfull enough. I had 64 RAM and the Underworld II beta crashed whenever you would start it. So I had to redo the whole triggers again after I copied the whole map and pasted it on a new one. I had gotten about 10% through the "new" creation when I upgraded my RAM to 320. With a Celeron 600 with 320 RAM, it would crash sometimes. I have fixed it, and runs great on my system. Anyone lower than 600 MHz or 320 RAM might get a lag or a crash. (That's going to reduce my overall review)

After Daedalus, Majestic and Helious destroyed the Illuminati base in their country, it has started a chain reaction with the "half-breeds". This chain reaction has spread throughout the whole world, and The Illuninati has become weaker. But when Daedalus got back home after the victory over The Illunimati, Tenchrey wasn't there. The three waited and waited untill Helious and Majestic found a new journal in Tenchrey's room and read it. They found out where Tenchrey had gone to, but they couldn't figure it out why he went there...

The story starts in The Underworld
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
geekx The bestus mod i have ever play.
this guy really put in alot of effort.
Amazing amt of triggers, renamed nearly evry singlie entity
two new units i think.
cataphract_fan I am sorry dude, but this is where everything fell apart. In the beginning it was okay, I knew what to do and I went to Lord Kazo, and he told me to go to the Illuminati base. After 1 hour I finally found the base, a trigger stopped me from getting in! I had no idea how to get in, so I just forced my way in (I repeatedly right clicked the 3 units inside the base, overthrowing the trigger). I then found the person I needed to talk to, but nothing happened! Just an objective crossed out! I now had no idea what to do. Also, the transport ship that disappeared should have been mentioned on the instructions screen because I just used it for exploring, but it went away somehow.

I played this for 3 hours, got nowhere, and just quit.

[Edited on 08/13/06 @ 06:45 PM]

Official Reviewer
It seems that the old bug of the first version is back, but this time it is
just random.

@ cataphract_fan,

I received a message (after five! days) that my mail did not reach you. It's Road Runner: server refused to talk to me: 550 ERROR: Mail Refused.

I edited your review to a comment and sent another mail with your review text. Feel free to edit your review and post it again.

With regard to the trigger that stopped you, there is an area trigger to make the game advance further. You probably retreated when blue advanced to attack and killed the blue units.

I hope you have a saved game. To play further, advance until orange attacks blue. The trigger, which stops you from getting in deactivates 60 seconds after blue says to retreat and Trenchery will talk to you afterwards.

Enemies, their towers, destroy unguarded transports and if it made it to the sea, it probably hit a rock and a trigger destroyed it. Other than you wrote it is in the hints, "Common Sense can help you stay alive. Such an example is not to hit rocks."

-Blacksmith Administrator
-Review Moderator

[Edited on 08/13/06 @ 06:43 PM]

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