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LotR Mines of Moria

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Have fun
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Map Design4.0
The Mines of Moria is a single scenario campaign where you control the fellowship on their way from Rivendell to the Mines of Moria.

Playability: 4

Great! I really enjoyed playing this scenario. I encountered no bugs. The only thing that somewhat bothered me was the dialogue, which I will explain later.

Balance: 4

Very good. It wasn't too easy or too hard.

Creativity: 5

The best part of the scenario! The stepping stones, the eagle-spies, the watcher, everything. It was great. The Mines of Moria were the first I've seen that actually somewhat looked like the movie.

Map Design: 4

Rivendell was great. It had good terrain, although the forage bushes were everywhere. I saw you used a good deal of terrain mixing.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story was good, following the movie pretty closely. The only problems I had was that you used "Send Chat" instead of "Display Instructions" for dialogue. Use "Display Instructions", it works much better. :)

Overall, I think this is a great campaign to download. Good work, I hope to see more from you in the future.
Michael Matthews Thx 4 the xelant discription comon tell us mor bout it!!!!!
Map Design3.0
In my campaign to play all of the LotR scenarios on AOK Heaven, I played this scenario. And, I have to say, for a scenario concentrating on one specific event, it was just average.

Playability: Playability is one of the two strong points in this game. The first section at Rivendell was quite good, with opening scene and all. The rest of the campaign, though was a bit boring, with just walking down one direct path. This could have been improved greatly by making a more extensive map and more exploration area. This is close to a 4, but the map thing just barely tilts the scale and makes it a 3.

Balance: Balance was not that great here. Stretches of walking with no 'bad guys' intermixed with very few clumps of overwhelming numbers of bad guys made this go down. I can count the number of times I fought orcs, etc. 3. I'd say you need to space out the enemies more. The eagle warriors all-of-a-sudden popped out, killed the hobbits, and forced me to start over again, since I had no clue a hard part was coming up and didn't save. This was definitely just average, and therefore, a 3.

Creativity: This was the main lacking point in the scenario. If the eagle warriors were supposed to be the watching birds, I'm sorry, but they were completely unrealistic. They have the name 'eagle' but nothing else. Being attacked by them reduced the realism even more. At least the could have passed you (flown away). Also, in the mines of moria, the unnamed computer player mines, etc were also unrealistic. First of all, since they were unnamed, the computer made an automatic name for them (William III for me) and seemed very strange. Secondly, they could have been in clumps or even laid on top of each other, instead of being evenly spaced out. If this was an original scenario, I'd give it a 3, but since this is Lord of the Rings, with a lot of room for creativity, I'd have to say this deserves a 2.

Map Design: This was also a weaker point in the scenario. Most of the map was not used, and what was used wasn't decorated. Although Rivendell was OK, as KeLar said, it was very repetitive. Moria was very disappointing as there was just one path you could take, and not the huge expanding rooms that were in the movie. The main good thing in Moria were the bridges, which were quite realistic, although it would be nice for the bridges to collapse bit-by-bit like the movie. I'd say this evens out for a 3.

Story/Instructions: This was definitely the strong point in the scenario. The opening scene, directly from the movie, was great. And, although this was completely unnecessary work, heck_filpsen put everything in chats, an amazing amount of work! But, after this the instructions weren't that great, although the story stayed well with the book/movie. The only thing I'd say would be to spend longer in the mountains (I forget what they're called :-P).

Overall, this is a pretty good representation of Moria, but with more work, heck_filpsen could easily do better. Email me at if you have a question/comment about this review.
EKen132 You need to work a little more on this. I dont have time to rate it right now, but it's not a masterpiece.
Map Design5.0
In "LOTR - Mines of Moria," you watch the formation of the Fellowship of the Ring, then travel southeast, across the Pass of Caradhras, and into the Mines of Moria.

Once again, like I've said on other LOTR reviews, this is Lord of the Rings! This campaign,(while only a disappointing one scenario long), was very fun to play, especially if you know the movie really well. The opening Rivendell scene, where you took the Council of Elrond dialogue from the movie virtually word for word was awesome, and was greatly appreciated by me. Encountering the Crebain from Dunland was also cool and I enjoyed the challenge of fighting them. Caradhras was fairly well done (about as well as you can in AOE2) and I liked how you blocked it off, forcing the entrance to Moria. Moria was very impressive; multiple paths were availible and I liked the work you did with the ruins near and around Balin's tomb. You should've made the Fellowship fight more orcs in the tomb of Balin, but at least there was a fight. The one knock was the general lack of a BALROG. My Gandalf made it through unscathed, and I saw a random Elite War Elephant, but no Balrog to fight at the Bridge.

This campaign (scenario) was pretty darn easy for me. I was expecting a huge bloodbath inside Moria, but had little trouble disposing of the Orcs (woad raiders). The Turtle Ship outside Moria was a good idea, i liked that. The Crebain were a little intimidating at first, but I disposed of them quickly, and had little trouble with wolves as well. Overall, there were no real daunting threats, and you gave the Hobbits way too many Hit points (200). They should've had 50-80, so you actually had to protect them rather than letting them fight freely.

Wonderful! Rivendell was great, I loved how you did the dialogue of the Council of Elrond. Adding Bilbo's goodbye was neat. There were multiple paths to take which made it fun and your creation of Moria was good.

Again, very strong! Rivendell was beautiful and scenic, although I would've replaced the "Castle of Elrond" with a giant wonder. Caradhras was pretty darn good for AOE2's designing capabilities, and I thought Moria was excellently done. Your bridges were very cool, good use of cliffs. The only thing to improve on would've been to have made a true exit from Moria, where we see mountains again and perhaps LothLorien in the far distance.

You didn't go much into depth with instructions, hints and writing of a history, which was disappointing. I would've given you a 2 or 3, but the Council of Elrond dialogue, in addition to the dialogue in front of Moria and concerning the Crebain were BRILLIANT! That boosted your score considerably in this category, as you told the story within the scenario rather than before it.

CONCLUSION: A must download for all LOTR fans, you will gawk in awe at how cool this is, and how realistic it follows the movie. If you know nothing of LOTR, you won't truly appreciate this scenario.

My only wish: that the author of this scenario would've made a continuation! It's not too late pal, you can still make more LOTR campaigns, I'd be the first to download them!

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Map Design4.0
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