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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Totally random terrain, resources, climate, seasons, biome, etc. You never know what you will get.

Based on, and borrowing/combining elements from MFO@RANDOM MAP, ES@THE_UNKNOWN, ES@SEASONS.

01 Apr 2009 Changes:
Connections are narrower.
Should give roads to Allies, not to Enemies.
Players are less likely to start penned in by Forest.
Allowance for Land/Forest/Water to have different Cliff settings.

04 Apr 2009 Changes:
Better Connection.
More efficient definitions.
Scaled Forests to Player Land.

11 Apr 2009 Changes:
Added annotation
Rearranged script.
Forests may be Mixed.
Reworked Land generation.

Still might not connect players in Forest.
Occasionally crashes (not as frequent now .. maybe when fuzziness is too high)
It's a big file; lots of junk to check and clean up.

Any other problems, this is the place to say so. Keep in mind, it IS random! The only things that are not random are the standard resource distances (so AI's still know what to do). But quantities can vary.
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Official Reviewer
You should play test your submission before posting. It is a blank grass 1 map; every player receives a town centre and three villagers. Use the 'Update' button above your description for your edit. If you need help, visit our AI & RMS Scripting forum. Without an update I have to remove your file.
File Author
There was a */ missing on line two after I added the name & email. Problem solved.
Kong skjold The bug with the TC on water occours because both SEASON_WATER and PATCH3 can be be desert. The game does not distinguish between the constant names, but the constant numbers. Or in other words if a constant number has two different names, it still will consider it the same.
The line you need to change:
percent_chance 34 #define WATER_BEACH #const SEASON_WATER 14

EDIT: I had the same problem once, so i knew just what to look for. may i suggest you change it from desert to beach:
percent_chance 34 #define WATER_BEACH #const SEASON_WATER 2

[Edited on 04/02/09 @ 01:01 PM]

File Author
Found it. I took back some water with Desert (as in a Drought) to dry up the shorelines, then receded it with water again. The water went over existing desert. Going back to Beach, even though you can't build on it. Also adding set_avoid_player_start_areas helps. Thank you.

[Edited on 04/05/09 @ 10:39 AM]

molls i really enjoy this one!

while sometimes one AI opponent ends up being inactive due to ressource lack, it is a given downside of this map, but not too bad.
on the other hand there is nothing more fun than NOT knowing with how much ressources around youre starting.
While sometimes you have to rely on wood, food and a market, the ai - having 2 huge gold piles near - just explodes on you.
in another case, the starting scenarios have changed aswell, so you might end up starting with a fortress setup.

the brutal randomness of this rm is refreshing - and the game never looses its fun.

[Edited on 03/25/10 @ 05:09 AM]

File Author
Thank you for the comment. You're right, the maps are sometimes not AI friendly since they count on having certain resources available to proceed (e.g., Find berries -> build mill -> have mill -> build lumber-camp).

There are 6 settings for resources, e.g.:

percent_chance 1 #define LIVESTOCK_NONE
percent_chance 8 #define LIVESTOCK_XLOW
percent_chance 23 #define LIVESTOCK_LOW
percent_chance 34 #define LIVESTOCK_NORM
percent_chance 26 #define LIVESTOCK_HIGH
percent_chance 8 #define LIVESTOCK_XHIGH

where NORM gives the amount provided by the default maps. This should create a roughly normal distribution around the expected resource quantity.

There should only be 1% chance of a resource group missing (this is easy to set to 0%, just add the 1% to another setting). The problem could be excessive forest since the trees will crowd out the placement of objects. Hard to control the amount of trees.

I did not mess with the resource distances since most AI's have a maximum camp and/or gathering distance and they would be severely crippled by not being able to reach it.

[Edited on 08/26/10 @ 12:55 PM]

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HGDL v0.8.0

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