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Kingdom Hearts Map Untriggered for Download

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

I have made a New Year's Resolution to take a break from AOE for the next 365 days, so I will be putting the maps I've been working on for downloading. Enjoy!

The map has no triggers, but the outline is done. The 9 worlds in here are: Traverse Town, Olympus Colusiem, Deep Jungle, Agrabah, Monstro, Halloween Town, Neverland, Hallow Bastion, and End of the World. It's a very large map that I have been unable to do so i give anyone that is interested in this my permission to make a multiplayer game out of it. Those of you who have plalyed Kingdom Hearts should be able to recgonize most of this.

Here is a description of the map:

Traverse Town is in the north corner. It's divided into 3 districts by gates, just like in the game. Guard Armor is in the thrid district (Hrolf) and his hands are the axemen while the scorpion represent his feet. Leon, Yuffie, Aerith and Cid are in the first district. In order they are- La Hire, Archer of the Eye, Joan, and a monk.

Olympus Colusiem is up north to the right of Traverse Town. Furious the monkey boy represents Phil. and the Colusiem itself is behind Phil while the isolated area with the samuri is the area Sora fights Sephiroth. Enemies you fight in the arena are behind the walls.

Deep Jungle is also up north but it's to the southwest. The far north area is the tree house where Sora starts off. The jaguar warrior is Sabor while the Eagle warrior is Tarzan. To the south is the main camp where Jane and Clayton are. And to the south of that is the bamboo thicket where Donald and Goofy start.

Agrabah is in the west side of the map. The left side is the Cave of Wonders, to the north is the desert, and to the east is the city. I couldnt find a good unit to represent Aladdin so that's up to you. The Pope is Jafar and the Imam represents Maleficient. Harald is Genie. I didn't put in Aladdin's house so that's up to you if you can find room.

Monstro is the cliffs area by Deep Jungle and Traverse Town. The Turtle Ship is parasite cage (boss) Gepetto is the villager by his "house".

Halloween Town is in the east corner of the map. You start at Gullotine Gate and then the main square is after the gate. The bombard cannon is the Doctor. The graveyard is to the east which leads to Oogie's Manor. The 3 little kids are in there and oogie is in his "torture room" where you fight him.

Neverland is to the east of Halloween Town. There is no clock tower it's just the ship. The samuri is Captain Hook and I did not put Peter Pan or Wendy in there.

Hallow Bastion covers the south, southwest, and center of the map. It's the largest world. The Rising Falls are to the east where you meet Beast and Riku. Beast is the monkey boy. Just like in the game, you take "Platforms" to other places. The dungeon area you go through with beast to open the main gate is in the south corner of the map. The main hall is where you find Riku with Donald and Goofy. To the left is the library. After that is more platforms. After the platforms is the Castle Chapel where you fights Maleficent round 1. Then to the left is the area with Dragon Maleficient(War Wagon). The area with the 6 villagers trapped in palasides are the princesses of hearts, and then the area where you fight Riku/Ansem.

The End of the World is in the southeast area of the map. Leaves= Darkness that pushes you back towards the ice/snow. The tamerlane is the gargoyle boss further on. And the after the world terminus (cliff areas) is the final rest, then the beach (Destiny Islands)where you fight Ansem Twice. Then after that is the final battle further north where the wonder/accursed towers are.

Wether you use everything or not is entirely up to you. This map is my gift to whoever is interested in making a Kingdom Hearts RPG map.

Here's some more reference so the units:

Sora= Two Handed Swordsman
Donald= Cho Ko Nu
Goofy= Woad Raider
Siege Ram= Gummi Ship

There is a small area south of Traverse Town and Olympus: It's a cliff with a Siege Ram and haystacks containing relics. That is your world selection when a world unlocks. There is a siege ram in every world except the last (no turning back from there) that should take you to the world selection when a trigger detects 3 garrisoned units in the Gummi Ship (Ram.)

Player Abilities:
Sora has limit moves- Sonic Blade, which stuns and damages enemies. Strike Raid, to throw your keyblade at the enemy. Ars Arcanum, a combo of Keyblade strikes. Ragnorak, A small keyblade combo, then unleashed bolts. Trinity, a limit move that consumes all the party's MP to deal heavy damage to all enemies in the area.

Donald has magic- Thunder, no MP cost because its auto (arrows out of the bow.) Fire, petards/sabs created in the area around donald. Blizzard, Create/Kill Hawks to make explosions where enemies are damaged. Gravity, enemies in area have health lowered permanately. Cure, heals hp of allies or caster.

Goofy can summon for a limited time- Simba(wolf), Genie (Harald), Dumbo (war elephant), Mushu (plumed archer).

Add anything else you can think of!

I hope that anyone here interested downloads this map to make a RPG out of it. You have my permission to do whatever you'd like with it.
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Usefulness/Novelty: 5
WOW!!! a UT map! these are hard to find as now most people are very well rounded, and make both map and triggers, but i am only good with triggers, so this is exactly what i am looking for.

Quality/Instructions: 4
The quality is absolutely amazing, but the lack of description of what you want it to do in game without having to exit AOK isn't there.

Additional Comments:
Amazing, just amazing
Usefulness/Novelty: 4
The author has clearly put great effort into the creation of this file. The map shows all places from the first Kingdom Hearts game. The file has no triggers whatsoever and is to be used by anyone willing to finish it.

Quality/Instructions: 2.5
Whereas the instructions are completely clear, the map could use some improvements. Although almost all places from KH are featured, the quality of the mapdesign leaves much to be desired. Parts are left bare grass 1 or simply filled up with a single terrain.

Additional Comments:
Though the file has some great potential, I would not recommend downloading it at this point. If someone were to make a scenario about KH, I believe that they would be limited by the already designed parts. It is my opinion that such a designer would be better off creating a map from scratch to suit his own plans. However, using this file as inspiration would most certainly have a positive effect on the end-result.

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