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Downloads Home » Cinematic Scenarios » ACSC09 - Olaf the Tardy

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ACSC09 - Olaf the Tardy

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Olaf the Tardy is a cutscene scenario, just sit back and watch. It is an old joke told in a new way.

Olaf's story:

Its springtime in Norway in the year 801. Our hero Olaf the Tardy is a young man just entering his prime. Last night he lingered rather late at the mead hall, arm wrestling with his friends. On this fine morning, he awakes (rather late), yawns and remembers why today is a special day....

Follow our hero on his quest as Olaf the Tardy goes a Viking.

1st place in the ACSC09 contest.


The 2D waves in Olaf's sea journey were inspired by:
Ocean Waves by Oliver

The moving waves idea from:
Waves - how to create ocean waves in AoK by Alexandergreat3

Shoreless water map copied from:
Shoreless Water Template by AzN_PaRaDoX

Immobile Units AI GOLD by Zanzard Lothar

The AoKH University Design articles and the Scenario Design community.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
This cinematic finished 1st overall in ACSC09, a great job by TLM!

Playability: 4
This cinematic is great fun to watch; the story and sound effects are all used to create a light and entertaining feel. It is not very long and is well paced to keep the player interested for the full duration. The voice acting is great and gives the cutscene a fresh feeling, while familiar pieces of music are used in some places to convey the emotions you would expect them to. The story or scenes never really blow you away, but everything is done well. THe enjoyment is hurt a little by the overuse of some sound files, which while a bright spot for this scenario are at some points a little overdone. None of the flaws are enough however to stop the cinematic from achieving a good score for this category.

Balance: 4
From the review guidelines "For scenarios with no interactivity, such as cutscenes, this category should be considered purely as another indication of Playability. This achieves a more accurate overall score." Thus this category is also a 4.

Creativity: 5
The style of this cinematic is very unique. The use of the taunts, while at points a little overdone, is a fun and creative idea. The whole story itself is very original, and the way it is brought to AoK makes it feel unlike any other designer's style. Even little details show loads of creativity, like Olaf's personal music theme every time he appears. It is very deserving of full marks here.

Map Design: 5
The design is very good, and it can be seen by the viewer that attention to detail was given in every area. Areas which are hard to design, such as large bodies of water, were still very visually pleasing, thanks to the great looking 2D wave effects, a trick not often used. All the towns were well made and there were no areas which appeared bland or untended to.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is not meant to be heavy or deep, and does what it attempts to do well; that is, to be funny. It is a touch underdeveloped perhaps, and I would have liked it to have been made a bit clearer in a few spots, but as a whole it is again above average. The instructions and dialogue are all sufficiently clear and grammatically clean, and the overall meaning is conveyed sufficiently enough to warrant a high score.

Additional Comments:
A very deserving win for TLM, and a great entry all around. I reccomend this download to any who haven't bothered to try it out yet.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Olaf the tardy is TheLaughingMule’s winning entry to the 2009 A Cut Scene Contest and voted Best Score in the Game of the Year 2009. It follows the story of Olaf the Tardy on his quest to become a Viking.

Playability: 5
This cutscene was great fun to watch. Although it is sort it is jammed packed with humour, laughter and entertainment. It has a short but very funny storyline accompanied by a beautiful map design and lots of creative ideas. Olaf the tardy is a cutscene that can be watched over and over again. I found no bugs or any lag with the scenario so I give this game top score of 5.

Balance: 5
The review guidelines state that for balance a cutscene should examine the flow and technical merits of the cutscene. For Olaf the tardy I found that it flowed very nicely. The timer triggers all worked perfectly. All of the sound effects and music was in exactly the right places, not a moment to soon or a moment too late. The dialog too was the same; it was just the right speed for me to read.

Creativity: 5
This cutscene was very creative. It uses lots of taunts and voice acting. Every line in the cutscene was said by one of the three voices actors who recorded their lines for the cutscene. The cutscene had lots of creative little jokes in it and the creative storyline is alone enough to give this cutscene a 5. The cinematic also uses a lot of great trigger tricks and has a very pretty map design.

Map Design: 5
This cinematic has a very beautiful map design. Every area of the map had detail down to the last tile. Even the large bodies of water which are hard to design were appealing due the cool 2D waves, a trick not used very much. The towns were made beautifully, the buildings are placed perfectly and the fire effects also make a much bigger improvement to them.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is full of humour and entertainment. This cutscene is not meant to have an in-depth story it is designed to be a joke, but at some points you don’t really understand what is going on. Some bits need to be made clearer. The setup instructions are perfect however. They tell you exactly how to setup the cutscene and there is also a readme to tell where to place all the different files.

Additional Comments:
Overall a very enjoyable cutscene which deserves its title of winner of the 2009 A Cut Scene Contest.


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Map Design5.0
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Size:5.69 MB