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Downloads Home » Utilities » AOE II: AOC Time Chart & Calculator 2.0

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AOE II: AOC Time Chart & Calculator 2.0

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Age of Empires: Age of Conquerors Time Chart & Calculator 2.0

By DDude904

UD 1-04-09

A nifty, yet simple, little chart and calculator I made in Excel to help people estimate the amount of time to build stuff, as well as help inform allies how long they'll take with making something.

++2.0 Features++
-Building calculator has been improved now with splitting labor between multiple (same class) building projects calculated. And it still works with individual projects as well. notes are inside calculator cells.
-Efficiency markup added to building calculator. (A tad wonky, but it works)
-Resource costs are now "comments" in each 'consumable' cell (Research, Buildings, Units) for the resource expense calculator.
-More fixes to the text.
-Rearranged/Organized building calculator.
-Optimized the spreadsheet calculations.

+Now with a Unit Production calculator! (Since 1.75)
=New Features!!
-Strategic calculator for efficient training with efficiency meter.
-And as an added bonus, you can see how much time you saved as well with training your army.

+More New Features!! (Since 1.9)
-Expense calculator is now included.
--Just pop in the cost and modify the "# Trained" value, and you now have a better eye for how much that army of paladins is gonna cost ya. (Sorry, no expense chart; find one yourself. Possibly for a future update.)

Credits: PyroFalkon (GameFAQs) for the times, and gutter_rat (AOK Heaven) for the multi-builder formula.

Of course the stuff gathered isn't mine, but I definitely made it easier to see/use. If I can get the formula or setup right, I would like to add an efficiency chart of some sort. Oh well, ENJOY!

Shortcut- Within 'Input Cell', press "=" and then click on the cell to be tinkered with. Unaltered time, of course, for accuracy.

I have a feeling this utility is going to become very popular quickly once everyone gets the hang of the UPC Strategic Calculator. Hell, I guarantee it'll become the most popular feature of this little utility. :P

I know I love it.

Version: 2.0
Windows Vista SP1
Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
OpenOffice compatible

Always open to suggestions.


I know, not much compared to most other things, but hey, it's something. It let's me know I actually made something quite useful.

Thanks for the support everyone. Continue spreading the word, and as a reminder; if anyone has any new ideas to add or to refine this fine product...


Again, I give you my thanks.


Update History:

V2.0 (1-4-09)
-See above

V1.9 (1-3-09)
-Added expense calculator (Use # Trained to adjust amount requirements; Light blue fields can be edited) total cost visible. Great for foreseeing the overall cost of your military.
--Also useful if you plan on making many of the same building, of course, you still need to adjust "# Trained" to do so.

V1.75 (1-3-09)
-Updated Unit Production Calculator
-Added "Strategic Calculator" for advanced users.
-Added an efficiency meter to UPC (Inside SC)
-Added "Time Savings" chart for those interested in how much time they saved by using more (same class) buildings. (Inside SC)

V1.5 (1-3-09)
AOEII Time Chart and Calculator
-Added a simple unit production calculator w/ (H:M:S) timer converter. (Great for timing mass army productions. You can really see the difference with conscription here. Excellent for 200+ Pop limit matches and scen./camp. makers.)
-Fixed typos and wonky wording.
-Changed some colors to tell apart easier
-Fixed Title box

v1.0 (12-28-08)
AOEII Time Chart
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map_maker_tester Just downloaded it now. Might be very handy when designing if you need to time triggers and production. As you say in the description, "A nifty, yet simple, little chart and calculator."

Thanks for uploading.

Oh, and you should add that it works in Open Office as well.
File Author
I didn't have, nor think of testing it in OpenOffice.

I like that it's compatible. Sweet. ^_^

The calculator took a bit of effort to get it to function right, but it works in two different ways. The main calculator on the left side has no limit to how many builders you use, and the one on the right is just an estimation chart for comparisons (Using the 1-10 builder chart from the guide of course).

And to save workspace, I only left the H:M:S time converter for the left side since it's also the only relevant area for it. Plus, it's most relevant to those who wonder race and need exact numbers.

Thanks for trying it out.

P.S.-- Just in case anyone missed it, there's a shortcut to getting the times you wanted calculated. When you're in the input cell, just press "=" and then click on a cell, and the value is automatically set to be tinkered with. Of course, it has to be the unaltered time to be accurate.


I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I have been updating this like crazy all day. I was just on a roll with ideas and putting them in, and then immediately after uploading, I get another idea and try to add it in.

At the rate I've been going, I don't think I'll be needing any ideas from any users, apparently. :P

I'm going to take a break and let everyone enjoy the latest version for a while before I blindside an update just after everyone DLs it again. Sorry about that.


Now I'm finished, unless anyone has any suggestions, otherwise, I'm finally satisfied with it.

Don't worry, no more rapid updates. I'm spent. Outta ideas, finally, for it.

Just a reminder, I'm not quite sure this utility is perfected yet, so any questions or comments are welcomed. Also, if you have any better formulas to use that's less odd to work with, I'm open to it.

BTW, it's been long enough, and it hit the 50 DL cap, so I have to ask...

How does everyone like it? Has it been useful?

[Edited on 05/27/09 @ 08:46 PM]

reich Thank you. It has been useful so far. I used to have a smaller one but yours seems better.

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