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The Byzantine Glory

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Storyline : The Persian have just declared war to the Byzantines. The byzantine king calls upon Belisarius to make things go better, and explains him that to make the Persian army retreat, there must be something critical happening in their own capital. Belisarius's first task is to break open a way into the Persian country : he must destroy a Persian town.

Once this done, Belisarius must make himself small to infiltrate the Persian country, as to find a way to murder the king. But the capital can only be accessed by going through a jungle, and this jungle is full of dangers, and it is even more dangerous because at a point, the Persian realize there is something bad going on, and start hunting Belisarius. He also meets the byzantine spies, already implanted in the country, but they get attacked and slaugthered at one point of the scenario. Finally, Belisarius, who had found men during his journey through the jungle (from the help of the byzantine spies, and from the byzantine prisoners captured by the Persian), finally sieges the Persian capital (who is obviously ready to welcome him), and manages to murder the Persian king (who, as a matter of fact, was running throughout the city to garrison in any possible building, making it very complicated to get him).

But that was not enough to stop the Persian army, which did not get the message. It was still marching on Byzantine, and while they were moving, Belisarius was doing his best to catch up with the army and alert the king before it was too late (the king was supposing the army was retreating). With some spare time, Belisarius prevents the king of the terrible danger and the king gives him the task of setting up defences against the Persian army, who would arrive in no time. Belisarius won that final battle, and Persia would then never attack Byzantine again.

Scenarios :

A Persian War : In this map, you must destroy the Persian base, which will allow you to enter the Persian country. But the Persian will give no rest ! Take advantage of the map's disposition to win. Some interesting triggers, such as a small outpost village being attacked by Persians, those being thwarted by the village's little defence, then this defence being killed off by another Persian raid.

Infiltration in Persia : In this map, you control a growing army. This is a non-villager map, only tactical army management is required. You must make your way safely through the Persian Empire, through jungles, shallows, and maybe Persian outposts, to be able to siege the Persian capital. (DOWN FOR THE MOMENT)

The Great Battle : In this map, you must organize your troops before the Persian army arrives. You have lots of troops, unlimited credit thanks to the byzantine king, and some villagers. You must take advantage of the terrain to set up some well-placed towers, and place your troops with a clever strategy. Many assault points to protect.

Additionnal comments : The AI may play poorly during "The Great Battle", which means that with some game styles the last scenario may be easier than with others.

Thank you for downloading this campaign :) And enjoy it !
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File Author
Erm forgot to say this is my first campaign (and my first scenarios) and you need the Immobile Units AI GOLD (in the blacksmith you will find it easily if you haven't got it).

Thanks for downloading my campaign and hope you enjoy it :)
jordanthejq12 How to beat the first scenario:
Step 1. Kill off and reassign villagers until you have 4-5 each for farming, gold mining, woodcutting, stone mining, and building/repairs.
Step 2. Sink your two galleons. By now the people out by the mining area to the east of the city should have been killed in battle.
Step 3. Research Chemistry (University). Meanwhile, you should be at 66 units. Create four monks (bringing you to five monks and 70 units).
Step 4. Research Cannon Galleon (Dock).
Step 5. Research Elite Cannon Galleon (Dock).
Step 6. Create 5 elite cannon galleons.
Step 7. Take out all buildings within range in the Persian town. If the AI plays correctly, it will replace them out of range.
Step 8. Sink the cannon galleons and replace them with trebuchets for the land assault.
Step 9. (You can play this scenario with Conquerors Expansion; thus, Conquerors Expansion players only) Research Halberdier (Barracks). If any of your pikemen don't upgrade, kill them and replace them with halberdiers.
Step 10. Research Heavy Camel (Stable).
Step 11. Replace all light cavalry with camels.
Step 12. Research Dry Dock (Dock).
Step 13. Create 1 transport ship, killing any converted units if need be.
Step 14. In groups of 20, land your troops and builders in the empty Persian area and set up shop.
It's that easy!
Official Reviewer
Bacterius, AI files save in the .SCN/.SCX file; the player does not need the Immobile Units AI GOLD to play the campaign. You need the AI only if you want to edit the scenarios but thank you for giving credit.

[Edited on 04/23/09 @ 06:59 AM]

File Author
Oh I didn't know that, sorry.
Official Reviewer
jordanthejq12, your way is one amongst many to play. However, why should I kill any of my 30 villagers or sink the two galleons. I played hard original Age of Kings 2.0, sent reinforcement to the mining area to the east of the city, saved all villagers, walled the area, defended the land attacks with the units received at the game's start, and eventually my pop dropped under the limit of 75 to train more units.
You should not play original Age of Kings with The Conquerors Expansion, it plays different than the author intended making your "How to beat the first scenario" irrelevant. From your comment you played probably standard; on higher difficulty levels the enemy builds a navy against which you do not have a chance with 5 Elite Cannon Galleons. Following your advice I lost 9 Elite Cannon Galleons before I changed tactic.

It is not that easy!
File Author
Effectively I have play-tested it on Easy, Moderate and Hard :

- on Easy it wasn't too hard, I managed to drop some troops from sea.

- on Moderate, I tried to do the same thing than for Easy, but the AI started to build fireships so I couldn't do anything, but still managed to break into the city and destroy everything.

- on Hard, the computer just attacked me repeatedly each time harder, and I just lost ...

This is how I felt my first scenario.

Edit: Damn I just realized something horrible : just when I was doing the last modifications on the third scenario, I must've overwrited the second one by error : I got two identical scenarios !
I'll fix that by cutting the second one off, I will put it back as soon as I recreate it.

[Edited on 04/24/09 @ 01:52 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The scenarios were good play. All the triggers were functioning properly and that made the playability easy.
Balance: 4
The Balance was ok but could have been a little more interesting.
Creativity: 4
Wasn't so creative as far as the scenarios go, could have been better imagining and so also more fun to play.
Map Design: 3
Nothing extra ordinary here, could have included more eye candy i didnt see any that i would call one. ordinary map especially the second scenario.
Story/Instructions: 3
The Story was well prepared although nothin connected with history but well put up.
Additional Comments:
good campaign all in all but a little too short, this campaign needed more scenarios than 2.

[Edited on 06/18/09 @ 06:37 AM]

jordanthejq12 Alright. Good thing I got my copy before that happened.
TIP: Keep Beli home-I, uh, learned that the hard way.
File Author
Hi Jordan, could you send me the good copy ? I can't manage to remake the 2nd scenario ...
Thanks, my @mail is
Official Reviewer
Bacterius, the second scenario ‘Infiltration in Persia’ of your first submission looks like a pre-alpha of the ‘Great Battle’ third scenario. You overwrote it before submitting on April 20. I sent the file.
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