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Teuton AI + Ally AI by Tushar

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Teuton AI
Created by: Tushar

Playing Conditions:
Civ. :Teuton
Pop Limit :200
Start Age :Dark age
Victory cond. :Conquest
Map :Team Island
Preferences :An Ally (to trade with)
Game type :Death Match(I forgot to mention it)

I had created this AI 2 years ago but forgot to upload, didn't get time actually. This AI was good in beginning but a little(major) change with strategic numbers put it into trouble, i actually copied strategic numbers from my old AI (Macrocosm) into it. This AI is made from scratch. Feel free to use it and put my name everywhere you put it.

You will find this AI catastrophic from Macrocosm (mainly in chat and cheat).

This update now sports Ally AI, an economy based AI that was basically made to support Teuton AI in TI maps.

Please feel free to use 'Ally AI' for your needs and edit it according to your needs.

Request to downloaders: Please comment so I can know if it was worth uploading. Please comment 'after' testing the AI.
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File Author
Good! Update worked instantly.
Official Reviewer
Thank you for your update. You first updated the file and then twice the description; you do not need to resubmit the file when you edit only text.

[Edited on 05/23/09 @ 07:01 AM]

File Author
I thought so but decided not to take risk.
File Author
People, if you download this file and try it, then please comment.
gaibo1 Teuton AI:
Nice AI, it focuses on its navy and has a weak economy, enough for the navy. But I think it shouldn't stay in feudal age making galleys and trade cogs. There's plenty of room for it to make a horrible navy (for its enemies, of course!). You could also make more land units and transport them to the opposite island.

Ally AI:
Superb economy, a good feeder that gives you enough resources (800 wood, 1000 food, 400 gold and 100 stone) every 2.5 minutes to build up your forces quickly.
File Author

Thanks for your comment.

- It shouldn't stay in feudal age...

please tell me, does the AI gets stuck in feudal age ?


I had requested a review, a few days ago(in the review thread).
I you could find some time, please ask someone to take a look at this.

gaibo1 Yeah, though I've posted once in another thread.

Edit: Oh sorry tushar, really. I've forgot to switch from random map to death match! >.< That explains why it trains so less villagers :S

[Edited on 07/01/09 @ 07:37 PM]

Official Reviewer
Your review request is listed in the thread's topic.
Official Reviewer
Rating: 4

I wish there were more categories for this, such as a breakdown for how it plays, the econmy, and creativity rather than a simple score, but needs must.
I first played this as a random map, M@A rushed it, and won within the 20:xx mark.
After telling the creator of this, he scolded me and told me he intended in to be played on deathmatch. I hung my head and played it again.
Initially, I thought that he had failed: my initial boom of units had pinned the AI back and I was starting a castle trush to gain ground from him.
Then I noticed it had began forward building.
While it had advanced though the ages very quickly (the creator requested it be played at dark age) it had not produced many units. I later realised while I had simply placed barracks (I was goths) it had been aging up and scouting for spots to forward build. Moments after realising this a rush of m@a, spearmen and knights hit my base, wiping out my standing army and forcing me back. After a few minutes of raising counters they were reinforced with battering rams and monks, the latter of which was rather depressing for my papal ego. While it had correctly attacked my castles with rams, it had neglected to protect them and they were easily destroyed. Despite this, the incredible intensity of this attack threw me off balance, and I soon began to hope that my advantage of cheap infantry would pay dividends. It didn't.
I was soon forced to cower behind my Castle and barracks wall while raising farms when I noticed that it was counter castle trushing me. I promptly created trebs, which would later be protected by my champ flood and broke the AI down.
The next 20 minutes were the same story, champs killing rams and Infantry attacking my trebs, which destroyed enemy buildings.
Victory came slightly before the hour mark.
Final stats:

Villager high: Human; 58, AI; 18

This is the make or break for the AI. It simply did not create a large enough economy to continue its fight. If it had, I would have lost to the computer.
Because of this I collected 2-3x more of each resource.

Human units lost: 367
Human Kills: 287

However I scored 70:0 in terms of razings.

Ages for the AI were 3 minutes ahead of mine for all three.

An excellent AI for combat practice, however it was undone by its lack of eco and over-use of siege. Had it pressed on with Teutonic knights it would have worn me down and defeated me.

A fun game.

edit: 8/7/09
I will not replace this review with the full events of the test on Team Islands, as The AI simply does not do anything other that spam galleons and send paladins and teutonic knights in groups of 5. Such attacks are easily defeated by any civilisation and Cannon Galleons + Fire ships will destroy both navy and fortifications. Forward Building = game over.
For this match both teams had 1 ALLY AI. This AI, contrary to the creators claims does in fact make a military, abeit a weak one.

I personally found the game on Random Land map more entertaining and much more challenging.

[Edited on 07/08/09 @ 08:21 AM]

Official Reviewer
Popeychops, good review and you can rate how it plays, economy and creativity. The reason why we do not have categories for AI reviews is that they are so different. You cannot do categories that cover for example Immobile Units and a DM AI. Important is to rate for what the author intended them to be, if the AI does what it is scripted for. There is a paragraph about AI reviews in the Review request thread.
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