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DtS08 - ~The Kingdom~

Author File Description
Jas the Mace1
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
DTS08~The Kingdom~

Your King has summoned you to defend the Kingdom from your old enemy the Hermaine. You are to defend the Kingdom at many points, how you choose to defend is up to you but the battle always ends at the castle....

The begining is RPS/DTS but quickly becomes a full on siege. You only controll some troops, the rest of the defense force is ally to you.

Kill the enemy General to win. He won't show up until near the end and anyone (or tower) can kill him to end the game.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"DtS08 The Kingdom" is a slower paced but still enjoyable fortress defense game where the player commands a small squad of elite units while his AI ally commands the fortifications and the fodder units. Its on the simpler side but expect a 35-45 minute time investment.

Playability 4

I quite enjoyed the game, and found the defence to be an intense battle. The player only had a small amount of units with which to influence the battle, relying mostly on allied fortifications which must be protected carefully to rack up the kill count. The drawback of this was there was often times of passivity as the player tends to place his units carefully in reserve and await chances to strike down onagers or rams. Some obvious choke points such as an opening in the wall tended to undermine the AI as a single paladin there held up the attack for an enormous length of time. On a final hard playtrough I even managed to delay the game win to a little over the 1 hour mark. Despite the shortcomings, the carnage and chaos of the battle made for an entertaining play.

Balance 3

The challenge presented was interesting in itself, but the enemies lacked much complexity in their attack patterns and were simply a chaotic horde with no individuality in their waves. Often they bunched up hacking away at walls without pushing forward, and the gates that were intended to be the main focus were often sidelined by the enemy attacking walls that maybe should have been covered by cliff pieces. When it comes to difficulty, it was a bit on the easy side. The opening battle in the pass can be defeated with barely any player action by squeezing in the ranged units between the tower and cliff, and leaving everyone on stand ground. The AI had problems engaging this formation consistently and ran all over the place. The main assault on the city had the appearance of an intimidating horde, but their normal units could do little to make progress except when a siege unit arrived, and in the final castle defence I again could place units in stand ground formation in the opening, and defeat their attack with very little to no effort. Their leader was a letdown, coming to hack away at a wall piece futilely and dying there. There didn't seem to be any difference between Hard and Moderate that I noticed, and a difficulty scaling system would have been welcome.

Creativity 3

A modest effort has been made to create a decent DtS game with the layout and positioning of the city, but its quite a simple scenario with no distinguishing features about it. Some more effort to direct the enemy attacks carefully is called for, as they often failed to knock down the side gate and instead went through the wall. There were no audio assets use to create an atmosphere, while the story received no effort at all.

Map Design 3

Considering the difficult desert biome selected as the scenery, the map does a reasonable job depicting this setting. The terrain is largely desert with dirt1 mixed in, and many cliffs, elevations and "the eye candies" were deployed to break up any monotony. Many rock piles and stones were used to enhance the rough, mountainous look where were a good try. The excessive plant usage wasn't looking particularly good however, and perhaps there could have been a few less of the bright green palm trees with perhaps an oak or pine mixed in. The city is decent with its buildings not placed symmetrically, and some palisades utilized to protect the walls further though its roadways are a bit straight and the map copied building usage is quite dubious. The long straight cliff crossing the map is a clear weakness that should have been broken up. In summary it is enough for a shaky 3, being sufficient to serve the gameplay.

Story\Objectives 2

The story elements were quite lacking, with a mysterious enemy that goes entirely unexplained and little reason to care about either attackers nor the fate of the city. The history, scouts reports, objectives and hints are more along the lines of whats required to dodge a 1\5 score rather than provide an interesting flavor for the gameplay.

Final Thoughts:Not a bad little DtS, although expect to spend 35-45 minutes on it. My best stats were 450 kills and 1500+ for my ally, by the way.

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Map Design3.0
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