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ACSC09 - Bitter Cold

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Dear Readers,

Chicago Science is proud to reveal this exclusive footage of one of the first and primary beta tests of their new and exciting technology known as "Genetic Analysis Phylogeny Program" of GAPP for short. Chicago Science has graciously given me the opportunity to present this never-before-seen footage on their behalf. I think it has something to do with them not having access to the Blacksmith here at AoKH. Whatever the reason, be sure you do not miss exciting new technology in action. I had the chance to view it early and it's quite entertaining. Have fun.


Your Age of Empires game may crash as a result of the ending to this cinematic scenario.
This is, in fact part of the intended game play and is not to be feared.

Tsunami Studios
Age of Kings Heaven


Screen Size: 1024x768
Game Speed: Normal
Graphics: High
Sound Volume: Highest
Music Volume: Off
Speaker/Headphones: Loud

NOTE1: If even one of these settings is not set correctly, your viewing experience will drastically decrease.
NOTE2: Make sure there are no other programs running during the scenario. This will cause the music to go out of sync.
NOTE3: Do not use Marco Polo. This can also dramatically decrease your viewing experience.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Today I showed this to a friend as a reminder to myself to review it. Its gone too long without a score. And how much does it miss it, I personally think it deserves a perfect rating.

Playability: 5
Bitter Cold is a masterclass in cutscenes. It combines great sound with sublime visuals and a story which challenges the player to respond to it emotionally. Even though its a bunch of ones and zeroes from the web, its quite heart-wrenching. It really embodies its name, and that embodiment makes the player continually think carefully about it.

Balance: 5
Flawless in every respect, gaining a 5 as per the guidelines.

Creativity: 5
Utterly amazing. Utilises visual modding in ways I wouldn't have imagined possible, taunt detection and (as widely discussed) crashes the game at the end, furthering the storyline's dramatic feeling.

Map Design: 5
Almost a completely blank map for the majority of its duration, Bitter Cold is mostly textual. However, when your eyes are opened, they are greated with an amazing winter scene. Gaia objects move across the skies and land, while the winter tileset is used to its very limits. The map is very small and very realistic, it certainly warrants a perfect score in this category.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is gripping and endearing, told entirely in dialogue. It is a bleak tale, concerning a man rousing with parallels to drunkeness. It is incredibly complex and detailed, and must be seen to be understood. The watcher's emotions are challenged by it, and while there is some humour, it is black humour indeed when compared to the subject matter.

Additional Comments:
Bitter Cold is the embodiment of loneliness, and makes the viewer feel empathic for a fictional character. It is the very best I have seen in Aok designing. Ever.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"Bitter Cold" was an entry to the AoKH Cinematic Scenario Contest of 2009, placing third out of four due to its incomplete feeling amongst other things. It is however a great cinematic and I was surprised it had gone without a review for as long as it did. I will try to convey its awesomeness without ruining the viewing experiense to potential downloaders.

This is a rather short cut-scene and it does indeed feel very much like a trailer, except not at all as much of a give-away of the story; very incomplete, the story has barely started, and there is no explanation of why GAPP is in the story at all. I have my suspicions of course, but it's never explained. Despite its trailer-like feeling and incompleteness, for what is Bitter Cold, the GAPP recording is an awesome showcase of effects, great atmosphere and great description of loneliness and confusion; bitter cold. It is a great trailer which leaves you in awe, wantning to know more about the project.

PACE & FLOW (Balance): 4+
While most of the cinematic flowed really well with its slow-paced, descriptive narration, there were a few places where I felt it dragged on too slow. One example is the introduction scene where the authour and design team are shown, which flow much too slowly. There are only a few points like this in the cinematic but it brings it down a notch.

Here the authour excels, proving again that his forum name was well chosen. The story is brand new for the AoK format, the data files provided come with a heap of tricks and treats that improve the cinematic a whole lot, and the presentation is unique and very interesting. A solid five.

There is only one scene in this cinematic that uses any kind of traditional design, and that one is a wonderful scene. The rest of the cinematic uses either just black, or black background combined with interesting effects, always making it a pleasure to look at. The little design present is great and deserves a top score.

For me it took two viewings, with a few months apart, to fully understand what the world GAPP actually was and how it connected to the story of the man in the cinematic. The story so far is heavily underdeveloped, which isn't that surprising as this is merely a trailer of a much larger project. The parts about GAPP and how it ties in with the rest of the story are unique and intriguing to read about and see. The instructions provided are both for GAPP and for the cinematic itself and are all sufficient (the GAPP instructions are more a part of the story though). All in all I give this a top score. While being far from finished and possibly confusing to first-time watchers, the little that is present it astonishingly creative for an AoK scenario, and very well presented in the form of a trailer.

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Map Design5.0
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