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GA newbie game 1v1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I have started playing online about 3 weeks ago and i wanted to hear some advices to improve my game.I usually go ahead in score of my opponents(who are far from being experts of course)until i hit castle where my noobness seems to pop up,so im not able of beating any half decent player.Here is an example of what happens in most games to me.
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yancho1 First, you need to build more villagers in the beginning. You need to build your economy very quickly, and get to Castle as quickly as possible. Then, start building an army to prevent rushes. Use the right counter-untis and you will beat off the rushes. When you get to Imp and reach 200 pop, get as many upgrades on your troops as you can.
You made a mistake by:
1st: Letting him kill your pikemen with archers.
Not training more infantry.
Letting their seige weapons stay alive.
You could have beaten him back if you hade more villagers, trained more infantry, and kept a balance between your troop types.
I hope you can improve your strategy!
Torvis Nice game, Kafan. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would say you are as good or better than me so take my advice with a grain of salt.

I'll echo the comment about building villagers. You did great up to the caslte age (got housed a couple times but that will come with practice) but then you stopped at 60 or so to focus on military. Don't stop growing your economy! It's what ultimately decides games like this so keep going until you've got over 100 villagers pulling in that vital food wood and gold.

Nice job building multiple military production buildings and an early army. Next time you get a nice knot of archers and pikemen ready like that, use them. Rely on TCs and castles for early base defense and send your squad out to harry his wood cutters and gold miners. You could have seriously hurt him and crippled his economic base if you'd been a little more aggresive early on.

I'm a big fan of trebuchets so I cringed when I saw you send one at a time out unguarded. Those things are expensive and powerful against buildings. Your pikemen were making short work of his cavaliers. Set them to guard a group of 2 or 3 trebuchets and back them up with some archers and maybe a monk or two to heal. You could have quickly razed his castle and forward TC if you wouldn't have wasted those pikemen under arrow fire.

Keep your military units assigned to a hotkey with Ctl+1, Ctl+2 etc. so you don't lose them like that little band of infantry you left stranded to the east. Then you can move those swift eagle warriors in to take out his siege weapons while focusing your archers on hitting softer targets.

Don't be intimidated if the fog of war makes the enemy seem stronger and don't pay so much attention to the score. I thought you could have won even at the point where you resigned. Just keep practicing and keep posting here for us to watch!
Wonder 8th okay man. i dont know where to start. okay. 1st of all stop playing GA that map realy sucks, play arabia. u build in start 3 houses thats sucks, build 2, u build mill but need to biuld first lumber camp, adn u build ur mill too far away. u must first 6 vills to sheeps, next 4 to wood, then do lume adn go after boar, when boar have 130-150 go after 2nd , u lure ur 2nd boar ****ing late. and build femrs with vill who lure boar cause he is injured and easy target for scouts. ur tower was lame. if he would flush with arcehrs he could cover ur gold and wood and ur tower couldnt reach them. u need to flush, in 1v1 game if enemy not walled u must flush any other game ur dead if u play vs good player. when u reach foedal imeditley do wood upgrade and mill upgrade. and if u have more than 6 vills on wood do double lumber camp. i just watched first 156 minutes so thats all from me. btw score is nothing u got higher score cause u have mayan scouting and player vs u played was noob

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