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LotR Shores of the Pelennor

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
My first first creation for single player : a short scenario with cut-scenes.

You have three heroes, Aragorn Gimli and Legolas that must protect the community while looking for Frodo and Boromïr.

Just read the short advises and instructions before start the campaign in order to enjoy it the best.

The file include:
- Campaign file .cpx
- IA file thanks to Zanzard Lothar
- Sounds files.

( I'm French and I'm studying English so any mistake noticed in the dialogues is welcomed :p )
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Official Reviewer
Short but good scenario, 'Objectives have changed' stays on screen, clicking them, reveals the same text throughout the game and the flickering text is annoying. Here is how it played, first try I stayed where I found Frodo fighting endless spawning Orcs until I lost. I know it said run save Boromir in game but I guess the missing objective change and the knowledge that he dies anyway made me stay fighting. ;) Second try I decided to reach the region on the screenshot and went down the path with the three heroes. After the diversion of Merry and Pippin I did not receive the control over my units back and the game discontinued. Third try I run when it said run, it was a fun challenging game. :)

I changed the title from Pelinor to Pelennor. Is Pelinor French? It is new here because until now I corrected Pellenor, Pellennor, Pelenor, Pelonnor, Pelenner, Pellener, Pellanor, Pelanor, and Pelannor in submissions.
File Author
Thank you for testing my scenario : I also have this #@&! error of objectives always "changing" but I didn't manage to correct that (desperately) do you have an idea on how to fix?

I updated the files about the name of the river, you are right, it's Pelennor (I had trusted a friend on that but apparently he failed me. :p)

And how did you find the final cut scene?
Official Reviewer
The final cut scene is great when I first played I expected the funeral of the ~Bravest of the Nine~ (file by Dantares IV), Boromir but as you can save him now it is fine. :) Scenario instructions and end (orange text) it still wrote Pelinor. I just played and look into the triggers now.
Edit: Boromir dies after the final battle even if you 'saved' him. The wolves do not attack Aragorn, trigger 'I) Loup respawn' Effect 1 tasks them to Aragon but 'Loup Limit' deactivates that trigger (timer 10) before they reach him. Spawn and task the wolves to an area first, add new trigger in which you task them to Aragorn from that area. 'Loup Limit' should only stop the spawning not the attack. I believe I noticed a second trigger to stop the spawn, when Aragon reaches a certain area.
Edit 2: Trigger 'I)RéveilFIN' change Display Objective from Yes to No, there is no text. That fixes the reappearance of the scenario instructions, following objectives show but it does not fix the #@& error. @#§*%$)
Edit 3 Final?: Trigger 'Fin Dispertion' change Display Objective from Yes to No. You activate and deactivate it with looping triggers that is why the always *changing* objectives happen. The text does not display anyway because you deactivate it right away. Mention "Gimli and Legolas must stay close to Aragorn" in the hints or display the text with a new trigger.
Edit 4: I forgot something, guess because I did not find the triggers (142). I lost on Hard because Merry and Pippin did not defend themselves; they are the same player as Boromir who fights. Did you freeze them any time during the game? When you deactivate a freeze the units stay on No Attack Stance. It is better to stop them, looping if necessary, stopped units attack after you deactivate. During the battle Merry and Pippin walk away while Orcs follow and kill them.

[Edited on 04/19/09 @ 08:05 PM]

File Author
Thank you for that.
I finally get rid of any changing instructions (because of the noise :p). And as you explained, it solves the problem.

About the wolves, thank you now they attack Aragorn that's why I added a difficulty with the wolves:
In hard there is more wolves than in medium so if they hurt you, as the heroes can't heal magically you are penalised for the rest of the scenario.

Sorry about saving Boromïr now it's solved:
in MEDIUM : the archer kills Boromïr in about 3 shots
in HARD : in about 2 shots.
(and now he can't kill each other heroes easily and Boromïr do not die spontaneously at the end of the action ^^ ).

For your help I added a thank to you at the end ^^
John_G Hi. Since i´m a bit of a LotR fan, I feel compelled to comment on this one.

I think this scenario is quite okay. The frensh voices was a bit annoying, since I cant understand it :) And the obejtiv mission signal that rang without any reason, was also a bit annoying. But thats all the negative comments I have to say. The dialouges worked fine, and the music did great in the scenario. I liked the final fight before the Boromir event - one really had to run and fight at the same time to reach Boromir. Well done.

[Edited on 04/21/09 @ 12:26 PM]

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