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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » DtS08 - The Assault on Killgary

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DtS08 - The Assault on Killgary

Author File Description
White Champion
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Winner of the DtS 08 competition!

It was hard times for the Irish men stationed at the Killgary Outpost. The men stationed there were some of the most talented soldiers in the Irish army. They were stationed at the Killgary Outpost to defend the Keep there which held all of the information on the British army, including known strategies and plans collected by Irish spies. The Killgary Outpost was chosen to keep this information because it was the most unlikely place for the Irish to keep the information. However, the British discovered that the information was stored there after torturing an Irish spy, and immediately dispatched an army of 5000 men to assault the Killgary Outpost and destroy the information kept there.

General Robert Baldwin, the battle-hardened man in charge of the Outpost recieved reports from his scouts that the army was approaching. He got all of the men in the secluded Outpost to go to their stations. These men were some of the best that Ireland had, but weren't unrealistic. They knew that they were heavily outnumbered, and were going to be fighting to the death. Knowing this, and having everything to lose, they were some of the fiercest and strongest troops the world had seen, prepared for the onslaught that was to come.

News of the coming attack also reached the King of Ireland, who knew he couldn't send an army in time, but dispatched some Irish troops from a nearby outpost hoping that they would make it in time to the Killgary Outpost to aid them in the fight.

Also in the war against Britain, Scotland had some men in the area, as did Wales, and the Norse. Whether they will come to aid those defending the Killgary Outpost, is unknown to anyone but themselves.

As the British army approached, General Baldwin looked to the faces of all of his men and addressed them for what he thought, would be the final time...

Standard difficulty is extremely easy.
Moderate is challenging.
Hard is for good players.

I suggest playing Moderate unless you don't know how to micromanage whatsoever. Anyways, try Moderate and if it is too hard, play standard.

Good luck and have fun!

Any reviews, constructive critism, and/or comments would be greatly appreciated!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This scenario is easy to begin playing pretty much at once. You can put guys in towers to protect them and it is nice to have allies come and help.
Balance: 4
There are different skill levels for each person of different abilities. I beat it the first time on standard. I played it on moderate and got to 4700 some stone then lost. So i guess i was close but that was only my second try. The hard difficulty must be really hard...
Creativity: 5
The creativity is by far the coolest part of this scenario. The naming of all the guys you start with and the captains as well as some of the allied people is a huge part of this. The thought behind everyone who is allied coming from different countries was good too. The soundtrack is awesome since I am a fan of Celtic style music.
Map Design: 3
The map was of a good variety. There was a varied landscape trees. The English came from all the sides of the fort and surrounded it, providing a challenge. The terrain is well constructed.
Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions helped a lot in this one. The warning about the commanders dying was good to have as well as putting the guys on defensive. The background story is also pretty convincing.
Additional Comments: This scenario is a great one. It is simple enough to understand at once but the different skill levels will probably entertain for a little longer. Where did the soundtrack come from?! I want to get it please somehow...

[Edited on 04/11/13 @ 08:42 PM]

EstebanF Hey, this is a quite fun scenario! I had one big problem though: after the yellow player arrived, I had a massive lag. It was so huge that I couldn't keep playing. I guess it is because of my computer, though. Nice scen!

[Edited on 01/09/09 @ 11:20 AM]

White Champion
File Author
Thanks for the review legoguitars, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The music was only 1 song that was looped. If you want the song, just download the scenario again and use the .mp3 file included.

I am, however, wondering why you gave it such a poor map design score, when at the defend the spot competition, it received a very high map design score. Quoted from Jatayu "outstanding map design".

@estebanF: I'm not to sure why that happened. I have never had any problems with it. It could be your computer, as only 60 yellow allies come. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

[Edited on 01/17/09 @ 12:20 PM]

legoguitars I'm sorry. I guess I just judged it by the whole map. When i used the cheat to see what you had done with the rest of the map I saw that it was pretty plain. But that part is not supposed to be seen so i guess it wasn't fair. The visible part was awesome. It was varied and well built. I didn't really think about not being able to see the rest. I dunno. Sorry, that is the first review I ever wrote on here so I'm not very good at it. I just still thought it was a really good game.
Coldviper It was the music that made this game. But the game play was awesome and everything else was too!

[Edited on 02/21/09 @ 06:09 AM]

knight_34 The music came from the flash game "Age of War". Hell, I love the music and the scenario!
coolscott3 i log on for my first time in about 2 years. and what do i find.......

an epic map based on the fav type of scenario.

i loved the way the map looked and the music was just the iceing on the cake :)

the only down side i found was, i lost my monks not due to death but due to the amount of units in such a small area and because of that builders also got stuck meaning some buildings wernt built eg the walls in the middle.

apart from that one hell of a map that has alot of replayability.

i salute you

question: dos age of war have more music? :)

[Edited on 10/27/09 @ 10:16 PM]

White Champion
File Author
Thanks lots guys.

@coolscott3 – yeah it does get a bit crammed at times, but once you move your guys the builders will start building the structures. There is no other music for age of war unfortunately :p, it’s soo good.
Bautiii I loved thwe scenario, but I had one problem, I ad so many soldiers crammed in my fort and plus my allies, some of my soldiers couldn't get out.
Were the allied forces supposed to convert to my army when they arrived to my base? If so, they didn't. Anyways, i loved the scenario, grat work-
sorry for my english :S

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Map Design4.0
Favorites: [Who?]3
Size:1.78 MB