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Castle Opposition

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 6
A 6 player, Assassination-type game, emphasizing team-oriented game play. Castle Opposition puts two Castles, or bases, on opposite sides of a river Valley.

Mapshot / Download: -> Mapshot

Current version: 5.0

Note: Mapshot is updated as needed, and not for pure bug-fix releases.

Required Game Settings:
⁞╟ Starting Resources -> Standard
⁞╟ Reveal Map -> Explored
⁞╟ Starting Age -> Standard
⁞╟ Victory -> Standard
⁞╟ Locked Teams -> Enabled
⁞╙ Computer as Player 7, civilization Japanese

Game Objectives:
⁞╟ Kill the three enemy Captains to win.
⁞║ ╙ If you choose to do this through a sneak attack or a full-scale assault, that’s fine; just kill the Captains.
⁞╙ Control strategic map locations to deprive your enemy of resources / bonuses, and to gain them for yourself.

Buyable Units:
⁞╟ Located in your base and scattered around the Valley (Visible at 20 kills).
⁞╟ Purchased with Gold and (sometimes) Stone.
⁞╟ No limit to how many you can buy.
⁞╟ Each unit is named to show their cost and the time needed to create it.
⁞╟ Units in the Valley become available at 20 and 30 minutes into the game.
⁞╟ Ranges from infantry, to archers, to long-range siege weapons for base assaults.
⁞╙ Only purchasable with your Captain.

⁞╟ Only unit that can buy units, both in your base and in the valley.
⁞╟ Use them to upgrade your base defenses, both walls and towers.
⁞╙ Kill your enemy's Captains to win the game!

⁞╟ The game is divided into three main roles, Infantry, Foot Archers, and Cavalry.
⁞║ ╟ Player 1 / 4 are Infantry
⁞║ ╟ Player 2 / 5 are Foot Archers
⁞║ ╙ Player 3 / 6 are Cavalry
⁞╟ Teams are P1/P2/P3 VS P4/P5/P6 and are automatically set in-game.
⁞╙ Work in tandem with your allies for best effect. Working on your own can go horribly wrong.

⁞╟ Mine Gold or Stone with Villagers.
⁞║ ╟ A Mining Camp is located in your base.
⁞║ ╙ Do not lose it; it does not respawn and you can't build them.
⁞╟ Control one or both of the Mines for recurring Gold and Stone tributes.
⁞║ ╙ You cannot take the Mine from your allies.
⁞╟ Have 1 Villager stand on one or both of the Gold Shrines for recurring Gold tributes.
⁞╟ Explore the map to increase the amount of Gold you receive for Taxes.
⁞║ ╟ 36 explorable areas.
⁞║ ╙ Taxes come every 10 minutes.
⁞╟ Your Home Nation sends a gold tribute every 8 minutes 20 seconds.
⁞╟ Set the Game Difficulty to control Home Nation tributes and Area Tax Tributes.
⁞║ ╟ Easiest: 8,000 gold Home Nation tribute, 140 gold tax per area.
⁞║ ╟ Standard: 4,000 gold Home Nation tribute, 120 gold tax per area.
⁞║ ╟ Moderate: 2,000 gold Home Nation tribute, 100 gold tax per area.
⁞║ ╟ Hard: 1,000 gold Home Nation tribute, 80 gold tax per area.
⁞║ ╙ Hardest: No Home Nation tribute, 60 gold tax per area.
⁞╟ 30 Stone is given in roughly 10 minute intervals.
⁞╙ Kill units to gain 10 gold / kill, and reach kill-goals for larger lump-sums.

Kills / Razings:
⁞╟ Each kill earns you 10 gold.
⁞╟ Cartography is researched at 20 kills, or 1 razing.
⁞╟ Food shows how many kills you have.
⁞╟ Kill goals at 20, 50, 90, 140, 200, 275, 325, and 400 kills
⁞║ ╟ Earns you new units, resources, technology.
⁞║ ╟ HP / Attack bonuses.
⁞║ ╙ Access to Health shrines in your base.
⁞╙ Razings increase base defenses.

⁞╟ Located in the top and bottom corners of the map.
⁞╟ Double layer of walls, with 10 towers in each base.
⁞╟ Towers have +20 attack and +1000 HP to start.
⁞║ ╙ May be upgraded at one of the Blacksmiths in your base, up to 32,000 HP / +610 attack.
⁞╙ Walls and Gates start with 3,000 HP / 4,000 HP.
⁞   ╙ May be upgraded at one of the Blacksmiths in your base, up to 32,000 HP.

Game Features:
⁞╟ Unique exploration system that detects when you have walked through an area.
⁞║ ╟ Map is divided into a grid layout, 6x6, for a total of 36 areas.
⁞║ ╙ Each area is worth gold (based on difficulty) when Taxes are collected.
⁞╟ Many, many exploit-prevention measures.
⁞║ ╟ Spawn-stacking, spawn-blocking, to creating undead units in-game.
⁞║ ╙ Basic cheat detection, upgrade shrine abuse.
⁞╟ Controllable Fortresses that can be taken, stolen, re-captured, and razed.
⁞╟ Controllable mines that can be taken, stolen, and re-captured.
⁞╟ Extensive testing to bring Infantry, Archers, and Cavalry into balance.
⁞╟ Civilization bonuses that dramatically alter the balance have been disabled.
⁞║ ╙ Britons’ range.
⁞╟ No buildings except walls, gates, outposts, and towers are buildable.
⁞╙ Attack shrines / Health shrines in your base (HP at 275 Kills)
⁞   ╙ Two options, one faster, one slower, priced accordingly.

For more information, read the Objectives, Hints, and Scouts section in-game, or check out the Mapshot.

This map is an ongoing work-in-progress, and is updated regularly as bugs are uncovered and balancing issues are noticed.

Change Log is below:

Review also the Recorded Games, Castle Opposition Recording Examples.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author

Version 5,0:
- Overhaul of all Archer units.
- Replaced Archers of the Eyes with Arbalests
- Reduced HP and AP of Chu Ko Nu units.
- Reduced cost of Chu Ko Nu units.
- Reduced HP of Neumerian and Tyrrenium archers.
- Increased cost and time-to-build for Trebuchets.

Version 4,9:
- Minor adjustment to Rangers.

Version 4,8:
- Reduced Ranger HP to 150 from 410.
- Reduced Ranger Attack to +8 from +13.
- Reduced Gladiator HP from 700 to 550.

Version 4,7:
- Removed 10 minute Cartography timer.
- Added Host Option for TAXATION EXPLORATION.
- Added Host Option for CARTOGRAPHY RESEARCH.
- Blocked Fortresses for first 5 minutes.
- Blocked Base AP Shrines for first 6 minutes.
- Removed Tower Upgrades entirely.
- Removed Cliffs infront of bases, miscellaneous terrain tweaks.

Version 4,6:
- Removed initial upgrade to towers.
- Reinstated Frank's Civilization Bonus.
- Reinstated Japanese's Civilization Bonus.
- Reinstated Viking's Civilization Bonus.

Version 4,5:
- Extended time for auto-research of Cartography to 10 minutes.
- Fixed issue with auto-booter not completely booting a player.

Version 4,4:
- Fixed bug with Wagon haystacks, GAIA Knight HP.
- Adjusted all in-game messages, reduced clutter and added sound to direct attention.
- Added Ram unit.
- Added beginning messages marking important map locations.
- Adjusted Trebuchet: changed to regular Trebuchet, upped creation time.
- Simplified Objectives information.
- Captains now task to the next new unit when obtained (if buying base units only).

Version 4,3:
- Fixed issue with Center Fort for Green.
- Fixed terrain issue with Raider purchasing area.

Version 4,2:
- Fixed PERMANENTLY the bug where the Mercenary Camp is removed in its entirety.

Version 4,1:
- Fixed bug with Team 2's villagers not spawning.
- Swaped Hrolf the Granger (Barbarian) for Elite Tarkan.
- Minor terrain changes (eye candy).
- Name changes to all wild purchasable units.

Version 4,0:
- Significant overhaul of terrain aesthetics.
- Redid the snowed portion of the valley, increased number of paths through it.
- Tweaked the Center Fort.
-> Moved Trebuchet inside the walls
-> Moved Castle further to the right
-> Moved Control Pad further south
-> Added second access way (open at 5 mins)
- Change fort control behavior, now goes to GAIA instead of P7.
- Added mechanism to prevent UT researching
- All UU's and regular Castle Tech are now researched at start.
- Groundwork for Tutorial setup laid, not included with 4,0.

Version 3,9:
- Fixed bug with Mercenary Camp.
- Fixed exploit with buildings on the Health / Attack shrines in the wild.

Version 3,8:
- Modified villager respawn triggers.
- Modified terrain for War Wagon, balanced for both teams.
- Modified Mercenary Camp units, adjusted relative to Tier 3 units.
- Made Tax amounts alterable based on game difficulty.
- Modified Barbarian, moved to a 30 minute availability timer.
- Created visible counter for activated areas.
- Refined various terrain aspects.

Version 3,7:
- Initial upload.


Version 4,4:
- No known bugs at the present time.

[Edited on 03/18/09 @ 07:35 PM]

nyases This is amazing! That screen shot is very useful, I've never seen anything like it. I was just looking for a good 6 player game for a LAN party this weekend. As soon as I've gotten a feel for the game, I will post a review.

Edit: I will be holding off on the review until all updates are made in order to do this great scenario justice.

[Edited on 01/22/09 @ 07:05 PM]

File Author
Oh, just a warning to you guys downloading this. I am currently updating this very, very, regularly. Either every day, or every other day, until all bugs are fixed and an ideal balance between teams is achieved. :]

I'm almost done, but I expect at least 3 more version. :\
sly_guy Great to see that this is up; once you're done constantly updating it (:P) I'll try and write a review.
Official Reviewer
The link to the map shot does not work for me. You can also submit a screenshot by updating your submission.

Edit: Thanks I have seen the map shot. :)

[Edited on 01/18/09 @ 11:26 AM]

File Author
Seems their file server isn't working now. :[

And while you can host a screenshot, sure, the filesize is tiny, and the maximum size is 350x350.

The mapshot is 3.3 MB and over 4000x2000 pixels. D;

Edit: There, switched to a more reliable image host. :]

[Edited on 01/19/09 @ 09:35 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very Playable. Don't know what to say here. Dynamic Teams/Roles would be good, but that is going in C02.

Balance: 4
I have to give this area a 4, only because the area between the bases and forts is not 100% even. Though any smart cav player can get there quickly.

Creativity: 3
I have to give you a 3 here because you didn't really come up with this idea, just brought it over from CC.

Map Design: 5
Excellent Eye Candy, Forts, and Terrain. I look forward to the new releases with new eye candy, even if it's just a little or small area.

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions in Objectives/Hints/Scouts is very well placed and easy to understand. If only more people would read them before playing.

Additional Comments: Love this map, host it and I play with you alot.

[Edited on 03/09/09 @ 01:17 PM]

File Author
Major changes to gameplay with the newest update. Please re-download and try it out. Was the most fun I've had in a CO in ages, and with 4 newbie players too. :]

They even liked it. :O

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