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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Order of St. John : The siege of Rhodes

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The Order of St. John : The siege of Rhodes

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
I'll just copy the readme file... ;)

The Order of St. John

(also called The Knights Hospitallers, The Knights of Rhodes (Before
the siege of Rhodes), The Knights of Malta (Since their settlement in

Created by Jay Y. Yoon (

ICQ : 62849502 (scarcely logs in)

The current website of The Order of St. John is

The Order of St. John is still serving their secondary duty, Medical
Help. The primary job was to fight the heathens, which they don't
do anymore. The current Grand master is the 78th master, appointed
in 1988.

Place all of the files into your AOK folder. (JPG files does not have
to put in the AOK folder, they are for you to see just for fun :))

==================== ABOUT GAMEPLAY ====================

* This campaign is for AOK:TC only. If you don't have the expansion
pack, many of the important triggers will be lost.

* I let the computer build their army by itself, so they won't have
almost anything at the start.

* The Names and Locations of Walls, Keeps, Gates, The Grand
Palace & HQ, Chateaux Area, Ports, Turkish Sultan & Pashas
are based on truth.

* Venezian reinforcements (Although Venezia did support the
Hospitallers secretly, and a Venezian named Martinengo improved
and repaired the walls during the siege), Buildings inside the city
(and outside of the Chateaux area) Roads, Terrain (except the
shore), Locations of Resources are fictional. Surrounding Turkish
navy is also-semi fictional; Turkish navy consisted of 300 galleys,
commanded by Perri Pasha, surrounded the fortress from the east,
which is outside of this scenario's map. So I put them around the

* The port (The gulf which has shipyards (Of course, their names are
'port' too, but to prevent confusion, I'll call an AOK port 'shipyard'))
was used for commercial uses. The gulf which looks like a lake to
the north is the real military port. See Rhodes.jpg in the zip for the
map (I captured it from Nanami Shiono's book).
To know about the book, go to the beneath of the 'Historical Facts'


==================== HISTORICAL FACTS ====================

* Phillippe de L'Isle-Adam was the forty-eighth Grand Master of the
Knights Hospitallers, and because Darmal, The Vice Master of the
Knights was executed of giving information to the Turks during the
siege, Jean Parisot de La Vallete, the secretariat, became the 49th
master after L'Isle-Adam died after the Knights' settlement in Malta.

* The Order of St. John left the fortress after six months of siege,
because of lack of moral and supplies. Sultan suleiman, who
suggested them to surrender from the start, kept his manners
(L'Isle-Adam later recalled Suleiman as 'A real knight') and let the
Knights bring their armors, weapons, and relics with them. Villagers
were allowed to leave the island too, and to the villagers who
remained were given the freedom of religion. They also had special
rights to avoid bringing their children to the Turks, to be trained as

* The Janissaries were, as described above, Christians at first. They
were conscripted when they were children from Christian prisoners,
and trained as Sultan's elite soldiers. They were exceptionally brutal
against Christians because they had to show where their loyalties
lie. Even though AOK Janissaries use hand cannons, their main
weapons were half-moon swords and bows.

* 43 years after the siege of Rhodes, Turks attacked the Hospitallers
at Rhodes again, but was defeated. Suleiman and La Vallete was
78 years old then. Suleiman died one year after the siege of Malta.
La Vallete died three years after the siege of Malta.

* The walls, improved by Del Caretto (who also built the Del Caretto
Keep, a former Master), was three-layered: Even stronger than the
walls of Constantinople.

* The Capital of Republic of Malta is Valleta, called after Jean Parisot
de La Vallete.

* The picture at the 'before-gameplay-screen' is the D'amboise gate


* To learn about the siege of Rhodes, I suggest you to read Nanami
Shiono's book about the siege of Rhodes. I only read the Korean
translated version, so I don't know the book's title in English. The
Korean title is 'Rhodes Gongbangjun' which means 'The Battle of
Rhodes' (The original title is 'Rodo-su Kobo-ki'). The book is written
based mostly on records by Antonio Del Caretto (Nephew of a former
Master of the Hospitallers who built the Del Caretto Keep).

¡Ø If you can't understand some of my words, it's not your fault..
English is my second language... If any of you can speak Korean,
I can tell much more details of the Knights Hospitallers, the siege
of Rhodes, or other things about this. :)

------------------------- Copyrights -------------------------

'The Order of St. John', 'The Knights Hospitallers', 'The Hospitallers'
are the names of The Order of St. John.

AOK:TC Campaign 'The Order of St. John - The Knights Hospitallers'
is created by Jay Y. "Fourmis" Yoon.

Pictures 'Rhodes.jpg', 'Sultan Suleiman.jpg', 'Battle.jpg', are from
the Korean translated version of Nanami Shiono's book 'Rodo-su

Pictures 'D'Amboise Gate.jpg', 'Hospitallers.bmp' are from a travel
agency's website. Unfortunately, I don't remember what that agency
is, but I doubt there will be any copyright problem about that ;)

I spent two days making this... :|
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
I played this game a few times on different settings ,to make sure that it was not just my computer or something.It's quite possible that some triggers didn't fire off, not sure ? First off , the campaign designer made this game in 2 days.
The game loads with your huge tripple walled city armed to the teeth(RED)(Hospitaller)which takes up almost 5/8 of the map. There are two other civs' "Turks" Green & purple , and the green are in the developing state ,villies rushing and building all over the place. Your resources are set to 200,000 each, and your instruction is to destroy the Turks.You also have your enemies LOS ,and allies that keep coming in by the boat load.
My mouth was still hanging open with disbelief, when one of the turks scouts rides up to the gate with a message "Give up the city now and your life will be spared" ,the reply from the city was "Get lost" .I thought there was a surprise in store so i attacked immediately ,and crushed the turks within 10 minutes.
PLAYABILITY: There isn't a whole lot of fun in a game that presents no challenge. If the author would have evened the civs strength there could have been an interesting battle.
BALANCE: The game as a whole shows a poor balance between the civs as one greatly outnumbers the other. Having one team armed to the teeth and another in the development stages can not bring any balance to the game.
MAP DESIGN: The city is a fortafied dream city for any civ,with a nice well protected waterway ,but the terrain features were lacking ,especially on the turks end ,which was a bit flat with some forest and resources.
STORY/ INSTRUCTION: This is another area that could have been improved on. There is very little instruction once the game starts.
However the designer has a really nice write-up in the comments section about the history of "Hospitaller", and that time period.If you download i suggest you hold your attack for a 1/2 hour or so and let the turks build up a decent army ,it may provide a decent battle .

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Map Design3.0
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