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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Black Forest Noob 3v3 RM

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Black Forest Noob 3v3 RM

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Here's a fun game we had on GameRanger a few nights ago. There's plenty of room for improvement; pretty sloppy play all around with plenty of unit choice mistakes and mismanagement. None of us claimed to be experts. Still, it's a good example of the importance of team work, good unit selection/micro, and staying focused. It also shows how a steady supply of gold can help overcome a stronger opponent who lacks one.

All 5 other players were new to me. Justin and Tray were self admitted newbies. Blood used to be good on the zone but was just getting back into the game on GameRanger. Justinian and Blood wanted to team together and Colonel VBZ took them on. The rest of us were left on Team 2. I think the map (Black Forest) was Full random but we did choose civs. I usually prefer Normal speed, Reveal:Normal, random civ games but Justinian hosted and chose Fast and Explored. I had to fix the recording because of the explored/all visible error but now you should be able to watch with the fog we had in the game. As I said, I prefer random civs but when I saw how teams were stacking up and that I would be facing lots of infantry, I went Byzantines. I still think it was a good choice but I could have utilized their bombard towers and scorpions a little more. I should have leaned more on Cataphracts instead of investing in paladins considering who we were facing.

Azt: (LT) ~ Justinian ~
Azt: Blood_Bomb

Byz: Torvis
Vik: [SM32]Wallace:D
Hun: Tray

Overall, it was a fun game and I wouldn't mind competing with any of these players again.

As always, please add your comments and suggestions. I could list a lot of things here that I know could have been done better but I'll see what you say first.
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Official Reviewer
Either you did not realise that Tray disconnected at the game's start or you submitted the wrong file. It was a 2v3 and quite obvious which team would win in the end even though Justinian gave up later for no apparent reason. After that it played like a 1v2, while the Colonel and Blood_Bomb did team work, Wallace left you defending alone and why would he waste resources building a wonder in a conquest game.
suhasbhat26aoe byz paladins = waste of resources for researches
160 hp , 14+2 couldnt do better than catas in group
File Author
Yes, it was 2v3, but doesn't anybody think we could have won this game? I thought we played well up to the 1:30:00 point. Then it fell apart because I couldn't decide between pressing forward toward Justinian's market or going back to clear out VBZ. As it happened, I lost focus and let VBZ rebuild behind me. He attacked our flank and ruined any chance of me breaking through all those Ejags and Blood's trebs to stop their trade.

Wallace could have helped by realizing his berzerks were ineffective. He could have easily trained xbows or arbs along with a handful of pikemen. I was counting on him to finish off red in Tray's land but that was a mistake. I think he expected me to be doing that.

Even then, the real main problem was my gold running out due to our short trade route and building lots of arbalests. If I'd switched to the Byz cheap Eskirms and never got the paladin upgrade, do you think my gold would have held out long enough to clear out VBZ from our side and establish a longer trade route?

In hindsite, I wish i had:
1) gone all cataphract instead of paladin
2) switched to some skirms to replace arbs when gold ran low.
3) focused on clearing out VBZ (red) from Tray's abandoned resources earlier.
4) used bombard towers to take and hold ground at chokepoint.
5) cut through forest somewhere in the middle to sneak attack their trade.

Do you think that would have worked?

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