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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Reign of the Hittites (conversion)

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Reign of the Hittites (conversion)

Author File Description
Apache Thunder
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5
Though there is two other custom campaigns "based" off the original AoE1 Trial Campaign, this one was converted directly from the AoE1 Trial maps. So that the terrain features and most stuff is almost exactly the same as in the original except for needed substitutions due to game differences.

Do not ask me if there is a tool that will convert maps for you as I'm pretty sure there isn't one. I did the conversion my self by deleting all non-compatible units from the map prior to opening it in the AoK game. I then re added AoK equivalent units back to the map and make the correct victory/trigger settings. I used the game's map editor to do all the map work and used MS-Paint to fix the scenario instruction maps.

I have tested them all after I completed them and they all are fully playable and victory is obtained the same way as in the original. Only two of the maps actually needed triggers. The rest are standard Conquest modes. In the "Fall of the Mitanni" map, instead of a "Artifact" that you must brink near your base, you must instead garrison the relic at your monastery.

This is the very first campaign I have made of the AoK series. Prior experience with the original AoE game helped get started with this game quicker.
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Official Reviewer
This brings back good old memories, thanks.
Powery You have no idea how much I used to play these demo scenarios before I got AoE1, especially the one shown in the screen shot, where you start with the priest.
Also, I remember very well the one where you get no villagers and your soldiers are scattered everywhere and you'll have to use them to destroy enemy government center. I was always scared of wololoo of those priests behind the wall of enemy base.
YoshiX100000 Though I haven't played it, I can say that it would probably have been a good idea to use a converting Trade Cart to represent the Artifact. This would be truer to the original Age One.
Apache Thunder
File Author
I am still new at the AoK game so I may not be aware of all possible units. However I thought the Trade Cart was killable? I needed something that can't be destroyed so I went with the relic.
russoft Apache, I haven't played this yet (believe me I will, I loved this campaign!) but through some trigger tricks, it is possible to create an invincible trade cart. How one would achieve a "convertable" trade cart that can switch back and forth between players, I am unsure. I'd say the equivalent in Age2 is a relic, though the mechanics are different.
Apache Thunder
File Author
Indeed. I did provide a prebuilt monastery and added some gold as the player may lose gold upgrading and such and won't have a monk to move the relic with. But aside from that there isn't any major issue with the map that would make it too hard to play. Aside from this map, all others are spot on.

Also, the Growing Pains map (I think), where you start out with an army of axemen and bowmen, I had to do a trigger trick with that as well since there is no capturable "Ruins" that I know of in AoK. However I simply set up a trigger where you can have at least one Man-at-Arms and one Archmen get in a small area near the static ruins object. It pretty well replicates it I think. The map isn't much harder or easier then what it was in original AoE.
russoft unfortunately if you lose all your archers, it can be problematic. IT almost needs to be a "King of the Hill" game with a trigger declaring victory when you capture the monument. Alternatively a converting torch may be possible to use, though I haven't done much with them. I only went through the campaign briefly (though I plan to play it through completely), but that was my initial issue I encountered.

Another thing, though, is the civilizations. I'd say the Turks or Persians would be a more accurate civilization for the Hittites. The Chinese seems like an odd civ. Maybe you had a good reason though. I'd also tend to think the Egyptians would be close to Saracens than Persians. My history is rusty, so this is just an opinion.
Apache Thunder
File Author
lol, I have no real experience with the "history" of the game at all. So I just made sure the civs were mostly the same on all the maps except were a map uses a different civ in the original game. I did use the Persians on the map with that originally had the Egyptians.
Amadem Good Job!

BTW anyone know some other conversions etc. from AOE1 or AOE ROR for AOK?
Demolition Ship Captain Map conversion looks spot on, though the gameplay can't quite be replicated just because of the differences between AOE and AOK.

There are a couple glaring issues though (which should be easy to resolve).

In the scenario w/ the 2 monks..
1) You should not be able to advance to imperial. (And that goes for the whole campaign. The Iron Age was never available in the AOE Demo). No AI players should be able to advance to imperial either.
2) Red apparently has no villagers, and no food.. and obviously doesn't do anything because of this.
3) Yellow resigns after you steal a number of his villagers. All AI players should use an AI that does not resign, since AIs don't resign in AOE (And I think AI resigning is stupid in general, but that's a different topic.)
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