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Murten 1476 AD

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is my first Scenario:

In the Burgundian Wars (1474-1477) (Burgundy vs. Swiss Confederation) the duke of Burgundy (Charles I.) attempts to establish a strong third force in between France and the Holy Roman Empire. Burgundy had sided with the English in the Hundred Years War and was in conflict with the emperor Frederick III. as well.
In that times Burgundy wants to gain power over Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) as well. Charles I. put together a powerful military force: Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry and Longbow-Units from Ally England.
The Swiss Confederation Army was an Infantry Army but their Ally the Duchy of Lorraine send some Heavy Cavalry.

Defend the town Murten and win over the Burgundian Army.

I will appreciate honest feedbacks.
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Map Design2.0
'Murten 1476 AD' is a map in which the player controls a big army to slaughter another (smaller) army. (Yes, i know its fixed force)

Playability: 2
It is possible to destroy the enemy, and not letting them in the city isnt too hard since the only siege weapons are being used like turrets and not close enough to damage the gate. This is all positive, except its a bit tedious. The downsides... You have 320+ pop at the start which you really dont need.
Also, with no resources the military buildings didnt really make sense to me. Your army consists of (loads of)pikemen,(tons of)halbediers, knights, cavaliers and some paladins.

Balance: 1
If we look at 'Balance' as in fairness, it isnt fair. For both sides. The cannons near your town prevent you from any strategy.
Its WAY to easy just to find out where the main tent is, send everything you got there and past the cannons still have hundreds of troops to throw on the tent and the commander. Also, the troops around the tent kept freezed instead of attacking the players troops. The absolute downside of the map.

Creativity: 3
Its a standard FF map at this point. You get reinforcements (per 20 kills, enemy gets per 40 kills, downside is you get 20+ units for each 20 kills so a bit overpowered.), and you need to send your troops to something to destroy, while making sure nothing comes in your city. Not that they really try to.
The picture was nice.

Map Design: 2-
There has been thought about the map. Some elevation, forests, rivers, roads and most of the buildings (only mills and farms except for a few)looked good on the place they were (the city felt a bit cramped, but hey).
A downside was that only one type of everything has been used. Only one grass, normal forest, one type of water, etc. Now and then some rocks but that is one of the only things you did to spice the map up. Good effort for a beginner, but certainly not at RM 'level'. Try blending a bit more and put some gaia in there.

Story/Instructions: 3+
Although the History part was good, the instructions, hints and scout parts were a bit mixed and not exactly in place. Some place between lines (@instructions) may make it more readable. This was the strongest part along with the triggers.

Additional Comments:
The author could use help from experienced scenario builders and although this review sounded negative, I thinks its. Well. Acceptable, being a 'first creation'.

I wouldnt recommend this download for people looking for a (very) good map, but its not entirely rubbish.
Powery 'Versatile' is not the word to describe this.

You get started with about 250 pikemen, 100 cavalry and a few monks, and every 20 kills you get about 30 new pikemen. Then with these units you just try to kill the enemy hero who stands behind large masses of troops which consist mostly of pikemen and cavalry, although there are also some unreachable bombard cannons and archers behind hay stacks who just shoot you while you pursue to get forward with your units. That's basically it.

You're supposed to protect the small town there but the enemy doesn't even attack it unless they are lured nearby.

80% of the map is nothing but unused scenery which could use some improvements like terrain mixing, eyecandy and elevations.

Yet, I personally found the small town visually appealing.

John_G I liked the idea of starting with a large army of pikemen and spearmen. But as Powery wrote, the enemy forces dont attack unless lured; which is a bit pitty I think. But somehow I found the scenario quite fun. At the end when I tryed to reach the enemy hero I found it nearly impossible to enter the pavilion. But then I realised that the monks were very useful at this stage - mabye too powerful. Perhaps you should make a trigger that task away any monk of the player that get to close to the enemy hero pavilion.
But anyway, I enjoyed the scenario.

[Edited on 04/22/09 @ 01:30 PM]

File Author
Thanks for testing my project. As you know I am a beginner.

-Point 1: I know that the attack of the ennemy is not that strong, try the hardest level. I should make some improvements there.

-Point Command Tent: Look at the hints to overcome the defence.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Map Design2.0
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