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Akbar The Great

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
My name is Issam and this is my first campaign donno if i shud've started with a scenario, but oh well. This is my best workin scenario so far and mayb the triggers are not all right but here and there they work well. Please note that i am a novice in creating games but a master when it comes to play so yes there will b room for improvement. So, please play this campaign and give me your valued suggestions.

This Game is About Akbar and how he overtook the whole of India one by one from the very early days of his training till the end annexation of the city of Hyderabad. Which i dont think is accurate acc to history i jus made the campaign as i thought fit not acc to history. So chill out on that front...

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Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
"Akbar the great" is a historical campaign about the ruler with the same name. Seeing as the author was asking for a review, I will do my best to give him feedback even though it has been two years since the upload.

First off, the campaign is quite obviously made by somebody who does not have any experience with scenario design, which shows in every aspect of the game. If you are looking for an entertaining historically based game, look elsewhere I'm afraid.

Playability: 1
For a historical campaign, there is almost no background whatsoever provided. Also, the balance of the entire game is way off most of the time, in the sense that there is no real challenge. In the first scenario, the player has to defeat an elephant... and that's it. To do this , he has a William Wallace hero , which we can only assume is supposed to be Akbar. After this very short "training" mission, the build and destroy part of the game starts. In the first mission of the second scenario you have to find some relics, which are all conveniently placed in the center of the map, and then your diplomacy status changes to enemy towards one of the computer players you were allied with. He on the other hand remains your ally, so you can easily go and murder him without him lifting a finger. You will feel like cheating but it can't be helped.
In the third scenario, it's a typical B&D setting where you have to destroy two enemies. Standard AI. Have fun.
Finally, in the fourth and last scenario, you get a huge army of paladins, trebuchets and rams (villagers and buildings also provided) to lay siege on two enemies. Not very challenging.

Note: the second scenario cannot be completed without cheating. After the enemy resigned, I did not get the victory message. and had to IR Winner my way to the next one. Also, in the final scenario, Akbar gets his upgrade without having to go to any monastery. The objective just crosses itself out.

Balance: 2
As I said, not very challenging. Actually not at all. Except for the last scenario which did provide some opposition in the form of bombard towers and a decent number of enemy military and siege units. the other ones were more or less a walk in the park, especially the second one where the enemy didn't even attack. One of the main problems about the balance is the fact that your hero is way too powerful. He can raze cities by himself, actually. Destroying a castle would take him only a few hits. This hugely disproportionate strength is only partially balanced in the last scenario by enemy strength.

Creativity: 1
Very low, to none at all. The maps were uglier than random maps and triggers , in the rare occasions when they were used, don't give the expected results. Story is not emphasized at all and the main character's unit is not renamed until the last scenario. Instead of Akbar we get William Wallace, Jean the Metz and El Cid. This is not forgivable as the game was not created in Age of Kings. The upgrade "quest" that the author tried to implement in the last scenario was not triggered correctly.

Map Design: 1
The maps were given very little attention. All of them featured the same terrain all over them (dirt1, then grass, then desert, then grass again) with very little variation such as forests or rivers. This ranks even lower than a random map, and the lack of development doesn't really allow for a proper critique. Much work needed here.

Story/Instructions: 2
The game is inspired by historical facts and this shows to some extent in the campaign, though very little detail is given about it. There were no instruction screens , except for the last scenario.Objectives often do not get updated, as was the case in the second scenario: en you discover the relics the objective just gets crossed out and no new objective is provided.

Additional Comments:
This is a very naive campaign, made by a beginner in designing, not recommended for download.

Some suggestions for the author, if he is still interested in designing for AOK after 2 years:

First of all, don't take this rating to heart. Most of the people's first works suck. That only means they can get better with time and practice, which I'm sure is the case with you also.
Second: playtest your files before uploading them. It is very frustrating for the player to realise he can't win a scenario, or that a quest doesn't work. To make a good quality scenario playtesting is a must, wether you do it yourself or ask other people.
Third: download some high rated files from and try to see what people are doing with the gameplay and the map design to make their campaigns so good. Then try applying what you have learned. Best of luck.
Map Design1.0
Akbar the Great is an Indian campaign made by addythedude. It is about the story of emperor Akbar, copied by the film Jodha Akbar. Being an Indian, I will try not to overrate this file, or insult the file or the author.

Playability: 2
This scenario was not very interesting. Nothing challenging was done. The player could win very easily, or could not win even if he/she completes all the objectives (only in the second scenario). As all the relics were found, the hero gained a lot of hp and attack. In all the scenarios, winning was certainty.

Balance: 1
As mentioned earlier, winning was certainty. There were just heroes like William Wallace, Sieur the Metz, and El cid. They also did not had their names edited(except in the last scenario). In the second scenario, finding the relics resulted in the gaining a lot of hp and ap, and enemy became ally, which resulted in very easy killing of them. Destroying all the castles too a few seconds only. In the first scenario, the player had William Wallace, and opponent had a war elephant. It was very easy to win, as the player could rest for some time and regenerate.

Creativity: 1
There was a very little use of triggers here, and the objectives were completed very easily. The author did not use the triggers efficiently. Nothing was triggered properly.

Map Design: 1
The map design was not very impressive, actually, not at all. The map were modified blank maps, with a little variation. No mixing was done. There were no elevations. The had huge blank spaces. The author could do much better, if he had payed attention.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story was inaccurate and confusing. The real story is a lot different. The objectives were very easy to complete and were boring. No proper instructions were given. New objectives were also not there.

Additional Comments:
I suggest the author to play some of the high rated campaigns and scenarios. I also suggest to download the campaign manager, available at the blacksmith, to observe the scenarios of some campaigns.
Thank You.

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Map Design1.0
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