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LotR The Two Towers (Updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 4
The Two Towers

By KeLar

The fellowship has broken and the main characters have split up. In this campaign you can control
Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and Gandalf as they venture through the plains to Rohan or when they fight
Saruman's army at Helm's Deep.

Also, you can control Frodo and Sam as they venture towards Mordor, the only place the ring can be destroyed.
Along the way the meet Gollum. Who is your guide.

A large part has been added to the end of the last scenario, Shelob. I have never seen Shelob in a scn before and I think
I did well.

Thank you for downloading. This campaign is based on the Two Towers, the book and movie. It's easier
to understand if you have seen either of them.


Download, Unzip and put files in right places.

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File Author
%@$#! I submitted the wrong version! I will update soon.
File Author
It's updated now if you haven't noticed. ;)
Ornlu This is a good campaign, though it was a little short, but it's worth the download if you want some fun :).

Good luck with future campaigns.
Map Design5.0
An enjoyable game, although the scenarios are somewhat short.

Playability was good although the beginning of the first scenario could have had a little more excitement.

Balance is quite good with the exception of one place where I had to save a few times, and walk a long distance to heal.

Creativity is excellent, there are some really good trigger tricks, and special affects.

Map Design was flawless, the game play felt realistic, and provided freedom to choose which paths you wanted to go down.

The story is easy flowing , and you're never stuck wondering what to do next. If you like a lot of action, then you'll enjoy one scenario in particullar. An excellent download

[Edited on 01/23/08 @ 08:06 AM]

Hero Alan Ha!Your camapign's difflcult is not too hard,but not too great!If you can improve more,i will like your camapign.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The campaign contains four scenarios, it is a RPS. The campaign follows the second part, "The Two Towers" of the fantasy tale "Lord of the Rings", by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. "The Fellowship of the Ring" has split up, you travel to Rohan, fight Saruman's army at Helm's Deep with Aragorn (human, champion), Gimli (dwarf, berserk) and Legolas (elf, longbowman) and accompany the Hobbits Frodo and Sam, guided by Gollum, on their journey to Mordor.

PLAYABILITY: It is not easy to adapt a fantasy book to AoK, especially not if it is famous and well known like Lord of the Rings, where people have high expectations. KeLar really succeeded well, did a fantastic job and I enjoyed playing The Two Towers. The campaign has a high replay value, as the map allows you to take different paths and you have many tactical options in Helm's Deep. I encountered no bug or lag. Just one trigger, killing huscarls did not help the game play. 4

BALANCE: The main intention of the author is to tell the story, but still the campaign is well balanced and easy scenarios alternate with challenging ones. You have reloads and surprises enhancing the rating. 4

CREATIVITY: The best part of the campaign, great unit choice of Gollum and Shelob, good triggers adding to the game play, renaming many units and parts of the map, as well as variuos ideas to balance the campaign were creative. 5

MAP DESIGN: The four maps are above average, good design, terrain mix and elevations. The first and fourth with a realistic approach and a refreshing lack of Gaia, the second missing conscientiousness, it locked like spilling dirt all over, the third quite monotonous, exception for the marshes, which are great, but the "maze" was strange, you just walk straight to pass it. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The author gives an introduction about the state of the tale, clear objectives, valuable hints and the story is well told, develops during and between the scenarios, but I missed a BMP. I only was confused once, when I got control of the fishing boat in the first scenario, searching for a 'water fall' in the wrong direction. Actually the units could walk the "water fall". On a side note the read me was superfluous, repeating the author's description page with: "Download, Unzip and put files in right places." The path should have been indicated, especially when you do scenarios attracting young players, who visit for the first time. 4

OVERALL: The best adaption of The Two Towers the blacksmith has to offer.

SUGGESTIONS: When Lurtz dies, a trigger creates a second huscarl, followed by a trigger killing all huscarls, including Boromir, which activates chat triggers and the cut-scene sequence to task the units to the river. This just in case Boromir dies before Lurtz. As a result either two Boromirs die synchronic or Boromir dies in battle, his friends promise to revenge him, then he "raises from the dead" when Lurtz falls and dies again. Sometimes the worst case happens: when the spawn point for the second huscarl is blocked by a unit the moment Lurtz dies, nothing happens, the triggers are not activated, no chat message, no cut-scene sequence. Probably you try to achieve too much. Forget the second huscarl, have Boromir "killed", fall by a timer during the battle, "we revenge you" and display the rest of the chat as now, after Lurtz falls. Boromir can still talk about the ring, people take some time to die. ;) Regarding the boat, there is no wrong way a player can take, it is up to the designer to guide him. Three solutions, indicate the direction 'west' in the chat or build a water fall in that area or use plants (green flower patches), angled half on land and water, indicating the direction the river is streaming.

IN CLOSING: A must download for all LotR fans!
Map Design4.0
This was a good campaign, but after the first scenario, it really didn't keep my wanting to play it. But, I decided to finish it.

Playability: There were some fun parts in it (example: first few minutes of Helm's Deep), but overall, it wasn't that exciting (example: rest of Helm's Deep). There were also some parts which were extremely surprising that I didn't save at because I had no clue what was coming. Two examples of this is what happens when you get off the transport in Scen1, and when the mangonel suddenly appears during Helm's Deep. That mangonel killed 5 of the elves and Legolas... and it just appeared! I think this is just average, so 3.

Balance: The balance wasn't that great. The first scenario was basically the only one which had any sort of continuing excitment in it. If 'The Black Gate' was supposed to be exciting with its too common enemies, it wasn't. Continuously fighting enemies with Furious the Monkey-Boy is sadistically fun, but not entertaining in the long run. So the excitment varied a lot between scenarios. The length also was amazingly different. When I read 'the scenarios are too short' in the description, then played the first scenario, I though 'A bit short, but not too bad.' But then I played the 2nd and 3rd and my thoughts were 'crazily short.' You might not think Helm's Deep was short, but I just put my various characters at the entrances then went away and read a book until I heard the victory sound. This wasn't that great and is barely a 3.

Creativity: This was pretty good. There were some very interesting effects, etc. For example, the collapsed-trebuchet in the beginning was a pretty good rubble idea. The only problem was the trebuchet collapsed while you could see it. Also, Gollum as furious the monkey-boy was funny, but very unrealistic when you killed most bad guys in 1 hit and had a sight range of about half a mile. Since the effects were good, but they had bad points, I'll give this a 3.

Map Design: This was very good. Although it got slightly worse after the first scenario, it was still good. The first was great with its scenery and elevation changes and everything. Helm's Deep was good, except some parts look unrealistic, like grass under heavy dirt. The marhshes were good, also, but kind of boring. The fourth scenario was also interesting, but also kind of boring. I'll say an average of 5 (first 2 scens) and 3 (second 2 scens) makes a 4.

Story/Instructions: What else can I say? It was Lord of the Rings! That was great, the only problem was that it didn't follow the story in some ways. I know you have to change stories to work in AOK (like I am in the Rev War campaign I'm currently making), but there were some spots in this where I thought of ways to make it follow the story a bit more, like fortifying Helm's Deep more, and making a huge army of orcs, not a continually regenerating one.

Overall, it was ok. My advice would be more critical playtesting and much better triggers. Follow that and I'll be waiting for Return of the King. ;-)
pkmntyrant008 It is an interesting campaign, and most of the levels are ok, but in the first level, where is it that you encounter Gandalf? And what is up with the moving of Frodo and Sam in the third level, nothing happens after that? With the exception of those two problems, I think this is a great campaign, and you should make more of them.
Marshal Gandalf
Map Design4.0
ok. as you see - i am a Tolkienfan, so this comment will be critical. first for a story - it is better, when you hold the storyline if you are making campaign by a book. i think that you have made it by a film.
then, it is better, when you task objects in triggers, than you write notice that it is important to move frodo somewhere - you could make it as a objective, if you want.....

playability - good. but it is doowngraded by difficulty of this art. you could make some difference between difficulties - but there is real various army. one notice - olifants weren't at battle at Helm's tower, just because they were from harad....

balance - low. for starters, i think. but that playability put's the marks up....

creativity - it's made by a original book - so it is creative. great things about that "lights and corpses" in third scenario.

map design - average. good map, without some eyecandies (except that shelob), but not bad.

story - instructionns were good - but in fourth mission were missign. fix it.

good job for a start, it'll be better and better.
Map Design4.0
Playability: I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so naturally, you had this point assured for you anyway! This was really fun, as it would be for almost any LOTR fan, and I like the way you were able to cover the Two Towers experiences of both Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, plus those of Frodo and Sam.

Balance: I thought the first scenario, once you figure out how to ward off Lurtz, was too easy. I was a little disappointed overall with your "Battle of Helm's Deep," but I have also seen some good reinactments of that battle; I thought your Helm's Deep battle was quite easy. The Third Scenario was a total breeze and you don't have to attack anything other than wolves. Also, Gollum has 999 attack, so not much could challenge that anyway. Finally, I found the final scenario very difficult, almost too difficult, but I didn't get upset by these; the playability was just too good. Still, your balance score is a "3."

Creativity: I like how you covered the experiences of most of the main characters, not just Aragorn, like you see a lot. Your four scenarios were all creative, and the only two things docking you on points are: 1) I wasn't a knockout fan of your Battle of Helm's Deep, and 2) I thought you should've picked a better unit for Gandalf, and a better entrance for him.

Map Design: Pretty good, overall. You didn't utilize most of the maps in your first three scenarios, but I like what you did in the third with the swamp, and your first scenario's designing was good. Helm's Deep was ok, but your fourth scenario's designing was very good.

Story/Instructions: Terrific job. It's clear to me that you put a lot of work into researching the storyline of the real Two Towers, then writing it into your Instructions. I'm glad you took the time to do that. The only knock here is that you didn't write much for the final scenario, which was a little disappointing. But, since your write-ups for the first three were SO GOOD, you still get a "5."
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