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A Redwall Adventure DEMO

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is the demo for A Redwall Adventure. None of the events in this scenario take place in the book. When done, the full version will include a leveling system, a time system with certain events at certain times, and many quests. Thanks for playing.
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Dark Reality
Map Design2.0
First off, I liked this, I don't know why, but it was just quite a good start.

Playability - 4
There were very few bugs (obvious, as the scenario was quite short), but it was still a very enjoyable short scenarion.

Balance - 5
The balance was beautiful, simply beautiful. Without use of tactic, you lost this game, flat out. In the end, I only stood there with Matthias, and 2 dead companions. For the demo, considering it ended there, it was good balance, for the final version, you may want to make less enemies, especially less enemy archers, or stronger heroes (Matthias, Mouse, Otter Commander), simply because they might want to last throughout the entire quest.

Creativity - 3
It wasn't much, given, but it was still good. The optional upgrade by clicking on something and paying is something I've seen very few times, and I liked this, as it offered more options. In the final version, you may want to make an upgrade system that affects each hero seperately, so that you can decide who you want to concentrate on, the archer or the swordsmen.

Map Design - 2
This was lacking quite a lot. Redwall was simply a few houses, archery range, siege workshop, and a blacksmith. There were also only a the necessary units, no extra ones you could talk to just to get "gossip". I know this is a demo, but as a suggestion for the final, work some of the map. Look at the campaigns in the "Best of AoK" section and you'll see some well-made maps.

Story/Instructions - 2
I've never read The Redwall series. I have not the slightest idea what it is about, and I still do not. I don't know who, or what, Matthias is, what his role is, and so on. A story in a demo is quite pointless but at least some history on the characters would have been nice. The instructions were quite clear though, no doubt about that.


You can only upgrade your HP in the siege workshop once, not repeatedly, like the blacksmith (Attack).
Also, try to create a delayed system, so that you don't have to immediately deselect the blacksmith to stop getting upgrades. For example, a trigger that adds 5 seconds or so, before the upgrade trigger repeats. That way, the system becomes more user-friendly :-)

When clicking on the Otter Commander, he says "we'll join you", and the other archers have modified HP. I don't quite know if these are supposed to join you as well, as their HP raises once you defeat the Rat Commander and his gang. Point is, they don't join you, only the Otter Commander does, if they're supposed to join you, this would be a bug.

The text, that Matthias says, after killing the Rat Gang has a GRAY color tag infront of it. I don't know if this tag doesn't exist, or if it is spelled GREY. I have had the same problem, but either keep his text white, and remove the GRAY tag, or fix it, so that it works (if it does).

Overall: Very nice start. The leveling system got me hooked, I'm looking forward to the complete version.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
A Redwall Adventure is based on the popular book series by Brian Jacques. In this demo you play as Matthias sent by Abbot to check on a foraging camp in the forest.

Playability: This scenario was a demo made to interest the player in the full version, in my opinion this demo did not carry out its purpose. You start off in the bottom corner of a town with journal style instructions to visit Abbot, no location is given or any explanation. The town was poorly designed making it more of a hassle than a pleasure to walk to your objective. A few citizens joined you as you walked through the town and upgrades could be acquired providing meager amusement. The forest held a few enemies that will suffice to occupy the player until they reach the main objective. It is possible to avoid Abbot and enter straight into the forest; this shouldn’t be accessible without visiting Abbot for your objective. 2

Balance: The first three combatants that you come across in the forest can easily be killed, if you are careful, without any member of you party sustaining damage. Your main character Matthias is heavily upgraded and he alone, with difficulty, could take out the numerous enemies at your main objective. The two other units that you may gain control of only make this task easier. 2

Creativity: This demo had average creativity and this category looks promising for the full version. The bulk of the creativity was found with the overall concept of the design. Having animals live and experience things much as a person would was a very interesting concept. I’m interested to see what other adventures the characters will encounter in this campaign as it further develops. There were also upgrades to be gained and units to be added to your party. 3

Map Design: The map design in A Redwall Adventure was unfortunately, below average. The town had a main path made of road 1, scattered houses, a castle, a siege workshop, a blacksmith, an archery range, and the rest of the town was mainly grass 1 with elevation. The forest had a few gaia objects and some areas of elevation. The terrain could much better and I hope it will show in the final version. 2

Story/Instructions: There wasn’t really much of a story or any background information other than the journal found in the objectives which explains how to upgrade. Later on you are given an objective for no apparent reason from a character that you know nothing about. From what you can grasp of the story it was unique and creative and hopefully it will develop further as the campaign reaches completion. The first set of instruction were well written providing the objective and the location but the second set were vague and left room for error. 3

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Map Design2.0
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