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Downloads Home » Projects » Scenario that needs help - The Forthcoming - Episode1

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Scenario that needs help - The Forthcoming - Episode1

Author File Description
Frederick III
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
This is Frederick III, and I'm in need of someone willing to help me get this scenario I have created to run properly. I have a multitude of triggers that I am hoping aren't the problem, but yet it still doesn't run correctly...

eg. At the beginning an enemy unit is supposed to walk (Using a task object trigger) a certain distance, before your own units appear from the same spot and chase after it. Unfortunately the enemy unit simply stands there and waits for your own unit and as such is defeated unintentionally...

Now I have everything done in the scenario (Plot related) but simply need a structural entity to make it correctly function. That is where you will come in, the helpful person who will fix up, or tell me what is wrong.
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Official Reviewer
This plays like a Multiplayer RPG with human players 1, 4, and 5. You have three options, I can move the file to Multiplayer now, I leave it here so you get help (I have no Multiplayer Project category yet) and move it once finished, or you trigger it as Single Player giving all heroes to player 1.

"eg. At the beginning an enemy unit is supposed to walk (Using a task object trigger)...and as such is defeated unintentionally..."

Trigger 'Din Runs' Effect 0, you Set Objects and Area, which is okay, she is not in that area but if you set both, the Set Objects always override the area. However, you did not mark the Location, the place you want her to run to and that is why "...the enemy unit simply stands there and waits..."

Having no clue where she should go I set the location in front of the gate to the pieces of the true cross and tested. I followed her with the Forest Guardian, player 5, The Storm Sultan follows too, but player 4 The Ice Wizard does not.

Even if you would change the Starting State to 'On' as it should be, trigger 'Catching Din' cannot work in Single Player because Player 1 does not control the three heroes. The following effects do not fire and the player loses even though he kills her, trigger 'Times Up', Condition Timer 70, Effect 4, Declare Victory Player 2.

In addition, the difficulty level triggers do not work as intended, all effects for standard, moderate, hard and harder fire also in standard and easiest. Example to trigger five difficulty levels, Easiest, Standard, Moderate, Hard and Harder, all triggers Starting State to ON.

Trigger Easiest, Condition 0, Difficulty Level Easiest. Effect 0 Deactivate Trigger Standard, Effect 1 Deactivate Trigger Moderate, Effect 2 Deactivate Trigger Hard, Effect 3 Deactivate Trigger Harder. Add effects to remove or create units, for AP and HP changes, tech research.

Trigger Standard, Condition 0, Timer 3, Condition 1, Difficulty Level Standard. Effect 0 Deactivate Trigger Moderate, Effect 1 Deactivate Trigger Hard, Effect 2 Deactivate Trigger Harder. Add effects as above.

Trigger Moderate, Condition 0, Timer 5, Condition 1, Difficulty Level Moderate. Effect 0 Deactivate Trigger Hard, Effect 1 Deactivate Trigger Harder. Add effects as above.

Trigger Hard, Condition 0, Timer 6, Condition 1, Difficulty Level Hard. Effect 0 Deactivate Trigger Harder. Add effects as above.

Trigger Harder, Condition 0, Timer 7, Condition 1, Difficulty Level Harder. Add effects as above.

The above is just an example, explaining the principle; you have to adapt it to your needs.

I removed your link to a Zip site. Do not link to other sites at the blacksmith. Under 'submit file' you read, "Please compress your file into a ZIP file before submitting. You can download an excellent zipping program for free at, or, if you are using Windows XP, you can use Windows XP's built-in zip facility." If you want, discuss your Zip technology preference in the forums.
Frederick III
File Author
Thank you Tanneur99!
I had absolutely no clue that the choose area effect would override the select object effect. I also thank you for the advice on the difficulty settings. I am going to busily try out all this advice and see how smoothly it runs. It is simply a project I am working on, so this should help me get moving.
Again, Thank you!

Edit: Oh one more thing, I think I'll just give all heroes to player one, I only wanted their names to be shown, but I guess that is just as good.
Frederick III

[Edited on 02/08/09 @ 05:27 AM]

Official Reviewer
"...that the choose area effect would override the select object effect", it is the contrary, I wrote, "...the Set Objects always override the area."

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