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Ocean Blue - I - The Beginning

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Four years, it comes. Beginning in August, 2004, even earlier than another work of mine, Robin Hood, which got a 4.4 here, this work was finally completed in September, 2007. And now, at last, it is here, translated.


Arrows rained, swords broken, steeds crying and blood running into rivers, there is a fierce fight between a powerful empire and three small kingdoms. Who will be the winners? And why do they taste the tears?

Now, it is time to begin the first page of Plato¡¯s scroll, which tells a tale of a great age and great heroes...


Version:2.0 (English 1.1)

- Three years' hard work, containing 1200 triggers.
- The game is totally different between any two Difficulty Levels. Three levels, three games.
- Various tasks. You will hardly get bored.
- Fierce battles. Hit Points of units are heightened so that fighting can last longer.
- Survival soldiers of almost every task will go into latter battles.
- You are able to skip past some cut-scenes. It's a favor for the players who replay.
- Targets are marked on the Mini-map.
- Specialized AI files.
- Picked and splendid music.
- Experienced map designing. BTW, some of the pictures which won prizes in the 2007 Annual Screenshots Competition were from this campaign. :)
- ...


Only Age of Empires II: the Conquerors 1.0 and 1.0c version prove available. Please do NOT use any custom Mod to play this game, or you might not be able to pass a certain point.

Tanneur99, in his review on Robin Hood, another work of mine, he gave me a lot of constructive suggestions. Especially those about difficulty level really helped me a lot. And that's why you will find out obvious differences everywhere in the game between any two difficulty levels.
Anastasia, she helps me solve a castle eyesight problem.
San Mao, he found a sound for me.
Minifox, he recommended a piece of AOE 3 music to me.
Haowan, Sisijiyi, Jiangnanhuanzu and others who gave me useful suggestions for the update of this game.
My team, Hawk Studio, without their support, this work will never be completed.
At last, thanks to all the players of my game. Your support and expectation give me motivity.

Chinese Version 2.0: Jiangnanhuanzu
English Version 1.0:Hawk_Xiaozhi, Hawk_Tout

Though most translating is done by myself, some of my friends did help me a lot. And they are:
Julius999, as a native speaker, he helped me improve the translation of Hints, Scenario Instructions, the aftermath section, Objectives and so on, so that the update of English version 1.1 is now done.
Hawk_FengXiaoyao, whom I consulted day and night, and who went over lots of translation.
Scenario_t_c, my teammate, who helped me with some most difficult sentences for me.
Jiuwangsun, our vice-leader, who gave me wonderful suggestions about translating the name of this game.
qs, our team leader, who also gave me a lot of help, especially when I translated the Prologue.
Hawk_Nick, who helped me go over the translation of Victory information.
Bunny, my classmate, who helped me translate the scenario instructions and inspired me translating.
Danyang Li, my schoolmate, who helped me with the Victory information.
Betty, my aunt, to whom I turned a lot.

Many many thanks to them!

Though I do have tried my best to do the translation, you know I¡¯m not a native speaker nor a student of English, so there tends to be confusing sentences or translating errors. Tell me if you find some anyway.;J

I really treasure views from you players. Comments and reviews are welcome - Feel free to tell me what you think!
And if you have any problem or suggestion about this game or the translation, just let me know. Thanks!:)

Besides this website, you may also contact me through E-mail:
And if you can understand Chinese, welcome to our website:

And at last¡­


Hawk_Daght from Hawk Studio

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
redjim the best game i ever played..thank you Hawk_DaghT for this wonderful game :)!!
Number_21 Really nice Campaign!!
But... I can't give the relic to King Anemy, i've tried with moderate and standard level but nothing :-(
could u please help me?

[Edited on 01/14/13 @ 12:03 PM]

File Author
Thank you for downloading.

The relic is a special unit exactly like a sheep. It means that you can control it when there is not other player's units near to it and it's within the view of Posyton. (If I do remember, in moderate you can also control it when Posyton gets to the temple for the first time. In Easy you can control it whenever Posyton is near to the Relic.) Note that when you get the control of the relic, it will NOT move unless you click the relic and move it in the exactly same way you move a sheep.

You should move both Posyton and the relic back to Anemy to go on.

Sorry for the confusion if the in-game instruction didn't explain this well.

Edit: spell check

[Edited on 01/14/13 @ 11:41 PM]

Number_21 omg it works!! LOL

i'll continue the game ^^

the prologue is simply AMAZING!!!!!
Map Design5.0
Ocean Blue is a fantasy epic, we are told the story by Plato, the introduction cutscene is well done, a clever use of units to tell the story. The story involves a number of kingdoms, Olican the aggressor in the tale has conquered much of the known world, they move upon the remaining kingdoms, Atle and Lantis. The player takes the role of Poyton who is tasked with warning Lantis of the coming invasion. The style of the game is mostly FF, though the start of the game mixes in some RPG elements.

Playability: 4

The escape from Atle to Lantis is a great moment, with some clever trigger work. From there we must “capture” a relic, bring the royal Lantisian Knights to raid a riverside camp. During this part of the game the player must be concerned with enemies who will warn the main camp of your involvement. The defense of Atle is a well-designed moment with more units added during the battle, the player is required to defend three points and moving from point to point can be tricky! Each moment of the game is well designed and very enjoyable, we move quickly from moment to moment! To say there’s never a dull moment would be an understatement, we are constantly adjusting out play style to the game. Certain parts of the game are less challenging more of a case where the player must learn an optimum tactic to win, this hurts the enjoyment, even if these scenes are done quite well.

Balance: 5

Each section of the game is well balanced and requires the player to test a number of different strategies to find the one the best suits, on standard a nice scene plays out involving an assassination attempt which greatly helps the raid. I found myself a number of times due to poor tactic choices or lazy micromanagement which is good to see in this style of a game. The defense of Atle is a real challenge and requires the player to think on their feet (or is that fingers?) to adjust to the enemy attacks. The final defense took me a number of turns to complete as I kept losing too many units to make it worthwhile to continue, I've never micromanaged so much in my life!

Map Design: 5

Lovely map design, from sea cliffs to destroyed towns and on. There’s a great use of elevation and terrain mixture to keep the map fresh and pleasing, everything feels populated and alive! The standout areas are the path to one of the camps (including the cliffs) and the enemy encampment. The designer has managed to evoke a sense around Atle that it is under siege.

Creativity: 5

Easily the strongest part of the design, from destroying rocks to clear a path to the very objectives themselves the whole design is very creative, we have to admire some of the effort that has gone intro the trigger work to make everything work so well. We are presented with some well-designed moments including a horse stampede which the player can be involved in and the use of optional cut-scenes. Another nice touch was the use of the cliffs to increase the player’s view of the area.

Story / Instructions: 5

The story itself is straightforward, and there are some translation issues but the presentation and the way the story is handled is done well, we move from scene to scene and the events are pieced together by the designer that make it all quite entertaining. The opening cut-scene scenario sets the scene and presents some interesting commentary from Socrates et al. In terms of instructions the player is clearly indicated on the mini map as to where they are supposed to go and there are plenty of hints for those that need them. In one moment when we march from Lantis a bell rings and we see the villagers stop their work and move to grab their weapons, it’s nicely done and set’s the mood for the player.
cmeb4uleave Not balanced and not real fun.
cmeb4uleave Two years later I still find it ridiculously hard trigger happy. Die, die, and die again. I suppose it is easy for some people but not for me. Appreciate all the hard work you put into this project though.
KiiNgZoNe I look forward to more of this! I had fun playing it. Can you spoil me the battle musics however? Especially the "At-music battle 1" file. I'm badly interested in that music. It made my battles on the campaign so epic!
Rewaider Thank you for making this, Hawk_DaghT! It's one of the main reasons why I've even gotten into scenario designing in the first place.
I firmly believe that the feeling of sheer epicness generated by this scenario is still unmatched by the date... You truly feel like a commander while playing it, making the use of actual military strategies and doing clever engagements against the enemy.
The soundtrack somehow manages to enhance this feeling even further, creating those intense moments - in which you, the underdog, finally manage to overcome your enemy just by a tad bit.
Stats balancement here is not just seen as an obligation - in order to make the file playable - but as powerful tool to create an even more unique and fulfilling experience (by the use of additional HP and ATK on diverse units, ships and buildings).

[Edited on 06/26/18 @ 02:22 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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