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Roman learning Campaign

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 7
My first submission to this site. It\'s a Learning campaign similar to the William Wallace campaign, but you controll the Romans during their rule over the Celts. You face Two real Celtic leaders, Vercingetorix and Boudicca in two of the last three scenarios.
I did use the \'Rome at War\' mod so it will look a bit strange if you don\'t have it installed.
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clayperboy To designer: Is it a good idea to include a mod in a learning campaign ? I would assume that if someone knew how to install MPS find the necessairy mod ,install all it's files to the proper folders that they would already know how to play AOK/TC
I checked out the game , and would seriously consider dropping the modpack if i were you.
File Author
Well I didn't think of that, I'll try to get around to changing civilizations, scenery etc, so it looks fine without the mod.
clayperboy This is a seriously flawed "learning campaign", and i will attempt to review it accordingly . First off it requirers you to download a modpack , which if your new to the game ,are probably wondering ,what's a modpack ? Well,,Installing modpacks is something that many advanced players have trouble doing , so i will leave it at that. If you are reading this , then you are probably new to the game ,and looking for a learning campaign ,so i will not comment on the "Playability" and "Balance" etc ., that you see above. I will say however that the designer put some hard work into this campaign ,but made a few mistakes that will leave you standing idle wondering what to do next.
I really hate to say this , but i do not reccomend this as a learning campaign.
clayperboy CJ sorry for the low review ,if you would like to fix it up i can send you a detailed list of the things i found wrong that would bring your campaign up to par.
Map Design3.0
The instructions with this campaign suggest that you download a modpack, however you do not have to ,the game will still play. You have to set the difficulty level to "Standard"(not mentioned)
PLAYABILITY: This is a learning campaign so it will not be as much fun as an actual game. The beginning of the first scenario is very basic and easy to follow, as it explains the how too's of moving a player from one spot to another ,then grouping players together , eventually attacking an outpost. There is some confusion however when you get to your camp and a "wonder" suddenly appears behind you on the road , perhaps to keep in the bandids that appear inside your town. A gate would have been a better choice. The fourth scenario does not load unless you set the game difficulty to moderate.
BALANCE: Again this is a learning campaign which is basic ,and you move along through the scenarios step by step until you complete it and move on to the next one.
CREATIVITY: The only creativity to be had is the the idea of a learning campaign with a roman civilization ,which you will not have unless you download the modpack ,which i do not suggest if you are new to the game.
MAP DESIGN: The maps are basic types typical for a learning campaign.
STORY/INSTRUCTION: This is perhaps the weakest part of the scenario. First the instructions fly by to fast and then disappear. There was no instructions as to using the the "bugle icon" to view past instructions. There are words missing in some of the instructions . After you are taught how to create villigers ,an instruction appears and says that you will eventually have to build more houses ,but doesnt show you how , i beleive it does show up latter when you have to build a barracks. The instructions on creating units from the barracks was "Click barracks and crate auxila button 5 times". The game seems to have had little playtesting ,as these spelling and typing mistakes would have been detected and corrected.
fishface60 I would suggest that in the first scenario before it starts, add another scenario that tells you to install the modpack, and tell them how

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